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The Three Wishes Email

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The Three Wishes Email
Swap Coordinator:fawnscrafts (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Miscellaneous  Email 
Number of people in swap:28
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Rating requirement:1.10 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2013
Date items must be sent by:October 22, 2013
Number of swap partners:3

Thank you to @tamtamlee for allowing me to do an e-version of this swap.



This is the same swap as she did, but this is sent email. And you will have three partners, since it is Three Wishes.

So answer the following questions and then when partners are assigned, email them to your partner.

Remember to BCC if you send them at one time.

1.) What are 3 things on your Wish list?

2.) What do you miss about your childhood?

3.) What do you do on your spare time on the weekends?

4.) What do you appreciate most in your life?

5.) Would you rather be rich or healthy?

6.) If you could go back in time would you?

7.) Favorite game as a child?

8.) What is your dream career?

9.) What do you do in your free time?

10.) Favorite clothing stores?

11.) What TV shows can't you live without?

12.) 3 things you need in your life are:

13.) What can't you sleep without?

14.) What are you currently a nerd for?

15.) What is your favorite seasoning?

16.) What is your favorite wild animal?

17.) Name 3 of your favorite childhood shows:

18.) If you could live as a character in a movie who would it be?

19.) Favorite vegetable?

20.) Favorite Fruit?

21.) If you had a dragon what would you name it?

22.) What do you put on hotdogs?

23.) Do you play online games?

24.) What's your favorite way to get inspired?

25.) Do you have a middle name?

26.) If you had to order from a kid's menu, what would you get?

27.) Do you speak any other languages?

28.) Do you use Twitter?

29.) Do you go onto YouTube?

30.) Do you play Angry Birds?

31.) Do you like theme parties?

32.) Do you like current cartoons?

33.) Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

34.) Who would you like to see in concert?

35.) Can you swim well?

36.) Ever won a contest?

37.) Ever won a giveaway?

38.) Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep every night?

39.) What tea do you like?

40.) What mixed drink do you like?

41.) Do you shop at Walmart?

42.) Do you shop at Target?

43.) What do you order at your local coffee shop?

44.) Do you drink bottled or tap water?

45.) Do you like homemade meals?

46.) Do you like homemade baked goods?

47.) Do you shop online?

48.) Name 3 stores online stores you would like to shop at:

49.) What holiday don't you like?

50.) What do you eat more when you're sick?

Almost anyone can swap. If you flake I will angel only if the partner rates a one.

I do know that life happens and some are making up for past happenstance, others have been a bad swapper in the past and are trying to get their ducks in a row again. So I will be about as lenient for any swap I have hosted.

However, I will check profiles and if you have more ones than I am comfortable with or too recent ones or threes, I will ban you.


user2637 10/ 8/2013 #

@OnlyTheMoonCanSaveMeNoq has 2 ones and 4 threes, all within the past month. Just FYI.

fawnscrafts 10/10/2013 #

Thank you for the heads up. Before I assign partners I carefully check why someone has lower ratings. If I feel uncomfortable for any reason I ban them from my swap.

And recent ones is a good reason to ban them.

I may have lower ratings allowed to be in my swaps, because there are reasons life bites all of us at times. Sometimes we have committed ourselves, and then cannot access the computer at all for a few weeks.

If a swapper has had a time of being bit in the past, and are trying to make it up now, I believe in forgiveness.

I am always willing to angel a swap when I allow lower ratings, if the partner rates the flaker a one.

OnlyTheMoonCanSaveMeNoq 10/12/2013 #

My ones have both been resent and rerated. I did fall behind for awhile there after starting a new job, but I am back on track and am only taking on swaps that I am able to complete on time. So no worries, I'm not a flaker, just got a little behind. Things are fixed now =]

Chaton13 10/15/2013 #

I don't understand how this swap works. What do you send your partner? I'm new to swap-bot, so I am trying to figure things out a bit

fawnscrafts 10/15/2013 #

You copy and paste the questions above.

Then you answer them and email a copy of that, to your partner.

I will assign partners probably tomorrow.

N1ght0wl21 10/16/2013 #

I've got my email all ready to go. This has been a fun swap so far.

fawnscrafts 10/16/2013 #

I did read the ratings carefully. It is not easy when someone gets behind and then tries to get back on track.

Do I take the low road and just ban?

Or take the high road, and give a swapper that has admitted she let swap bot get the better of her and is trying to make it right, and allow her in the swap showing forgiveness, we all want shown to ourselves?

I state this because no matter how I look in the mirror each day, I am a human with many faults. And I do wrong things each and every day. some of them not realizing I do, others I know I am doing something that I should not.

I want forgiveness show to me in both situations.

Saying this, does not mean that I turn a blind eye to all swappers that have less than 5 rating. Some will still be banned from my swaps, because of protecting the partners.

kaytea30 10/16/2013 #

Great swap! I already sent mine. I enjoyed writing the answers. Just a comment: since this is an international swap, I feel like some questions were more geared towards americans - like the walmart and target questions. we have all that in canada, but they might not have it in other countries. So it's good to keep that in mind next time. Just a though. But fun swap!

Gixxychic 10/16/2013 #

My first swap! sent and excited to get

calliedeaner 10/18/2013 #

I'm a newbie, and am excited to get started!
OnlyTheMoonCanSaveMeNoq was one of my partners, and was Johnny on the Spot with her email!

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