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Liiskah rated for Used Stamp Chain Card Round 9 on Aug 18, 2018
Comment: I contacted Deserie on multiple occasions and nothing has arrived. Now this account is deleted.
milamilamura rated for Chunky Row House-November on Nov 2, 2017
Comment: I’m rating you a 1 because it’s been almost a year and I never received your swap. I waited until May to contact you asking for a resend because there were two Custom’ strikes in my country (by late November and early January) and I decided to give it extra time, but your swap never made it. By mid May you said you’d be resending but asked if you could send some ATCs instead because the Chunky Row House turned out being awful and I said it was ok because I didn’t want to get a poor quality swap (no idea how can this project be that much different from an ATC and why you signed up for the swap in the first place). I never got that resend and contacted you again on September 6 and even though you said you’d be resending, I still haven’t received your swap. I honestly don’t think you sent this swap 3 times, I even doubt you sent it the first time (mail in Chile can be quite unreliable, but my mail always makes it, so there’s no point in blaming my system). You still have an unsolved 1, for a swap you have been owning to an active member for the past 4 months, and you keep joining new swaps! I admit you’ve been nice to me and have responded to my messages in a timely manner, but you have also been quite sketchy so it’s hard to trust you (see thread [here](http://swap-bot.com/forums/topic/142501)) I’ll change this rating if I ever get something from you, but I’m pretty sure I won’t and you’ll find it easier to come back with a new profile, the same way you advised your friend @Stahlrala who is now using her profile @Astahl who also owes a few swaps to other Chilean swappers, this is way too sketchy. Please don’t contact me with an excuse, you have my address, if you want this rating to change, send the swap or go to another PO, the problem definitely seems to be coming from your end. EDITED TO ADD: The "belittling" and "bullying" you're talking about is only because @Hell0Z0mbie refused to send @Stahlrala excess decos since she sends very poor quality swaps, it's not bullying and here is the swap where she states she's not sending excess decos: http://swap-bot.com/swap/show/245705 and as for what your friend is doing, taking advantage of disabled people and swapping their decos, that's disgusting and it's all here, in this forum: http://swap-bot.com/forums/topic/143568 So next time you try to bring up more lies, think twice because there is no way admin is ok with this second account and if your friend was being bullied, trust me that bully would've been suspended by now. But oh well, it's always easier to blame it on others, isn't it?
Response: For what it's worth I did send it, a few times actually but whatever. I send dozens of swaps a day not only two swap-bot but to other sites/groups as well so two 2's out of all of them I'm not going to go crazy over it is what it is. Even if it had been just here in terms of where I swap two 2's out of 506 swaps, and 798 ratings again isn't something to loose one's mind over. Damn near all of my swaps make it to their destination and a good half on here are international and it works out just fine so I don't know what to tell you. So based on my swap history I'm hardly a "stetchy swapper" lol. Anyway's as far as Amy goes which really has nothing to do w/our swap here. Yes I did advise her to close her acct and make a new one but that was due to Hellozombie and had nothing to with whatever she was doing w/her swaps. Because harassment and stalking which still goes on by the way is rediculos. For the record though since you want to bring her up for no reason, she has spoke to the owner of swap-bot who is perfectly fine w/her new account as long as the other one was closed prior to making it which it was and has all the records of harassment from Hellozombie which by the way never started over missed swaps but rather began because the girl wanted to belittle Amy's work both to others and to her face and people didn't like that. She got herself in trouble w/other deco swappers because of her behavior now has a hard on for Amy because people don't want to swap w/her. So she latched on to a few swaps Amy missed to talk more shit about her. Now she follows her around swap-bot and facebook to see what swaps she joins to go run to the admins to talk shit...that's called stalking. So like I said her problem w/her didn't start over someone as noble as "looking out for other swappers" it was way before that and Amy isn't even the only person she harasses. But that is neither here nor there and has nothing to do w/this swap. As far as the one I will keep it cause I'm not made of money to be shipping out these over and over again indefinitely. My rating speaks for itself. Of 798 ratings I only have two 2's from missing items and three 3's which all came from the same electronic swap cause it was late and that is the rating for a late swap. I had a death in the family and I failed to notify the three individuals so the rating is correct...they got it, it was just late which is what a 3 is for. Changing a three to a 5 is merely a curtousey if the person is feeling generous, it's not necessary nor would it be wrong to leave as a 3...it was late afterall. I don't make excuses which is why I never begged for it to be rated differently then nor will I now. It didn't make it, it is what it is, it's not the end of the world...for neither one of us. I've had stuff I never received either. I mention it, they re-send, it still didn't happen...shit happens I'm not going to go bad mouthing them all over the place and flip out over it. There are so many other swaps to worry about. So I'm sorry they never made it but I'll keep the one...it's not life and death. So you can follow her and do what she does and start messaging the coordinators for every swap I join, etc. It's fine whatever you wanna do. I'm not going to die over it. Have a good day.
SamiE rated for Mothers day on Jun 30, 2017
Comment: I sent you 2 requests for make up ATC's. You never replied.
Response: Shit, very sorry hun- it still didn't come? You have sent me two request however I did reply to the 1st one which is how i knew to resend. The 2nd one not sure don't think I saw it. Either way will try this one more time w/the re-send. Thanks again for letting me know replacement never got there.

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