Swap-bot Time: July 8, 2020 9:43 pm

Huge Craft Giveaway

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Swap Coordinator:bck (contact)
Swap categories: Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:80
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:July 1, 2020
Date items must be sent by:July 3, 2020
Number of swap partners:3

I have been using these last months to clear out my house of things I no longer want or have too much of.

Some of the craft items that I will divide among my 3 partners: **Knit & crochet supplies, needles, hooks, looms, yarns; **Leisure Arts pamphlets; **Fabrics, ribbons, buttons, embroidery floss; **Stickers, bookmarks; **Small craft kits; **Colored pencils; **Postcards, notecards, stationery, washi tape; **Scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps; **Jewelry supplies, etc.

I will be the only one sending, and you will have 3 partners whose comments you will rate.

All you need to do is answer the following: If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

Simply answer in the comments section below & MESSAGE me with any concerns relating to the swap or with a specific swapper. Thanks!


LaughingLoon 05/28/2020 #

First, thanks for such a generous swap. If I could change 1 thing it would be to block a “1” rating until the nonreceiving partner has sent a message to the sender and then impose a 3 day period for a response. I see great swappers whose 5.0 ratings are ruined by failure to follow simple courtesies and allow the swapper to cure. Especially with the current mailing challenges this it would seem routine to contact but I read profiles where no contact was made prior to “1” ratings and damaging posts which can be read by all swappers.

jinxspinx 05/28/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

I would change the forum - Have it notify you when someone replies to your comment, or at least an option for something like that.

I would also change it to where there would be more admins on the site. Sometimes it takes months to hear back from the owners of it. I think they may need to bring in more help sometimes.

PerArduaAdAlta 05/28/2020 #

Everyone above said everything I had thought of so far....

So I guess I would change swap bot to a magical site where only good people were able to participate, and the flakers, fakers, scammers, and hacks would contract temporary blindness when trying to apply and not be able to finish. Everyone rated the day their mail came in, and sent out the day after partners we assigned. And the post office was magical too, through it's association with swap bot, and all mail arrived. As god intended. And it was good. And all mail was beautiful, and heart worthy, and all had a perfect score, and on the seventh day God rested. Amen

Forgive me, I've been watching too much Black Adder...

Hyshu 05/28/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

I would change the rule that only 1 person per mailing address. This has stopped my daughter and my Mom from joining the site. I understand they want to cut down on people making multiple accounts but we are 3 different people but all in 1 house.

The why part is..so they could find something that they really like such as I have.

vcox 05/28/2020 #

I would change / add some features to the hosts of the swaps. I wish there was an easier way to know if everyone has commented on receiving a swap. I can see when it's sent, but I have to check who they sent it to for comments. I don't want to be notified. I wish it would be a column. It would be useful and helpful to know if I have to angel.

porpie5 05/28/2020 #

This is a very creative swap - makes me do some thinking! If I could change ONE thing - I wish there was a way to "flag" a swap that I am in - just on my list, not everyone else's - to let me know that even though I haven't received anything yet, the swap is coming because it's overseas, or it's being re-sent, or I'm waiting for a response from my swap partner. This way I know I have checked the swap and I don't need to do anything again until I hear from my swap partner. I have scraps of paper laying on my desk with notes about different swaps. There should be a way to make notes like that on my "sent" swaps.

museofthemorning 05/28/2020 #

If I could change just one thing, I think it would be the one person per address rule. My daughter would love to join, but she's not able to because I'm the mom and I was here first lol!!

AZmom875 05/29/2020 #

I would love to be able to have an option to attach notes to the names of players. So could have a post it note on players.

I would also like to be able to LIKE comments.

chimerix 05/29/2020 #

I would change the notification system for swaps within groups so that it told you what the swap was, not just the group name. That would make the email so much more helpful.

bck 05/31/2020 #

The one thing I would change on Swap-bot would be to get rid of the hearts. I feel that this concept is lame....how it can reduce some swappers to immature adolescents. There are those swappers who are known to be stingy with giving hearts even though they write in their comment how much they “like/ love” what you sent, how “lovely/ sweet/ great/ cool/ fabulous/ pretty” it is, etc. Saying one thing and at the same time, contradicting themselves by their actions..... what’s their point?

