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A postcard a DAY FEB 1-14

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A postcard a DAY FEB 1-14
Swap Coordinator:AZmom875 (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:30
Location:Regional - USA only sorry
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.97
Last day to signup/drop:January 30, 2013
Date items must be sent by:February 15, 2013
Number of swap partners:14

For the MONTH of FEB you will write out one postcard each day with info on what you did that day, plus the date and weather conditions, please include the swap name and your Swap-bot nickname.

Now I am an "edimucated" person. I do get that the mail doesnt go out every day. But you will need to write on 1 PC everyday. Get 14 postcards number them 1-14.

You will have 14 partners to send to, ONE EACH DAY FEB 1st to FEB 14th, even if it is a Sunday. SO write it each day and mail it off as permitted. Mail Sundays Postcard on Monday, when the mail goes out.

So FEB 1st would be the 1st person on your list. FEB 2nd your second. GET IT?

HIT SENT when you have mailed all 14 postcards which should be FEB 14th or FEB 15th. Post in the comments section OF THE PERSON you are sending to that DAY< when you have mailed each day. Contact me if you dont get a post that your PC was mailed daily. I want to keep on top of any slackers. If you get flaked on let me know.

The postcards are senders choice and can be AD cards, Zazzle, vintage, and even homemade. Please dont rate on whether or not you like your postcard but on whether or not you got a postcard from each person. Dont give a 3 if the postmark is off, but feel free to check it.

All cards need to be stamped, with either a zazzle stamp or real postage stamp including those ugly printable ones, and mailed naked which means not in an envelope. Postage now cost 33 cents, and 46 cents if the postcard is bigger than 4x6 inches.

If you have even been late in one of my swaps please dont join. We need reliable people for this swap to work. IF you have had a 1 or 3 In NOV or DEC of 2012 or Jan 2013, please dont join. I will ban all questionable swappers. This is a big commitment.

Days 15 to 28 will be in another swap. So you will get a whole month of postcards if you join both. HERE IS THE LINK TO PART 2 http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/139125

Keep in mind, that I will be assigning partners after 10pm my time in Arizona. That is midnight Eastern time. That is the earliest I am allowed to push the assign button. I tend to assign right away cause I have already spent time looking at profiles of those with lower ratings etc.

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AZmom875 01/27/2013 #

Here the link for the part two of this swap.

AZmom875 01/28/2013 #

I just realized something. I should put that I wont be offended if someone uses this idea and does an international swap.

Cause it is a great idea and the internationals might want to play.

I just think it is a big commitment 28 postcards and if even 1/2 of them are to international then it could cost over $15 for the just the internationals.

Where as the monetary commitment for this one is $9.24 for the postage for all 28 days.

80sGirl 01/28/2013 #

Great swap idea AZmom875! :) Can't wait for it to start! :D

leilx 01/28/2013 #

I am interested in doing this but it is a big commitment made more so by the requirement to post in comments daily. Since I don't have a computer at home that is just one more thing I have to remember. I would sign up if that requirement was not there. Plus...personal pet peeve I hate reading long comment strings.

AZmom875 01/28/2013 #

I agree, I was thinking that the comments area is going to get crowded too if 15 plus players post in these comments. Maybe when you send you post in the senders comments that you sent.

rachelcdoyle 01/28/2013 #

So do we still have to comment every day? If so I can't do this... I haven't always got access/time to get on swap-bot. :|

AZmom875 01/28/2013 #

You need to mail a postcard every day and you need be accountable for every day. So yes you need to log on to swap bot and tell your partner that you mailed your postcard in their comments, not here. Yes, this is a big commitment, and I understand if you cant meet the daily commitment.

I also understand that you will not be mailing a post card on Sundays, so the one day leeway is acceptable. I also understand that maybe On day one you write your postcard and you mail it Day 2. etc.

AZmom875 01/28/2013 #

I have checked up today all the profiles of all the swappers, to make sure one they are in the USA, and to check their ratings. I will be checking again anyone who is not a 5 before I hit that assign button.

AZmom875 01/29/2013 #

Feel free to join some of my ispy rainbow, fence, flag, umbrella PC swaps or the A to Z postcard swaps if this is an overwhelming commitment, you might find those swaps perfect for you.

