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Coffee Cuff Swap

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Coffee Cuff Swap
Swap Coordinator:funkykchicken (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Accessories  Art 
Number of people in swap:14
Last day to signup/drop:March 10, 2007
Date items must be sent by:April 26, 2007
Number of swap partners:1

Everyone loves Starbucks at least i do.Wouldn't it be great to have a cute Coffee Cuff to put around our cup of java.This swap is inspired by cloth paper scissors.Here is what we will do.

1-Partner 2-Coffee Cup Warmers

They are really easy and alot of fun.On the last day to sign up i will send everyone a pattern.You can choose to use it or not.I don't want anyone to feel they cant make it because they didn't have a pattern.The pattern is from the mag above and is the size to fit a starbucks cup.

This is open to Newbies with completed profiles.To those with no more then 1 no send.I will be looking at your profile to make sure you have followed the guidelines of other swaps as well.

This is International because they are light weight.

Next month i will be doing a cuff wrist swap.


Unfortunately do to the amount of so sends from Newbies i feel i have to add this.I cannot continue to make up swaps for those who donot send their items.It gets really expensive especially if it's a dollar amount swap.

I donot want to sound mean or harsh.Swap-bot is suppose to be a fun place to swap not get cheated.More and more are signing up getting their swaps and then deleting their profile.Worse yet some even leave a 1 when they know they received their item and then delete their profiles.

I have had this happen alot lately as swap-bot becomes more popular.No-one in the future will be allowed to sign up for my swaps if they are a Newbie unless they will be receiving at least 3 swap ratings before the i assign partners.Most of my swaps are set for a month to two months ahead of time.The only exception to this will be the following.

At least 3 people you have sent your swaps to that have received their item and can vouch for you.

For those with just one 1 rating please sign up.For those with more then 1 no send you will need to contact me or i will remove you.

Sorry if this sounds mean or harsh but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with those who just don't care about or respect others.


funkykchicken 02/26/2007 #

Here is a link to some cuffs.You would most likely want to use velcro for ease of use.


dulcimer 02/26/2007 #

Although we have Starbucks in Canada - our first choice is usually Tim Hortons. Do these cuffs fit a Timmys cup??

funkykchicken 02/26/2007 #

I'm not sure but you could easily adjust the pattern.

sheswaps 02/26/2007 #

Must these be made of fabric? I'm curious because it seems like I've seen altered cuffs that are made from the heavy cardboard ones.

jakfrostwife 02/26/2007 #

I'll take the pattern anytime....but I've seen these too made out of heavy cardboard with fabric glue on to them...must be a northwest thing, hummmm Since we are the home of Starbucks.....

funkykchicken 02/27/2007 #

I have not seen them made with card board.Can you send me a link to a picture? I suppose it wouldn't matter as long as it's nice and can be used for a long time.I'm worried that if the paper gets wet it would have to be tossed.The fabric ones can be washed and are really easy to make.Give me some more info please.I suppose you could also ask your partner if they mind.

alwaysjoy 02/27/2007 #

The ones of these that I have seen made were also the cardboard base with fabric over them... I would love to make a couple of those, but I am not a great sewing person so if it is only the sewing kind I don't think I can do it, I will check back near the clse date to see what you all decided!

sann 02/28/2007 #

what about knitted coffee cuffs? d those count?

funkykchicken 02/28/2007 #

I suppose you could knit one and i guess the cardboard with fabric cover would be fine as well.

simplysarah 03/ 4/2007 #

can we make them solely out of fabric.

purplewhimsy 03/ 5/2007 #

There is a pattern for a knitted one in the current issue of KnitSimple, I think. If anyone wants it, contact me.

funkykchicken 03/ 5/2007 #

I would prefer mine made from fabric only.So yes it can be made from just fabric.I will still be emailing everyone the pattern on the last sign up day.

user5618 03/ 9/2007 #

What about felted sweaters? I have a sewing machine phobia that I'm trying to conquer (hee hee) and handsewing is it for me right now. I am going to sign up knowing I might have to face my fears. This swap would be really cheap therapy (hee hee).

user6787 03/ 9/2007 #

Fabric would be cool because I don't think i have seen them before (yep one of those that need the pattern). But with making 2 of them that leaves a big door open to try a different medium, or at least you can with me as a partner. I'm excited!

