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Swap Coordinator:Karen (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Themed  Crafts 
Number of people in swap:76
Last day to signup/drop:January 10, 2007
Date items must be sent by:January 30, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

You will have ONE partner, to whom you will write a letter (at least 2 or 3 pages) AND send a small handmade gift. This can be anything crafted by you such as a nice bookmark or two, a set of handmade greeting cards, a knitted or crocheted potholder, a piece of jewelry you've made, etc. Whatever you enjoy crafting that will fit in a medium-sized padded envelope or smaller is fine.

This is an international swap.

ALL participants must have a completed profile and a valid e-mail address. I will be checking these. A rating of 3.5 or higher is also required, and no more than 1 no-send. If you DO have more than 1 and feel you have been rated unfairly, PLEASE contact me and I will take it into consideration.

Let's have some fun and make some new friends! :)

If you have any questions, please ask! Newbies are welcome with a completed profile!


KarlaKC 12/12/2006 #

I'm going to sign up 'cause it sounds like fun! I'd love the rating requirement to be more up at the 4 mark (with no more than 1 'no send'), but hey, I'll take the chance!

Can't wait to create for a new friend!

Liana 12/13/2006 #

karen this idea is very nice :)

user2955 12/13/2006 #

Why is anyone with even one "no send" allowed? There is no reason why she still should not honor her earlier committments and have her rating raised. It was my understanding that as long as the item is eventually sent the raiting can be raised.

lilmouse 12/13/2006 #

Aly- it actually says "no more than 1 no send" so if someone has 1 no send they're fine, but they can't have more than that. :*)

WomenTrip 12/13/2006 #

i am joining to

Karen 12/13/2006 #

Thanks, everyone, for joining! :)

Aly - sometimes a no-send rating is a result of slow mail or lost mail. It doesn't seem fair to penalize a person for that. 2 no-sends or more is definitely an indication of a problem.

user92 12/13/2006 #

As someone who has a "no send" on my record - that was definitely a case of lost mail. I made several attempts to contact my partner to make things right; she finally said she'd change the rating, but never did. Other than that 1 no send, I have a perfect record!! I really wish there was a way to publicly respond to feedback (like on eBay?) so that I wouldn't have to worry about being banned from swaps because of this...

AngelFaeryKathleen 12/13/2006 #

Hi all I have just signed up for this as it sounds like fun. Does the letter have to be hand written as I would like the receiver to be able to read it! I got a 3 in the rating for no appart reason and go no responce from the person when I emailed her. I just put it down to the fact she did not like the ATC's I made for her. It spoilt my then perfect rating and like MMD would like a responce to feedback area.

Karen 12/13/2006 #

I agree, it would be nice to be able to respond to ratings, but maybe you could just put an explanation in your profile, stating whatever your side of the situation is, like that you mailed and it never arrived, or that you e-mailed the person to ask about a bad rating and got no response.

And typed letters are fine!

lblulu 12/14/2006 #

I would like to join!

alex 12/14/2006 #

sounds like fun..I'm in! :-)

user2955 12/15/2006 #

Goodbearsmom and NYKaren- Thanks for your responses. I understand a little better. I guess I am just grouchy after two out of the eight swaps, I did I got nothing. It's too bad repeat offenders cannot be officially banned. This swap sounds fun!

Zmrzlina 12/27/2006 #

I have 2 no-sends on my profile and both are completely undeserved. One is from someone who I know got the item because I have the tracking ID. She left Swap-Bot soon after the swap and never updated the rating when I sent her a postcard indicating I knew the item had been received. The other is from a notorious no-send who has a 1 rating herself and is one of the major problem swappers on the site. I did not send her an item because I sent it to the person she was supposed to send to. I didn't want that person to be left out.

Anyway, restricting the swap this way isn't fair. If you read the comments on the many 5 ratings I have, you see I am a fabulous swapper. I hate this rating system. It allows mean spirited people to bring the kind one down with them.