Does anyone else feels the same as I do? 🤔

paperlvr 06/ 1/2020 #

I do feel anxious about the rating system and the hearts too (as others have expressed). I always put my best effort into each of my swaps... always reading profiles and trying to find things my partners will appreciate. I try to keep my anxiety at bay but wondering if something will happen in transit and it won't arrive or if partners will forget to rate, etc... kind of takes some of the fun out of it. I know ratings serve a purpose but I do wish there was some reliability level we could obtain that would allow us into designated swaps.

bpl76 06/ 1/2020 #

What Iwould change is an easier way to add pictures on my page and e-mail so i can sent a copy of receipt for overseas mailing

aligurl75 06/ 1/2020 #

If I could change something about Swap-Bot it would be that the Hosts could manually choose the swap partners for swaps. It would make it easier for certain types of recurring swaps so that your participants didn't get paired with the same partner over and over again.

carol 06/ 1/2020 #

All of the above sound like good ideas. I think the one thing I would change is what @laigurl75 brought up. It's frustrating as both a participant and a host to see the same people getting paired, especially in on-going swaps. I don't think the organizers of the site anticipated that, but I would think there might be a way to adjust that.

Kristipye 06/ 1/2020 #

If I could change one thing about Swap-bot, it would be to 'magically' have everyone just be happy and get joy out of sending things to others and interacting with others. We all need more joy in our lives--this is a generous and joyful thing that you are doing!

luv2kraft 06/ 1/2020 #

bck I agree with you. It has been a great puzzlement. The one thing I would change would be the non raters . Five non- rates and they get suspended a month/ 6 weeks.

Jsereg001 06/ 1/2020 #

Thanks for the generous swap! If I could change one thing about Swap-Bot I guess it would be to make it easier to add photos to your profile (as someone said above). Also maybe make it so that you can add more than one heart for the extra special things you receive! That’s really all I can think of at the moment!

yvonne401 06/ 1/2020 #

Thanks for the great swap! If I could change one thing about swap-bot, it would be that people that had large amount of 3's or 1's would be partially or fully suspended. I sometimes see people with huge amounts of these ratings and they are still allowed to swap. It doesn't make sense to me. It would be better for everyone involved if they could be stopped.

KarenLaneWV 06/ 1/2020 #

If I could change anything it would be to make it easier to find a swapper's profile that you didn't have a link to!! I also think that a bad rating that was not deserved should be easier to get rid of than it is!

SatisHuman 06/ 1/2020 #

I agree with porpie5 and the comments about the heart system. I guess I would get rid of the mark up setting and make writing and formatting much easier.

SunflowerRose 06/ 1/2020 #

Without reading everyones cause i found this last minute i would change the way you keep up with ratings. Your ratings get lost on your page and people get grumpy when you ask if you over looked it!!! But yet if dont then you get 1's. Knowing who has rated you in what swap just by looking right at the swap. So it would show on our page and in the swap page. ( like when you rate someone) maybe like see who you send to and their ratings.

bluecrayons 06/ 1/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

i would definitely change the rating system. we should not be able to change our ratings a year after we rated, just because you suddenly don't like a person. as it makes our ratings go down falsly.

Bluegem 06/ 1/2020 #

Hello , If I could change things about swap bot? Well since I am a newbie I find that this is an enjoyable site to be on. I have read the messages, and seen how people rate. I haven't had the chance to fully understand how things work. As for myself I always try to do my best. And shouldn't be given a bad mark. Since its such a difficult time.

1OldfoolPlanner 06/ 1/2020 #

I think I would have to say the change I would like to see on Swap-Bot would be a more user friendly program running it. It can be quite daunting when you have to use the whole blah, blah, sentax! Lol. If you want to ad photos or gifs to a profile. And you are limited to a 200 x 200 pixel image.

CookieMomster78 06/ 2/2020 #

The ONE thing I would change about Swap-bot is the rating system by removing it ENTIRELY!

The algorithm used is flawed on multiple levels. If it were a simpler system like Postcrossing which merely allowed recipients to input their thanks/comment at the time of registration, then that is all one would need to know they got it!

I do understand that this method works for a flat postcard better than the bigger, time intensive crafting and Christmas gifting type swaps though...

