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Simple De-Stash Scarf Swap

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Simple De-Stash Scarf Swap
Swap Coordinator:LeSillyMe (contact)
Swap categories: Knitting  Crocheting  Quilting 
Number of people in swap:13
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.95 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:November 25, 2011
Date items must be sent by:January 24, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

EDIT: I am allowing Newbies with well filled out profiles to join this swap ONLY so long as you write me a message of intent (show me you care and aren't going to flake) or have a well-rated friend on the site who is willing to message me on your behalf to vouch for you. Any newbies who join and have NOT contacted me will be removed from the swap before it starts. Ok?

This swap is to make your partner a fairly simple scarf within the month-long time frame, using primarily items from your stash! The scarf should appeal to your partner's preferences which will be left below.

The scarves should be wearable and handwashable but can be knit, sewn/quilted or crocheted. They should be fairly simple and not anything you would have trouble completing in a month or preferably less. You can use multiple yarns or fabrics, but if you are knitting or crocheting use large needles and a simple stitch, if you are sewing or quilting use large patchwork pieces, strips, or even just one or two simple pieces put together. Make the scarf something you are proud of and would be happy to receive yourself. Though it can be fairly simple do not leave loose threads or yarn ends not woven in...simple, but of decently good quality.

Lets try to not be too picky and make it easy on our swap partners! Nonetheless, please cut and paste the following preferences from the examples below and enter your own preferences to give your partners a better idea of what you might want:

Favorite solo color: Puce

Fave two color combo: Grey and Neon Orange

Fave color schemes/families/combos: Browns, Cool Pastels, Winter tones

Least favorite color(s): Banana yellow, fiery color combos

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: Lacy frills on crochet, acrylic, tassels

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences:Wide and medium-short

Special Requests: olive green and red checkerboard pattern (PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT YOUR PARTNER TO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO FULFILL THE SPECIAL REQUESTS)

By the end of the sign up date you MUST post your preference list in the comments below or you will be removed from the swap. Once partners have been assigned please find your partners below and try to make something based on a combination of their preferences, i.e. if they say no wool, maybe make them a crocheted acrylic scarf.

The minimum requirements to receive a 5 is to craft a simple but well-constructed scarf with at least one of your partner's favorite colors (or as close as you can get to it) without using any of the fibers they are allergic to/pet peeves. Let's be lenient on our partners though, since this should be a simple and cheap swap, so long as they send you a scarf that gets close to your requests then that should be good. Keep it simple! You are welcome to put a bit extra embellishment onto the scarf but it is certainly not required (patches, appliques, pom poms or tassels come to mind). Just make your partner a nice scarf!


LeSillyMe 11/17/2011 #


Favorite solo color: Dark Pumpkin/Rust Orange

Fave two color combo: Black and Dark Purple (Gumnetal and Dark Purple)

Fave color schemes/families/combos: Autumn colors (fave), Blues and Greens, Dark cool tones (purples, grays, greens and blacks), Primary Color scheme, Forest/Nature color schemes.

Least favorite color(s): Really Bright yellows, pastels, light pinks (hot pink is ok)

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: No allergies. HATE(!!!) polar fleece. Dislike Fun fur/Novelty fur yarns. Dislike overly artificial acrylic yarns.

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: Very skinny and very long.

Special Requests: If you quilt i would love a scarf made in a Crazy Log Cabin pattern. If you crochet i would LOVE a freeform crochet scarf in autumn colors. If you knit i adore stripes and tassels. I would love anything in a gothy, punky or pseudo-bohemian style.

namelessgirl 11/17/2011 #

Favorite solo color: Ultramarine blue

Fave two color combo: brown with light blue

Fave color schemes/families/combos: Blues, greens, black, silver, earth tones, jewel tones

Least favorite color(s): pinks, pastels, bright yellow.

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: I'm vegan so no wool/silk/etc. Otherwise than that, not allergic to anything.

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: Medium to skinny width. I am 6'2", so longer is better! ;)

Special Requests: I love stripes. Love fringe/tassles. Anything funky/unique looking will be adored! Freeform stuff is awesome. Really, I just get super-excited about anything that is handmade :)

LeSillyMe 11/17/2011 #

^I love that you and i have the same least favorite colors! And, though i would LOVE for more people to join this swap i would also LOVE to have you as a swap partner! :)

LeSillyMe 11/17/2011 #

I am thinking of opening this up to newbies who either write me an email of intent or have a friend on here to vouch for them (I want everyone to be able to enjoy this, but i want to avoid flakers too).

LeSillyMe 11/18/2011 #

My friend Jek A Go Go made some lovely patchwork fabric scarves, visible here:

Three Wonky Scarves Scarf, Long

princesslawyerpants 11/18/2011 #

Favorite solo color: Emerald green

Fave two color combo: Blue with grey/charcoal/black/brown

Fave color schemes/families/combos: Jewel tones, oversaturated hues

Least favorite color(s): beige, tan, yellow and orange. Can''t wear them with my skin tone. :(

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: No allergies. Please, I know it's stash-busting, but no red heart super saver- too scratchy for a scarf! Any fiber is ok.

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: Both? I'd love a keyhole scarflet or a long skinny scarf.

Special Requests: I'd really like something lightweight and lacy as opposed to thick and chunky. It rarely gets below 40 degrees here, so I don't need arctic gear, but a light scarf feels good most winter days. Let's be honest, though, I love scarves so much I will almost certainly love whatever you make!