Karen 12/28/2006 #

Zmrzlina, You've made an excellent point and having checked your ratings, you are welcome to join this swap or any other one I host. I'll be adding a note to the rules to indicate that anyone in this situation should contact me. It seems there is no really good way to be sure of keeping out the flakes while allowing for exceptions such as you. I appreciate you posting here and making me aware of this.

Zmrzlina 12/28/2006 #

Many thanks nykaren! I should have messaged you on this rather than spouting off, but I did feel the need to vent my frustration. I know there isn't an ideal rating system, but I've been so upset about those two 1 ratings and had to get it out of my system. Thank you for letting me vent, and join the swap :-)

Tuttifruttigirl 12/29/2006 #

Hello you all girls! ;o) My name is Janaina, 30, and I am from Brazil. It´s my very 1st time here, a friend told me about the site and I just came to check this out... I am a cross stitcher addicted. Is there anybody here too? Plus, I have a question... When will I know the name/address of my partner? I ´d like to make some personalized for her...Another question (plz, be patient with me... I am kinda slow, and remember, it´s just my 1st time... Things wil be easier in the next swap... I hope! Hahahhaha)What should I write in the letter? Talk about me? Make questions about my partner? As you all can see, I don´t speak a great English, we speak Portuguese in Brazil, but I am trying to improve it by meeting lovely and nice girls like you in the web!It´s working, believe me! :o)But if I make any Grammar mistake or write something wrong, plz, point it to me. I ´d apreciate it very much. I am part of several on line groups and forums, all about cross stitching.Already was involved with some swaps there. Have received some really nice stuff, and met some adorable friends. Hope I can do the same here! Many hugs! Janaina.

user3481 01/ 2/2007 #

janaina don't worry u will get your swap partner the day after the end of sign up date. in the letter write abit about yourself like what you do, where your from, family. anything you want to share.

Tuttifruttigirl 01/ 3/2007 #

Thak you very much hails! ;o)

user5571 01/ 6/2007 #

I'm a total newbie, but I'd love to join if it's alright!

dulcimer 01/ 6/2007 #

i too would like to join but i have a few no sends for post cards that got lost i guess (they were from the same swap)and ive never heard otherwise.

Karen 01/ 6/2007 #

Janaina, I apologize for not answering sooner, and welcome to the swap! You can write about your hobbies, interests, family, job, the place where you live, or whatever you feel you'd like to talk about. It is easier once you have a name and actually sit down to write. And you can check out your partner's profile and ask about things there or talk about things you might have in common. When the sign-ups end on the 10th, you'll be able to log in late that night or the next day and there will a link for you to click on the get your partner's name and address.

Hails - thanks for jumping in with an answer to her questions. :)

Karen 01/ 6/2007 #

Serendipity - newbies are welcome. :)

Karen 01/ 6/2007 #

Dragonfly - have you contacted them to see if they eventually received, and would update their ratings?

Tuttifruttigirl 01/ 6/2007 #

Hey ,NYKaren!:o) Do not worry! Hails was really gentle with my questions! Thank u also for your words! Can not believe there are already almost 70 ppl in this swap!!!Oh my! Things are like this every time?:o) I am itching to start working on this project! Many hugs!

kimworm21 01/ 9/2007 #

This will be my very first swap! I am so excited :> I am new to swap-bot but I love it already! I really enjoy writing, so my partner should expect letter that's a little long. I can't wait to get started!

luluvision 01/ 9/2007 #

I took a little break from swapping but I'm ready to do more! This sounds like a lot of fun!

Tuttifruttigirl 01/10/2007 #

As you girls know, I am a newbie here... Someone can tell me what ´s an ATC? I see this letters alot here but have no idea what does it means! Lol...

alex 01/10/2007 #

Janaina...ATC stands for Artists Trading Card...lots more information available on the internet. Have fun with swopping! :-)

Karen 01/10/2007 #

Here's a great link about ATCs...


