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Traveling Letter Round #7

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Swap Coordinator:Hollycarole92 (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:25
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:December 18, 2013
Date items must be sent by:January 8, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

The first two rounds of this swap were for the Letter Lovers group, and then we decided to move it to the public swap sphere to gain some new swappers for the series! :)

ROUND ONE: For this swap, you'll simply write a letter about anything you want, any length and send it on to your partner. When you receive a letter from your partner, rate them, and make sure you hold onto it! Because, on the next round, you'll be adding your own letter to the last one you received on the previous round, and sending them both together to your partner (please staple or paperclip together) Make sense?

ALL SUBSEQUENT ROUNDS: Send on the last letter(s) you received along with your own, and rate when you receive a letter or letters from someone else.

IMPORTANT: Add your username, name, and address to the top of YOUR PERSONAL ORIGINAL LETTER that you wrote for your first round and also specify the number of people you would like to write letters for you, because that will determine how many rounds it's in before it's sent home to you. If you receive a letter whose original sender asked for seven people to write, and your the seventh person, write your letter, add it, and send the entire bundle of letters home, and then send a new letter of your own to your partner instead.

JUST JUMPING IN?: See the instructions for round one and message me with any questions.

DROPPING OUT?: If you want to drop out at ANY time, simply complete your last round like normal, then send whatever letter you received in your last round to me so that I can get it back into rotation.

If any of this doesn't make sense, just post below or message me, this is my first "traveling" type swap, but I think it could be great!


dial208medusa 12/ 2/2013 #

Hi all, I am new, but so excited for this! LOVE this idea, Love the creator for this!

AmericanHeiress 12/ 7/2013 #

OMG Help what do I do? I asked for 5 and received 7. Round #3 I sent to @rsilvers and then she sent my letter to @smokeyquartz1980 in Round #4. Then @smokeyquartz sent to @crafts4me but she requested 5 letters (this is where is get confused?) Then @neenarneenar sent me back the letters from the above mentioned but no letter from herself and I got 3 more letters from @swappinggoofy @rhemashawls & @kims Out of all these letters @swappinggoofy and @crafts4me are requesting their letters be sent on? So if anyone can shed some light it would be most appreciated, and maybe I am not understanding the process?

Neenarneenar 12/ 7/2013 #

I would love to get answer to. When I started the round I sent my letter to my partner but in returned got a nice envelope with so many different letters from the same round it made no sense to me.... But when I matched the names to the letter they did Shockley kinda go in order. Sorry about that Marie. I figured you had more then you should have so I sent back to you since I already sent my letter off to my partner. Hope this all makes sense.

Hollycarole92 12/ 7/2013 #

Okay let me see if I can figure out what's going on here. So @MarieAntoinette - you sent out your original letter for your first round requesting five letters back when it was sent home to you. You got your letter back with letters attached from @smokeyquartz1980 @rsilvers and @crafts4me @neenarneenar sent it home to you but didn't write her own letter to attach. Were the 3 other letters from @swappinggoofy @rhemashawls and @kims also attached or were they mailed to you separately? Since @crafts4me s letter was attached to yours, don't send it on, because it's not her original letter,it belongs with your pack of letters (maybe she got confused?).

Hollycarole92 12/ 7/2013 #

@Neenarneenar - what about the swap is not making sense to you and I will try to explain.

Hollycarole92 12/ 7/2013 #

Okay @MarieAntoinette I've looked back at the other swaps to figure this out a little more. It looks like @Neenarneenar sent your letter home too soon, leaving you with four letters instead of five - the one you originally wrote in your first round, one from rsilves, one from smokeyquartz1980, and one from crafts4m3. Those are all yours to keep. @Neenarneenar should have written her own attached letter before sending it home to you.

NOW, I can't figure out how you have letters from swappinggoofy, rhemashawls, and kims, because I can't see that any of them were your partners recently, or partners with @Neenarneenar so how did you get those and who sent them to you?

AmericanHeiress 12/ 7/2013 #

@Hollycarole92 Thank god. I literally was going nuts or seeing things. Ok so I woke up with a fresh start. I did not get a letter from @Neenarneenar just a note explaining my letters were sent home to her.

@SwappingGoofy and @Crafts4me I got letters from both of them requesting how many letters they wanted to received with their letters in the same envelope that @Neenarneenar sent me along with @rhemashawls & @kims were all in the same envelope.

Nothing was sent to me separately, so what do I do? And what do I send in the #7 Swap?

Hollycarole92 12/ 7/2013 #

@MarieAntoinette - Okay, so just keep the letter from @Crafts4me Don't send it on, because it was supposed to be her letter to you, not her original letter, it seems as if she didn't notice that. Send on the one for @SwappingGoofy in Round #7. Are the letters from @rhemashawls and @kims their original letters requesting how many letters they want to receive, or do they belong with another letter? If they belong with @SwappingGoofy 's letter, just send those along with it. If they're original letters, though, send them to me and I'll get them back into rotation.

AmericanHeiress 12/ 7/2013 #

@HollyCarole ok I will keep @Crafts4me

And I will send @SwappingGoofy s letter in Round #7 along with my letter attached to my new swap partner.

I still am at a loss how I got @rhemashawls & @kims letters? I don't know if they belong with @SwappingGoofy s or not. They are not original letters requesting letters.

So I will go ahead and send in #7 @SwappingGoofy s letter along with mine and @rhemashawls & @kims too. Does this sound correct to you? I am so sorry for this confusion. I just want to make sure every gets their letters back.

dial208medusa 12/10/2013 #

So, let's say I send one letter and receive one letter from someone who wants X amount of letters back. I have those letters by round 2, right? Am I then writing more than one letter to multiple people? I feel like I could write 1 or 2 per round, but after that, I feel they get less interesting/personal? Maybe I'm worried 'bout nothing!

BerlinGeorgia 12/11/2013 #

Please correct me, when I am wrong, but if you participate for the first time, you write your intro letter, stating how many letters you want back and that's how many times your letter will be sent on. You will receive somebody's intro letter and answer it and send it on in the next round. You will then receive another in this next round, which you will answer and so on. Until you receive your letter back. You are either done then or write a new letter and send it on.

@Hollycarole92 I think it would be helpful to add, that participants are required to join this swap as many times as they requested answers to their letter (until the round they get their letter back) :)

Hollycarole92 12/12/2013 #


You send one letter in your first round, and receive one. The next round, you add a letter to the one you received. You only write one letter per round. Does that answer your question?

Hollycarole92 12/12/2013 #

@BerlinGeorgia Yes, you're correct! If anyone wants to quit the rounds at any given time, they just need to send me whatever letter they have in their possession so I can enter it back into rotation.

MelinaBea 12/15/2013 #

So what happens if I get a letter, and I'm the last person to write before sending it back to the original person... What will my assigned partner for that letter get?

Hollycarole92 12/16/2013 #

Just letting everyone know, if one of you has the letters belonging to @roogirl please send them on home. She will no longer be participating as she has been suspended!

Hollycarole92 12/16/2013 #

@MelindaBea if that happens, you would write a new letter of your own to your assigned partner for that swap.

tizzicat 12/18/2013 #

I was going to join this, but after reading all the above, I'm more confused than when I started. If, after I had received my letters back, I wanted to correspond with someone on a one to one, I guess I can do this?

savannahjan 12/18/2013 #

I can't believe how confusing everyone is making this. This is an incredibly simple swap. ^laugh^

tizzicat 12/18/2013 #

ok. I'm in. Let's see how it goes. It can be very confusing for a "bear of little brain" like me! lol (direct quote from Winnie the Pooh!)

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