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lukrecja rated for Stationary Swap #1 on Nov 10, 2010
Comment: i'm sorry to rate you a 3, but you were almost 2 weeks late without even contacting me and telling me about it... i like the stationary goodies though! =) thanks! // EDIT (2/4/2011) being late is not meeting the requirements, cause the deadline is a requirement!!!! and you think, that i should check everyone's profiles to keep myself updated, if they're busy with something else or not?! you know, you're funny right now... if you don't have time or possibility for swapping, back off... :/
Response: it's written on my profile that I'm always travelling for work and cannot be always on internet to keep you updated. You could have beem more understandng since you loved the stationery. A 3 should be given for a swap not matching the requirements not for being late!! 4/02/2011 be sure I will never swap with such a rude person like you! A delay may happen to any one but luckily there are better persons than you aorund Swapbot.
Jobbyna rated for ♫ ProFiLo SwaP ♫ on Jul 14, 2010
Comment: Lo swap era ricco di cose , per fortuna anche se è stato spedito in prioriataria , è arrivato sano e salvo ^^ Fiuuuuu!!!!! :P Alcune cose mi sono piaciute molto :D altre non erano proprio nei gusti del mio profilo.. ma non importa! grazie claudia ^^
Response: grazie a te per il 3. E meno male che era uno swap ricco. Spero che ti ripaghino presto con la stessa moneta, così ti renderai conto da sola della tua scorrettezza!
Comment: sorry there is no way i could rate higher then this the deadline for sending was 20th april you marked sent on 25th april and it actually said 3rd may on the envelope and most of the things you sent looked like they had already been used
Response: I just added some 1980's little toys which could be a lovely memory due to the fact the swap was for childish goods. As I am always on a train I don't have all the time to go to the post office and my partners are warned about that on my profile, as i often don't even have time to surf on internet and contact partners directly. And April 25 th is national holiday in Italy. I had to wait until the next free day to ship you parcel.
Comment: I thought about how to rate this for a long time, and I have finally decided that 3 is most appropriate. I received a book, a molded plastic magnet and a molded plastic pen, packaged in an unpadded paper bag (? - it was just paper) sealed with shipping tape. The magnet and pen arrived broken. When I contacted her about the broken items, she said she spent a lot of money on the swap and used a "resistent" envelope, but a completely unpadded piece of paper is not resistant to being shipped overseas. She then suggested that customs intentionally broke it to check what was inside without having to open the packet and said she shouldn't be held responsible for the breakage. She said she spent a lot of money on the items plus shipping (which could be true, but after looking more closely, the book is damaged inside thanks to the damage from the pen, so everything I got is damaged!) and to be fair the book is nice but if you spend all that money, why not put it in a padded envelope? On top of that, it was sent over a week after the deadline date with no message to me. I'm very understanding about sending late if you just let me know! If it was me, I would have offered to resend similar things to the broken items as it was damaged due to the poor packaging. *Edit* I do not want to get caught up in your drama. I have saved the packaging you sent the swap in and IT IS NOT a rigid envelope so please do not lie. I will post a picture on Flickr if I need to. Sending late is not the issue - you sending things poorly wrapped in a paper bag is the issue. As for swap-bot not being the right place for me, if you see my profile, you'll see a lot of 5s and a lot of hearts and no 1s or 3s and I always send on time. I am not that strict either - I give out a lot of hearts for swaps even when I don't like what I have received, just because I can tell they tried to send something they think is nice. I'm sorry you supposedly spent so much money, but perhaps you should have invested more money in your "rigid envelope" too instead of disappointing me with 2 broken and 1 other damaged item after making me wait. The book you sent might have been nice if it wasn't covered in ink (inside and out) from the broken pen. Don't sign up for swaps you cannot fulfill. Take responsibility for your actions. If you travel all week, plan ahead and communicate with your swap partners. I will not pay any more attention to this swap or change the rating except to add the picture of your packaging if I need to. This swap is such a nightmare and it's made me pull back from swaps.
Response: The packaging was not "poor" in the way you describe it, I used an elegant and rather rigid envelope which I tought it could be safe enough to send a book, a small magnet and a pen. * By rigid envelope I mean made of a kind of thick strong paper, not common white thin paper. I always use padded envelopes, but this time I thought that that paper was a nice paper to use because it had french writing on. I thought to do something nice for you. I couldn't expect what happened. I don't need to tell lies. I REPEAT . I thought it was enough to hold a book and 2 little items. I made a wrong evaluation, probably. Should I be processed because for ONE time in my life I didn't expect that disater? you put all the blame on me in a nasty way, but have you ever considered the part of responsibility of your Post Service? Such a hard pen crashed in the way you describe is not normal in my opinion! what have they made with that package? This should be the point, besides the envelope itself. Should I be blamed forever for that?? Even if you happened to receive damaged things I think you can realize the value of the items I sent, especially the big book, and I would have appreciated if you had recognized at least that I had good intentions to please you. You're making a drama of it, not me. I am just explaining my reasons because I feel very deceived to be misunderstood and blamed in this way. I am also plenty of hearts and stars as well as you, which means that I am a good swapper. 39 happy partners say a lot about me, I don't need to say else. So please, stop blaming me in this way! It happened what happened. Unfortunately, I can't offer to resend after I spent about 35$ on this swap. Let's go over this! You already gave me a 3, fine. We have nothing else to say to each other. And I also told you that when I travel I don't have internet on me, it's not difficult to understand that I have a life outside Swapbot like everybody and it may happen that I forget to tell you that I sent your package JUST a week later than expected. I said many times I was sorry, but it's never enough. I GIVE UP *
Comment: I'm extremely upset with the email I have just recieved from you and feel I have no choice to rate you a 3 for the lateness (well over a month late and defensive rudeness! I would have gladly given a 5 if you had held of with such a rude email and reply to my 1 rating which Incidently I was within rights to give, but didn't give until I was trying to update that unpublished 1 to a 5! I emailed you explaining it hadn't arrived before you told me you sent to the wrong addy! Also try to adhere to likes and dislikes - Hello Kitty and loose stationary is clearly marked under dislikes on my profile! Name calling and hasty emails wont encourage a 5, but a simple thougthful tailored package and apology would have!
Response: You are an incredibly vindictive person!! The first package was returned to me because I did a mistake in writing the shipping address. I contacted you to prevent you about that and I told you that I resent your swap on Nov. 24 and you gave me 1 in return without giving the package the time to reach you. I did many efforts to let you have your swap, spent so much money to send you a quality swap (pouch was My Melody,not Hello Kitty)and to pay for postage twice. You didn't appreciate not even the effort. I didn't deserve a 1 and I don't deserve a 3. You justify your behaviour by saying I was rude with you when I never offended you. I think I had the right to let you know that I was deceived by your behaviour considered that we had had a good communication until you rated me by surprise with a 1. I tried to conciliate with you many times but I only received rancour and enmity back from you. You know that your rating was unfair and still is unfair. If you're happy behaving like that l can't make you change your mind. Anyway, what goes around comes around!

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