TerryF 03/10/2007 #

umbrella designs, my guess is that felted sweaters would work just fine, since they are completely washable. I was thinking of making one myself from that material.

alwaysjoy 03/12/2007 #

I can't wait to get our partners, is swap-bot glitching again?

jakfrostwife 03/12/2007 #

Is there a reason why we havn't gotten our partners yet? Or the pattern?

jakfrostwife 03/12/2007 #

If anyone has the pattern could you email it to me? I would hate to not get it done before I leave on Vacation......thanks

"They are really easy and alot of fun.On the last day to sign up i will send everyone a pattern.You can choose to use it or not.I don't want anyone to feel they cant make it because they didn't have a pattern.The pattern is from the mag above and is the size to fit a starbucks cup."

funkykchicken 03/12/2007 #

Hello, Everyone please keep in mind that because i have to assign partners i also have to check everyones profile.This can take awhile.I did hit the assign partners button but i kept getting thrown out of swap-bot.Which basically means that it wouldn't let me assign partners.I don't need someone to take over the swap for me.I do need time to get swap-bot to work again.You will all receive an email from me tomorrow with the pattern attached.



funkykchicken 03/14/2007 #

I sent the pattern let me know if you didn't receive it.

user6787 03/14/2007 #

I got the pattern, thanks so much!

alwaysjoy 03/29/2007 #

Noel S, Have you recieved my cuffs yet? I sure hope so. Let me know if you liked them.

jakfrostwife 04/ 4/2007 #

OK, I've made my first one and I'm not as happy as I though I would be? I guess it's back to the sewing machine for me!

I tired to use a material that you would on an iron board? I'm thinking so that it doesn't conduct heat??? Great though~it just doesn't translate to fabric???

I knew there was a reason I didn't sew........

user6787 04/ 5/2007 #

I went and got heat reflective fabric at JoAnns. It's thin and not bad to work with at all. I used that on the back side and that allowed some playing room on the front without getting too bulky.

jakfrostwife 04/ 5/2007 #

I was THERE (joanns) and ask for that but all they had (or so they said) was this quilted stuff....it doesn't work....lesson there~

user6787 04/ 5/2007 #

The one here I had to ask the girls at the cutting counter (I'm not a sewing person) and they had the quilted stuff by them with the iron stuff :) The thin heat fabric was in the back against the wall past the quilting and stuff on the rolls. I know I'm confusing the heck out of everone :) The way they explained the difference between the 2 were the quilted stuff is used in potholders and the thinner one has the silver back and is thinner (I had to think... well, duh!).

If you can't find any I could always send you some... we have time :)

TerryF 04/ 6/2007 #

Fairy and the Toad, your swap will be mailed tomorrow - please be patient as mail takes a long time from Canada. Thx! T.

user6787 04/ 6/2007 #

Tassy, Thank you for letting me know. I understand about being mailed from Canada... I think they sometimes walk it over the border :)

TerryF 04/ 7/2007 #

Fairy and the Toad - Actually, they put the package on the highway and tell it to walk there itself!

user5618 04/12/2007 #

Tassy, you get the "Best Swapper at Posting Pics" award! I've posted one pic on swap-bot and it came out HUGE. I love seeing everyone's projects and wish everyone (including myself) would post. Any tips?


TerryF 04/12/2007 #

jenn, I think I have forgotten to take more pics than I HAVE taken - I usually forget the pic until just AFTER I have finished packaging the swap for mailing! lol I really enjoy seeing what everyone else is making and sending - wish more people would post their pics. T.

TerryF 04/16/2007 #

Just thought I would mention that I used the new fused velcro for these cuffs and it is SO much easier to work with than sewing it on. It is pricey, though. I think I will experiment with using fusible web and regular velcro to see how it stands up. Whenever I sew on velcro, I always end up obliterating all of the little grippy thingies!

user5526 04/19/2007 #

suzylucie, received your cuffs today - thank you so very much, you certainly did spoil me. Thank you for the extra recipes as well. :)

user5618 04/19/2007 #

Janelle, thanks so much for the coffee cuffs. I got them a couple of days ago but forgot to post. Thanks!!


user5618 04/26/2007 #

Anita, your package was mailed today. Hope you enjoy!


TerryF 04/27/2007 #

J in NF: You didn't give me your Swap-bot moniker - are you jam56 by any chance? I received your coffee cuffs today - very pretty! Thx! T.

alwaysjoy 05/ 7/2007 #

Fairy and the toad! Thank you for such a great set of coffee cuffs!

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