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Ask me anything! ~ e-swap #10

Ask me anything! ~ e-swap #10
Swap Coordinator:satinification (contact)
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Number of people in swap:7
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Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:August 27, 2019
Date items must be sent by:September 6, 2019
Number of swap partners:2

For this swap you will have to ask and anwser for 5 questions via email. You will have 2 partners. So 10 questions and anwsers in total (Yup, I did the math ;) )

How does it work?

  • If you sign up for this swap, write down your questions in the comment below. A minimum of 5, but you can write more.
  • When the partners are assigned, they will answer your questions. You need to answer 5 questions. If someone has written more, you can choose 5 of them.

All questions allowed. Just don't be rude. You can answer with 1 word or 5 sentences... depends on the question and how much you have to say. You will have 10 days to send emails.

Rate your partners as soon as you'll receive their emails!


  • 2 partners
  • write minimum of 5 questions in the comment section below
  • answer at least 5 questions to both of your partners via email (their own 5 - to each of the partners, 10 in total - in separate emails)
  • have fun

Be sure to write your username and swap's name somewhere in the emails to your partners. Don't forget to check your SPAM folder. If you won't receive both emails on time, contact me and your partner before rating.

If you are a returning member, please post some new questions. It may happen that the same person will be your partner again. Sending an identical set of answers is rather pointless and no fun for both of you.

Please, don't answer with just: "I don't know". Answer like that is lack of the answer. However, "yes" or "no" and other short answers follow the rules. Be more precise and maybe you will get a heart for that, though :)

If you have any questions, PM me!

Newbies allowed. I will angel if necessery. Sorry, but I will ban questionable swappers (with recent 1s or 3s & with whom I've had problems in the past & others known as questionable swapers).

I allow the possibility of posting your answers on a blog and sending a link to them or sending via PM.


satinification 06/20/2019 #

1) If you could witness any event from history, what would it be?

2) What do you think about conspiracy theories?

3) Do you like cartoons? Do you have /had a favorite one?

4) What did you most dislike in school times?

5) Do you believe in ghosts?

6) You smoke? If so, what and when did you start?

7) How do you think the end of the world will look like?

8) Do you prefer call or text? Why?

9) What sounds are in your opinion relaxing? The sound of the sea? Traffic? Vacuum cleaner? Combine harvester on the field? Some kind of music? Birds singing? ...

10) What is your favorite fruit?

Bantiarna 06/24/2019 #

Love these!! Thank you @satinification

1) Which would you take: The well worn path or the road less travelled?

2) What's your favourite board game?

3) If you were a super hero what would be your greatest ability and your greatest weakness?

4) What was the last thing you read?

5) Where were you last week at midnight on Thursday?

6) What is one thing that has stumped you so hard you won't ever forget it?

7) What's the weather like right now?

annim 06/26/2019 #
  1. What are you interested in that most people aren’t?
  2. What’s something you really resent paying for?
  3. What did you think was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now?
  4. How many friends do you have on Facebook and how many actually mean something to you?
  5. What personality trait do you wish you had?
  6. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?
  7. If you turned into your partner for a day, what would you do?
  8. Would you rather… Talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader?
ariestess 07/ 6/2019 #
  • If the answer were yes, what would be your question?
  • If you could choose a different time period and place to be born, when and where would it be?
  • Do you think cats have any regrets?
  • What's one question you would ask Superman?
  • What's your favorite smell? What's your least favorite smell?
  • What subculture do you wish you knew more about?
  • How do you feel about cars becoming fully autonomous and having no steering wheel, breaks, or accelerators?
sadiebaber 07/11/2019 #
  1. How did you find SwapBot?
  2. What was the last shop you went into and what did you buy?
  3. What's your favourite thing to do to pass the time?
  4. What was the last book you read? What did you think?
  5. What is a memory you cherish?
  6. Have you ever met anyone famous? Who?
  7. What moment in your life would you like to relive if you could?
  8. What was the last dream you remember having?
  9. What is a sound you find relaxing?
  10. What song can't you stop listening to right now?
MrsCrafty 07/16/2019 #

1.) What are your favorite books and authors? 2.) What are your favorite movies? 3.) What are your favorite songs? 4.) What do you like to do in your free time? 5.) What is something you would do if you knew you could not fail? 6.) Where would you like to travel and why? 7.) What culture do you find the most fascinating and why? 8.) What is a pet you would never have and why? 9.) What is your fondest memory? 10.) What is 1 thing that you wish you could tell someone? Who is that someone?

dorcii 07/17/2019 #
  • What was your hugest mistake in your life?
  • What was the biggest accomplishment in your life?
  • What was your most weird dream?
  • What is your dream destination?
  • What is that you would never ever do even you get a billion dollar for doing that?
03Scarlett 07/19/2019 #
  1. Did you grow up in a big city(was it big or a smaller one?) or a small town or out in the country and did you like it? Why or why not?

  2. Do you have brothers and/or sisters - are you close with them and what're their names (first only is good) and their ages. Is there a one that you're closer to than the others?

  3. Do you live close to where you grew up and have you lived other places and if so, where?

  4. If you had an extra $1,000.00 to spend - what would you buy?

  5. What things have made you really happy over the past two months?

Please note: I "love" details and lots of them and for my partners that write a lot and are detailed in their answers, they're guaranteed a heart.

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