ThreeOwls 11/18/2011 #

Favorite solo color: Burgundy/Violet

Fave two color combo: Black/Grays/Browns with Dark Purple or Silver and Turquoise

Fave color schemes/families/combos: Jewel tones, Autumn colors, Forest/Nature color schemes, and Rainbow-bright-I’m-still-a-little-kid colours.

Least favorite color(s): Pastels, Puce and other sewer-ish colours.

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: No allergies but I dislike chenille and faux fur/novelty yarns and adore soft things.

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: None, though I’m barely 5’2”, so don’t give me too much rope to hang myself with ;)

Special Requests: Anything would please me, as this my first swap, and I love handmade items. I’m terribly impressed by knitted lace and fancy colour-work (skills I hope to acquire soon).

FabricsandFlowers 11/18/2011 #

Favorite solo color: Yellows (light to bright, I love 'em)

Fave two color combo: Forest/Dark Green & gray/black/silver

Fave color schemes/families/combos: Black/Gray, Forest Green, Apple Red, any shade of yellow

Least favorite color(s): Pastels, Puce and other sewer-ish colours, pinks, or bright purple.

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: Str8 wool makes my skin itch, but a wool-acrylic blend would be fine (I have a few colors of this in my stash). Acrylic & cotton yarns are just fine. Also if you have pets, please run the scarf through your clothes dryer to get off the hair & dander, I have a pet allergy!

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: I'm 6'1" tall, long is okay. Would like scarf to be between 4 and 8 inches wide, I like to be warm when I go outside in winter (winter lows get as cold as -40 degrees Farenheit here for 2-4 months starting in mid-December).

Special Requests: I love to wrap something around my neck when I'm cold, so lightweight works okay as does something thicker. I don't really care for fringe too much, it gets caught in my coat zippers. Really though, anything handmade is great!

leahsimone 11/19/2011 #

What fun!!!

I'll fill this out but then again I also like to be surprised so my partner needn't be too fussed about getting the colors exactly right!

Favorite solo color: anything vivid (oranges, reds, pinks, teal)

Fave two color combo: pale blue and pale orange

Fave color schemes/families/combos: pale colors and saturated colors

Least favorite color(s): beige, rose pink, dull pink--hate it hate it. Love bright pink

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: pure scratchy acrylic

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences:love a long scarf

Special Requests:just go to town, whatever you like to make me, I will love to receive (with the exception of dull colors and scratchy acrylic!)

karmadi 11/21/2011 #

Don't worry about making me happy, I would like to receive something that YOU like :) I just started making scarves and this sounds amazing!!

Favorite solo color: Purple

Fave two color combo: Black/Pink

Fave color schemes/families/combos: Bright Pink/Blue/Purple/Greens all together, earthtones by themselves or Zebra print with pink!!

Least favorite color(s): None

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: No allergies. I don't like wool, scratchy fabric, lace.

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences:Wide and medium length. More on the long side.

Special Requests: none :)

thatagirl 11/22/2011 #

I have no strong color/style preferences, and no fiber allergies. I've filled out the preferences/faves list, but I am leaving it completely open to the maker/sender =)

Favorite solo color: Blue

Fave two color combo: Red, light blue

Fave color schemes/families/combos: I just love color!

Least favorite color(s): None

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: No allergies.

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: No preference.

Special Requests: None

sugarskull 11/23/2011 #

Favorite solo color: cream or grey

Fave two color combo: Anything. So long as you think it's beautiful, I'm game :)

Fave color schemes/families/combos: I'm with thatagirl: I just love color!

Least favorite color(s): None

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: Really fake feeling acrylic

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: Medium width with some length: it gets cold in Chicago, and I like to wrap it good around my neck

Special Requests: I would love love love something with cables, but hey, we have a month. Surprise me :)

sixaguilars 11/23/2011 #

Favorite solo color: aqua

Fave two color combo: aqua and green (except primary green)

Fave color schemes/families/combos: I'm with thatagirl: I just love color!

Least favorite color(s): primary shades.

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: Really fake feeling acrylic

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: Medium width with some length

Special Requests: Only request is simplicity. I'm not a fan of frills and fluff for me. : )

shelbysbarn 11/25/2011 #

NOTE TO COORDINATOR: I don't know if I"m hitting the wrong button or what but I tried to send you a message according to the instructions and I'm not able to find where to do that. I am very serious about this swap though, and know I'm brand new, but would love the chance to join! Thanks for considering me :)

Favorite solo color: Deep purple

Fave two color combo: soft green & soft blue

Fave color schemes/families/combos: deep colors- blues, greens, purples

Least favorite color(s): puke (olive) green, orange, yellow

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: majorly itchy wool, some wool is fine though

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: Anything is fine by me

Special Requests: none!

bstitched 11/25/2011 #

Favorite solo color: gray

Fave two color combo: aqua and red

Fave color schemes/families/combos: gray/orange, black/royal blue, vivid but please no rainbow combos

Least favorite color(s): pastels

Fiber Allergies/pet peeves: lace, wool

Wide/Skinny and Short/Long preferences: long and wide

Special Requests: I am not a lover of frills so the more simple the better. Thanks!

pandakitty 11/25/2011 #

I love all colors. I leave the choice of colors and all other requests completely up to my partner.

LeSillyMe 11/26/2011 #

Hi guys, i will be assigning this swap around noon tomorrow, just waiting to see if everyone comments on here before then (if you don't leave a comment as to you r scarf preferences you will be deleted before the swap is assigned). I am so excited for this swap. Thanks guys!!!

LeSillyMe 01/31/2012 #

I LOVED my scarf from @ThreeOwls . Thank you! How did the rest of you like this swap so far?

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