Tuttifruttigirl 01/10/2007 #

Thank u all!;o)

user5650 01/10/2007 #

oooooh it's Christmas al over again, why didn't I find this site before. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Btw, I ramble...and I don't mean the walking kind!

Tuttifruttigirl 01/10/2007 #

Hey girls... It´s me again... Today is already 10th January... I wanna know who is going to be my partner!Is that info here somewhere and I am just too stupid to find it?! LMAO...Guess I am too anxious...

Karen 01/11/2007 #

Janaina, There's a link at the top of this page with the name and addy of your partner. It probably wasn't there yet when you were looking.

schlabs 01/11/2007 #

Hi Liana, you will be my partner. Should I write in english or would you get a letter in goog old german?


Tuttifruttigirl 01/11/2007 #

Two questions: is my partner´s name suppose to be a secret or can I tell everybody who is she? And : to the girl who is about to send me the "surprise thing" , plz, take a pic of it BEFORE sending it to me.I don´t have a digital camera (I know... It´s terrible, but I am already working on it! Lol...)and I ´d love if you could do this little favor for me... ;o)If you are not shy, take a pic of yourself next to it... I ´d love to put a face to a name!

Karen 01/12/2007 #

Janaina, It's fine to post here to let your partner know you have mailed to her, or to e-mail her and let her know.

alex 01/12/2007 #

SCOWLETTE! Letter and surprise gone in the postbox tonight for you, from the UK, so it should be on its way tomorrow! Have a good weekend! :-)

butterflykisses 01/13/2007 #

krab.. I will be putting your letter and the small gift I made for you in the mail first thing tomorrow morning! It's coming from the USA so hopefully it gets there soon!

Liana 01/15/2007 #

@schlabs you can write me in german if you want to :) i always like it to receive letters from my home country and i can't wait from your letter :)

user5304 01/16/2007 #

@Merricat I have just finished my letter and my gift for you and I will send as soon as I get a suitable envelope :-) Mail is coming from Germany.

user5304 01/16/2007 #

@Merricat Well, what I am talking about? I have an envelope and will send tomorrow.

Tuttifruttigirl 01/16/2007 #

Oh! Is that ok if I send the gift before January 30th? That´s great, because I have my partners "thing" ready to go!

amore 01/17/2007 #

Barbara (sleeping traveler) hi I have my envelope an I sended today. Mail is coming from Qatar.

alex 01/17/2007 #

Janaina, the 30th is the last day of sending, you can mail your parcel anyday from the start day which was the 10th! I sent mine out on the 11th. Good luck! Have fun! :-)

Liana 01/19/2007 #

i got my package from schlabs yesterday. very nice. i definitely will write back ♥

Tuttifruttigirl 01/19/2007 #

Thank you Alex! My gift will be posted tomorrow morning!

alex 01/23/2007 #

Scowlette...did you get my letter etc yet? I mailed it on the 12th, so you should easily have received it by now? Have a good week, warm wishes, Alex :-) I still have not received anything yet :-(

Tuttifruttigirl 01/24/2007 #

Gotta say: I already sent my package! Don´t wanna spoil the surprise factor, so I will not say the name of the girl. But... She is from the US!;o) Janaina.

Tuttifruttigirl 01/28/2007 #

Ok.. As a newbie I think I have the right to be a little bit slow... Plz, do not laugh too much!:o) But... Mmmm... Where can I see the gifts ppl already received?I mean, it must be someboby there who already received the gift, right? I went to the "Lauch Gallery Slideshow" link above and nothing...

user3645 01/29/2007 #

JBTMYKIDS-Your package will go out tomorrow,hope you enjoy it.

user5629 01/29/2007 #

Hi to you all:) Have already sent my package and would not like to announce her name. A hint.. that she is someone from the States... I am sure she will be surprised when receiving her package from Istanbul...:)

alex 01/29/2007 #

Janaina...you can only see the gallery if someone has taken a photo and put it on there, in my experience not many folk do, so there may not be anything to see! Have fun.:-)