I just think the ratings as they are now should NOT allow users to host all their own swaps with the maximum amount of partners each time and rack up e-swap fives up into the thousands, because then when/if they get threes and ones, it barely affects them and they continue practicing poor swap etiquette.

Please understand, this comes from only a year here, and I have only encountered these oddities a handful of times. On the other hand, I can VERY GRATEFULLY count the wonderful humans I have “met” and been truly blessed by connecting and swapping with...I have made some friends who’ve restored my hope for humanity again! That’s pretty good for a flawed app, eh!

FeltPrincess 06/ 2/2020 #

The rating system definitely needs an upgrade. A couple things that occurred to me: We could rate both ways on everyone (like Ebay--you can rate the people who bought from you.) The comments do give an opportunity to explain something, but they don't show anything in the statistics.

Another option would be to implement a jury / contesting allowance where you could make a case for why you don't deserve that 1 or 3. It would be best if it were a random 'jury of your peers,' and not SB admin.

And my final idea was just to have SB admin be a little more lenient/ give more opportunities for redemption. At least for those of us with 3's because of no fault of our own, mental health/physical health problems, etc. I know there is the toy drive each year, but I missed out on it the last year I was active before this one because I was so upset about my undeserved 3 that I didn't come back for a long time... Sigh.

FeltPrincess 06/ 2/2020 #

PS I guess I forgot to say why. I think it's obvious LOL The rating system is supposed to help good swappers and prevent bad swappers from continuing ... But it is easy to abuse, and many good swappers suffer as a result. After one 3, it can take as long as years to get your rating high enough again to continue with the swaps you want.

Mandaloolee 06/ 2/2020 #

If there is one thing that I would change about Swap-Bot it would be some type a mediation/jury process to change or remove undeserved low ratings!!! Hooooly craps. I have a 1 because one lady in Germany was angry that she was rated a 1 because she didn't send her swap. So she retaliated by giving me (her sending partner) a 1 and WILL NOT change it. So now I will never be able to participate in certain swaps because I don't have a perfect rating, have been kicked out of swaps because "I have a recent 1" and can't join others because my ratio is too low. It REALLY SUCKS. It makes me want to start from scratch, but my user name is my favorite, you know?! Okay, I will step off my soapbox, but it really bothers me that I have no recourse for someone else's vindictiveness. Boo! Other than that, I love Swap-Bot with a passion! Yay!

Dibrittain 06/ 2/2020 #

I would like to change the way profiles are filled in. Most like the books and movies. More like what people collect swap or other stuff. It gets hard to do some swaps when people have very little in the profile. I try to make all my swaps profile based to make sure my partner will like and use the items I send. I use to hate the rating but I have slowed down on swaps and become picky on what ones I do since I had to deal with some bad ratings which finally got changed or deleted years ago. I have been on here so long now I am lucky I haven't had many flakers in the past swaps I have done the last couple of years.

Alivia0asthetics 06/ 2/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

well, I would want what I think all of the good swappers here on swap-bot want. All people be great swappers who never swap and every swap you join was just filled with nice people who don't flake.

Burger1girl 06/ 2/2020 #

If I could change Swap Bot it would be to find fellow swappers easier. I dont understand why it goes to an outside source to seek. Unless Im doing something wrong under search. ALso, it would be nice if mail isnt received or to their liking to knidly/nicelt state and ask if a resend is possible, if they dont respond ask for an angel to help, but otherwise I am pretty much done with those swappers and mean/rude ones.

StargazerLil 06/ 2/2020 #

If i could change one thing about swapbot then i'd like for people to be more forgiving about 1s &3s, and maybe add a larger crafting/doll community :D

karli 06/ 3/2020 #

If I could change anything, it would be to add more Japanese-themed and Japan lover swaps.

lynnpinkdaisy 06/ 3/2020 #

If I could change one thing about Swap-bot I would change the way that we have to rate people. If someone happens to get 1s and 3s it can be hard to get that changed around and then they're blocked from participating in swaps because their rating went down and it may not have been all their fault. Or perhaps they weren't given an opportunity to resend and were rated prematurely. In any case I would come up with a new system that's more reflective and provides an easier way for swappers to increase their rating score if they do happen to get a 1 or a 3 especially if they're a good swapper to begin with. Life happens sometimes and things are out of our control especially now with the glitches happening in the postal system.

institches 06/ 3/2020 #

I would change the "late/postmark" rating requirement. Late by 1 day and you get a lower rating? I live in a rural area and my mail isn't even postmarked here. It is sent to 2 different sorting facilities around Detroit. That can take a day or more before the postmark is applied.

