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Random Journal Swap

Random Journal Swap
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Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:September 30, 2018
Date items must be sent by:October 13, 2018
Number of swap partners:1

This is a time intensive swap. Please read swap description carefully.

Someone had one of these swaps last September, but I was unable to participate because I just didn't have the time to do it (6 weeks I think). But I did get one started and have not seen it again since ~ sorry to anyone if they have, I just haven't seen it

For this swap you will do the following:

  1. Get a composition notebook. Starting at the front of the book, glue two pages together through the entire book. This stabilizes the pages and makes less pages to fill.

  2. Decorate the front and back outside covers of the book.

  3. On the inside front cover it must have the swap name "Random Journal Swap". "Made by" your name and user name. Address is optional

  4. On the very first lined page you will write about yourself. Try to fill the entire page. Tell about yourself, things you like, your thoughts on doing this swap, etc. You can do this now or wait until just before sending.

  5. Now start filling the pages. Magazine/newspaper articles, recipes, fill a page with stickers, product reviews by you, pictures, drawings, tips, etc. Do a search for more ideas. I've found some interesting pages to do.

I have found this is a very time intensive swap. I started filling mine last fall and still have not filled half of the book as of March. But then I haven't really concentrated on it either until recently.

I am giving several months to complete this. Because of the extended date, you should be able to do this thoughtfully and balanced, not just slapping stuff on the pages just to get them filled. My goal is to try to do 3-5 pages each week.

When partners are assigned and it's time to send you are required to send it in a Priority Flat Rate Envelope and provide the tracking number in the comment section below.

I am asking this because:

  1. The PO seems to take better care of mail this way and we will be able to track it

  2. If it gets lost in the mail, do you really want to try and do another one in a short amount of time?

  3. I cannot angel this swap.

Because of the extended date of the signup, your book should be completed by the send date. So the send date will be short.

Other requirements:

Newbies welcomed, with a well filled out profile (I DO CHECK AND WILL BAN). Because of delivery issues, multi-profiler/flaker concerns, and site policies I require real names. If you join a swap of mine with a fake name or no last name, you will be asked to fix it.

No recent/unexplained low ratings - This means message me with an explanation why you have a 1 or 3. PLEASE check out my profile page and read the "About Swaps I Host" section for an in-depth explanation of my swap rules.

Also ~ I live in "Boonyville" Michigan and sometimes our internet connection isn't very good. This is especially true when it rains & in the winter months. I have been told that swap hosts have 7 days after the sign up date to assign partners. So please be patient, partners will get assigned and if needed I will extend the send date.

If you know of a bad swapper signed up for this swap, I appreciate being informed, but please DO NOT post to the comment section! Send me a PM and I will deal with it that way.

Any questions, just ask. Comments are also welcome


institches 03/16/2018 #

I was thinking of posting a page prompt every now and again

What do you think?

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 03/16/2018 #

I will grab a journal this weekend, and start filling it. The comp notebooks have 60-80 pages when you glue 2 together it will be 30-40 pages? I just want to be clear on how many pages need to be filled before I start

institches 03/16/2018 #

@CraftyMommaonaBEDGET - The composition notebook I have has 100 pages

justme2905 03/16/2018 #

Do I have to glue the pages together. I did a journal last year and glued the pages. I did not like how it turned out. I can fill out the 100 pages front and back. with the time give.

junemoon 03/16/2018 #

Watching this swap. Don't understand sign up date being only two weeks before send date. Sounds like swappers need to sign up much sooner as it's habitual, I think, for a lot of people not to start the swap craft until partners are assigned. That would not work with these dates.

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 03/16/2018 #

So minimum how many pages do I need to fill?

institches 03/17/2018 #

@justme2905 - I guess you don't have to glue the pages if you don't want to. Just be aware that you may get a journal that does have the pages glued together

@junemoon - I did this because of the time involved. The journal should be complete or almost complete by the sign up date. Then you just finish it and send it off. This is so if something happens and you can't get it out then you can drop from the swap and not receive a low rating

@CraftyMommaonaBUDGET - You need to fill every page.

junemoon 03/17/2018 #

It's a good idea to let people know to start well in advance. However, anyone can drop out of a swap any time before the final date sign up date.

DixieDiane 03/17/2018 #

Front and back of page or can you do just front if not glueing pages together ?

institches 03/18/2018 #

@DixieDiane - every page must have something

DixieDiane 03/20/2018 #

Ok thank you

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 03/21/2018 #

I joined this swap I will start working on it, BUT I might put the swap back on my watchlist it my dashboard gets full. :) I hope to start this after Easter :)

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 03/22/2018 #

Can we use double sided tape instead of glue? I may glue some pages, and if I can, I may use some double sided tape, if its ok?

institches 03/22/2018 #

@CraftyMommaonaBUDGET - Yes, that's fine

thequilterslink 03/22/2018 #

Prompts would be fun..as long as not a requirement

institches 03/23/2018 #

First prompt.....Who am I?

grandmaroro 04/ 2/2018 #

I adore "random" anything. I am losing my vision much faster than expected. I am joining and I plan to work on two at the same time. I will do one 100-page, unglued and one gluing two pages together. I have the 80-page composition books books also. I much prefer the larger ones.

These will be "use it up" journals for me. I'm trying to not leave this stash behind for my children to deal with. If anyone has an issue with receiving my journal, please let me know. I will drop fro m the swap rather than offend anyone. But, random means just that to me.

DaniZplannerchick84 04/ 6/2018 #

I just signed up today for this swap I'm looking forward to this. I would love more prompts for ideas for my pafes.

DaniZplannerchick84 04/ 6/2018 #

Going along with my last comment I would love more prompts for ideas for my pages

institches 04/11/2018 #

@DaniZplannerchick84 - I'll be adding prompts every now and again. The first prompt is in the comments above.

2nd prompt is: Stickers

nikinoo123 04/12/2018 #

So, is this journal going to 1 person or multiple people? Do they send it back or keep it?

institches 04/13/2018 #

@nikinoo - it is going to one person and they will keep it

grandmaroro 04/14/2018 #

Yesterday I finished prepping my journal (gluing pages together). It is so exciting to have this much time to plot and plan a journal.

Wingy 04/20/2018 #

I love this once again Already working on mine

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