Tuttifruttigirl 01/30/2007 #

Ok, Alex... :o( Thank you for let me know... That´s really sad, but...

sleepingrover2010 01/30/2007 #

I want to let you know that I will be sending you a thank you note via snail mail if you are my partner. I will do the rating on the site as soon as I can. Thanks

Amber...your packet from me is on its way. I hope you enjoy it.

user5399 01/31/2007 #

Hello Alex.. This is Kelly from tanasattic. I am your swap partner. I had a bit of a problem but all is resolved and your package will go out first thing this morning. I am sorry for my tardiness. Have a great day.

AngelFaeryKathleen 01/31/2007 #

Hi Turkish Delight your wee packet it on it's way from New Zealand, I'm not shure how long it will take, it takes about a week to get to the US and the UK so I think it may be the same. I may have missed the post box clearance on the 30th so the postmark may be the 31st, I'm soooo sorry for this. I hope you enjoy my letter and wee gift.

user5629 02/ 4/2007 #

Hi Angel Faery Kathleen:) WOW indeed! How wonderful to know that I will have my surprise from New Zealand:) Cool! I am impatiently waiting for that and surely I will be back to you when I receive it. Ohhh..I have a few relly good friends over there in your country. I know that it takes long over 1 week to arrive any mail posted from NZ. It takes appr 3 weeks. I know it is worth to wait, I am patient one, smile:) I shall thank you in advance for your valuable time& kind endeavours to create all the beauties w/in your package. Blessings& Lots of love from ''N'' in Istanbul:)

Tuttifruttigirl 02/ 5/2007 #

I am almost worry with my package... It should be at my partner´s hands by now... Is there anybody in the US who had received anything from Brazil, girls?! :o)

KarlaKC 02/ 6/2007 #

I was almost a week late in getting mine mailed (it was sitting waiting for postage!) but it went out today, Monday, Feb. 5th to Kelly! Enjoy! :)

KMC 02/ 7/2007 #

Turkish Delight...I recieved my package today. It was wonderful. That was a very nice letter and I was excited to see it came all the way from Istanbul!! Thank you!

user5629 02/ 7/2007 #

Dear Kayla, I am also very pleased to see that you enjoy with my package and its inside, thanks God that arrived you safe and sound:) Be sure that I made all with heartfully. It is a great pleasure for me to feel the light and smile in you, even though I cannot meet you personally:) Have fun& Lots of love from ''N'' in Istanbul.

alex 02/ 9/2007 #

Kelly thank you for a lovely letter and goodies! I have just mailed one back to you. :-)

user5629 02/ 9/2007 #

Dear Angel Faery Kathleen, I just received your lovely letter today. I am surprised very much because I was expecting to receive it today but sometime next week. WOWWWW indeed! I loved this quick surprise very much:) Thank you for getting your valuable time to make your letter&craft in the very creative way. All is fabulous, especially the letter...! Very touchy one. Lots of love from your NEW friend ''N'' in Istanbul.

AngelFaeryKathleen 02/ 9/2007 #

Dear Turkish Delight, I'm happy you enjoyed my letter, I enjoyed writting it to you and when we got our swap partners and I knew who I would be writting to and that it was going all the way to Turkey I was tickled pink as I had never sent or had anything from Turkey. Have a wonderful Day. :-)

AngelFaeryKathleen 02/ 9/2007 #

Hi Tammy, Your lovely letter and special gifts arrived in New Zealand yesterday, Friday. Thank you it was all a great parcil from a new friend. Have a wonderful Day :-)

Tuttifruttigirl 02/10/2007 #

Everybody read this! I love Linda Morgan!;o) It was my very 1st swap-bot and everything ran just 100%perfect! Thank you , Linda!It arrived today noon.Many hugs!

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