KogeLiz 01/29/2013 #

Sounds great!

rachelcdoyle 01/29/2013 #

I'll figure it out since I really wanna do this one. ;)

Swap-Bot needs a phone app! :D

AZmom875 01/29/2013 #

yes yes they do need a phone app. that would be great. I would even pay 99 cents as a donation.

debspossum 01/29/2013 #

I would like to Join, only if we can post to partner mailed up to a day late as I am on dial up at home & can't always access the internet. I usually have internet access at work, but only work 3 to 4 days a week. It sounds like your comment on the 28th allows that, am I right? If not just delete me from the swap. Thanks

AZmom875 01/29/2013 #

I think I need to NIX the post a comment requirement, because allthough everyone will get 14 postcards I realize there is no guarantee that each player will be distributed as a person one a person 2 etc. So dont stress this part. Just do what you can do about telling your person you sent.

Think about it this way I could be person one on 14 players postcards. Now that is ok cause the goal is to write a postcard every day.

lilacnyellow 01/30/2013 #

Thank you for nix. The swap will be much more fun and dont you think we are all wanting to play.Yeah

thisisryanross 01/30/2013 #

cool idea, i'm going to the PO right now to get postcard stamps

digitalmaven 01/30/2013 #

I agree on getting rid of the comment requirement! I'd rather just find out the cards were sent by actually receiving them. And if I don't get a card from someone, I'll wait a week or two after the deadline and contact them then.

I also think it's better for people to track their own sending. Maybe print the list of partners and just cross them off as you send them?

rachelcdoyle 01/30/2013 #

@digitalmaven - fabulous idea... that's exactly what I do when I have a bunch of partners in one swap.. that and my spreadsheet LOL

AZmom875 01/30/2013 #

TICK TOCK time is almost up..... ON your Mark....... get set........!

thisisryanross 01/31/2013 #

putting my first postcard to rachel in new york in my mailbox to be picked up tomorrow :)

AZmom875 01/31/2013 #


AZmom875 01/31/2013 #

Start writing FEB 1st and either mail that one FEB1st or FEB 2nd depending when you write

I got Rachel as number one too. I got a feeling she is gonna be number 1 on many lists since she was the 1st one to sign up.

beadqueene 01/31/2013 #

My PC's are addressed, numbered, stamped and ready to be mailed. I'm really looking forward to this and the next swap, thanks for organizing it, Heather!

rainamr127 01/31/2013 #

So are we posting here that we sent them or just to the person that we are sending it to. Just wanna make sure I get it right, mine are all addressed and numbered and just ready to go when the time is right for each :)

deanie213 02/ 1/2013 #

Has anyone else had trouble getting stamps this week? I've been to the post office twice this week and now they're telling me the new stamps won't be in till next week.

I finally broke down tonight and got the ugly bar coded stamps from the automated machine in the lobby so I would be able to get stuff in the mail.

deanie213 02/ 1/2013 #

Has anyone else had trouble getting stamps this week? I've been to the post office twice this week and now they're telling me the new stamps won't be in till next week.

I finally broke down tonight and got the ugly bar coded stamps from the automated machine in the lobby so I would be able to get stuff in the mail.

80sGirl 02/ 1/2013 #

Denise, I haven't been to the post office this week, so I don't know..but I've ordered all my new stamps online and got them last Saturday - luckily! But I'm still waiting for some of the new forever stamps. They were all supposed to become available on the 27th.

80sGirl 02/ 1/2013 #

Deanie sorry for writing Denise! :-/

lob 02/ 1/2013 #

That's funny! I got Rachel as nr. 1, too and just mailed my first postcard to her.

rainamr127 02/ 1/2013 #

sent my post card to Laurina today and sending to Susan tomorrow

AZmom875 02/ 1/2013 #

rainamr127 I did nix the mandatory reporting each day. You can feel free to post here daily if you want. Or send a pM or add a comment to the person you are sending. But none of it is required.
deanie213 ; I can not get the 33 cent stamps or the new Forever universal $1.10. They said they had to order them and they missed the ordering time frame cause of the "orderer" was ill. So I bought 20 of the 32 cents and 20 one cent stamps. I was there twice this week too. I was told they would have them Friday, but they didnt.

KarlaKC 02/ 5/2013 #

LOL - I am getting confused! I'm loving all the comments left on my Profile that each day's postcards are being sent, but we've got 4 days finished and I have 5 postcards on their way! It looks like I am getting two Day 2 postcards....I'm sure it'll all wash out, but it just left me chuckling. :)

AZmom875 02/ 5/2013 #

Yes KarlaKC You could be two players Person number one. So the goal is to write a postcard every day to your 14 partners. You will get 14 PCS but you might be person 1, 3, 5,5,5, etc on the other persons list.

AZmom875 02/ 5/2013 #

I got my first 2 postcards today. I was day 2 and day 3 for gotham chick and LOB. I will go rate them now.

KarlaKC 02/ 5/2013 #

Thanks, @AZmom875

I'm looking forward to receiving a postcard. Maybe one will be here tomorrow...or two or three! :~)

80sGirl 02/ 6/2013 #

I haven't received anything yet....but hopefully I'll find a card in my mailbox when I get home today! :D

KarlaKC 02/ 6/2013 #

Yay! Received 4 postcards in the mail today!

However, I received a postcard with no date, no real name, no User Name and no Swap name. No cancellation mark either, but I can tell it was from Florida since the person was writing that it was "cold for Florida".

Y'all don't forget to write this identifying information on your postcards. There is NOTHING on this postcard to tell me who sent it or what swap it is for, though I am going to assume it's for this swap since it is telling me it's "cold for Florida".

Oh it is a "Pantone" postcard which looks like a large paintchip card, one half yellow, one half white.

80sGirl 02/ 6/2013 #

Nothing today...maybe tomorrow?

kbk 02/ 7/2013 #

I have sent one each day so far, but have not received any yet. I would be cool to get them all in one day. :)

SoulKissed 02/ 7/2013 #

I haven't received any postcards yet. :(

KarlaKC 02/ 8/2013 #

Y'all hold on 'cause they will get there soon. You may get them all in a one or two days! I didn't get any until Wednesday, about 4 at once, and then I got 5 or 6 yesterday! So yes, they can come all about the same time. And that makes a fun mail day to get a handful of postcards all at once! :)

CaptainG71 02/ 8/2013 #

i've been posting on their profile comment boxes... still waiting on my first card to arrive... :/

80sGirl 02/ 8/2013 #

Our mail didn't get picked up today because of the blizzard...and I think it won't get picked up tomorrow either. :( So my numbers 7, 8 and 9 might have to wait a few days longer. Some of my cards have been received...but I still haven't gotten any.

thisisryanross 02/ 8/2013 #

i haven't received my first card, either...

AZmom875 02/ 8/2013 #

I cant believe by the 7th that so many of you got ZERO cards. Wow I think I was person 1-4 on most lists cause I got almost all of my cards.

I am sure the weather will effect many of us mailing just keep writing.

rainamr127 02/ 9/2013 #

I have sent all 9 of mine so far and only one has been received, or well has been rated anyways to this point. and I haven't gotten one yet either from this swap. I get others, and I just think that its a matter of time and I am guessing what ever our placement is on other peoples lists. I have a 14 year old son so I know how to wait things out lol

AZmom875 02/ 9/2013 #

I only need to receive one more card, and of course I do need to mail off each day.

debspossum 02/12/2013 #

I forgot about letting folks know when sending cards, so just so everyone knows I'm up to date on sending thru today.

AZmom875 02/12/2013 #

I got all 14 of my cards already, I guess I was on the top of all the lists.

I need to go write for today and mail it off tomorrow.

CaptainG71 02/13/2013 #

hooray! I got my first cards today! :D

AZmom875 02/13/2013 #

I have been rated for 9 of my 14 cards. Yes it took some work to calculate. But the other 5 of course have just recently been mailed (except for tomorrow the 14ths card) So I feel pretty good about the progress, but please let me know if you have any trouble.

80sGirl 02/14/2013 #

Mailed out #13 and #14 today. :) I have only received one card so far...hope the other's arrive soon.

rainamr127 02/14/2013 #

I just mailed out my last card for this swap. the ones I sent are starting to get rated, but I still haven't gotten one. Guess I was at the bottom of that list lol. So If I had your name and you don't get anything from me in the next week of two please let me know and I will resend it. Thanks... loved the idea of this swap.

deanie213 02/14/2013 #

Just got back from mailing my last card--on to the next batch!

debspossum 02/22/2013 #

Whoever had me for Lincoln's Birthday the 12th please let me know, The PO printed a bar code completely covering your signature, so I'm unable to rate you. And I don't see your swap-bot nickname either. Thanks, I probably won't check back until one day next week, so don't expect me to rate b4 then.

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