That said, I do try to have my swaps sent out early and if I think it's going to be an issue, I message my partner. I also have on my profile about my post office.

thebragal 06/ 3/2020 #

I wish PMs would show the message/thread you are replying to while you reply. I’d also like to be able to list a different address for some swaps. Be able to host a swap but not participate. In my groups people always wanted USA only swaps and I’m in Canada so I couldn’t host them! Email swaps shouldn’t require 2 weeks for rating a 1 or 3 and international swaps should require 3 weeks before rating a 1 or 3.

mandigutterrose 06/ 3/2020 #

If I could change one thing about swap bot, I'd let "3" ratings from inactive users drop off of users profiles after a year or two. I've had a lot of swap partners who have 3's from many years ago from partners who no longer are active on swap-bot and it doesn't really seem fair that it should inhibit their swapping abilities in some swaps hosted by users who are sticklers for 5s.

snailmailbella 06/ 3/2020 #

If I could change one thing about swapbot it would be to move the leave a comment box to the top of the comment section instead of leaving it at the bottom! It takes a long time to scroll sometimes haha! Thank you for hosting this giveaway by the way! I hope I can win some fabric or stationery supplies! :)

CherryBlossomLady 06/ 3/2020 #

Thanks for doing this! I hope you are well! I have a laundry list of things i would change in SB if I were queen admin for a day... but My #1 is probably the messaging. The whole thing is so elementary and low budget. It needs a complete rehab, and the coding is NOT HARD so I am not sure why they keep it so PAINFULLY basic. I wish it were more like regular email and the thread of the messages would be retained so you can see the history of the entire conversation. I also wish it was more searchable and display like normal email. It is the worst part of the site IMO. But a STRONG second would be the lack of admin support and response for members and hosts. It generally doesn't exist. I agree with so many on the rating issues. If you have resent and you still get a 3 even though the receiver says Thank you I love it this is awesome... ummm, that's really bad. Or if a user is no longer a member-- why not delete inactive acts after a year?? And all their bad ratings that they have received or given out disappear with them... just my 2 cents. I have never relied a 3 or a 1, but I would be super bummed if I did, and I would be devastated if there were no recourse to fix it.

MCGalaxy 06/ 3/2020 #

I wish there was some way to fight unfair 1's and 3's. I also wish there were more ways to categorize swaps. Suppose I was looking for Christmas swaps currently open. There's no way to search for that. If you search by the keyword then you get every swap that was ever done using that keyword. And I wish there was an under 18 version where our kids could join. And it would have to be a situation where you have to be an active swapper for the last 3-5 years or something in order to sponsor a child to participate. That should rule out any molesters

kristyrogers 06/ 4/2020 #

I would love to see admin more active.

divamagenta 06/ 4/2020 #

First of all...I LOVE SWAP-BOT!!! Thanks to everyone involved for all you do!

I've only had a couple of real disappointments - one 25 small gifts for Christmas that I never received or heard anything from (she had great ratings, so I fear something may have happened to her), and one negative comment from a used stamp swap recipient who apparently expected brand-new, pristine stamps despite the clear wording of the swap. They were a nice assortment of interesting stamps, with a few extras thrown in too, but she still wasn't happy even after I offered to send her some more stamps...

As for changes, I agree with the previous comment about making ratings a vital, expected part of the process, with perhaps a separate member rating category for number of non-rated swaps. Also, I'd love to see an automatic email notification to let you know that your swap partner who sends to you has marked the swap as "sent."

scrapkween 06/ 4/2020 #

If I could change one thing, I wish there were some way we could verify receiving/sending other than just a rating. Im thinking like Amazon, where they take photos of said item so you can see that it has arrived. I also wish there was a way to be able to block an unfair rating(as in item was sent, but was rated unfairly). Like, each member get a certain amount of blocks or something(a low amount).

draco 06/ 4/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

have the admin be around more often, or at least their weekends devoted to swap-bot.

amyrodriguez 06/ 4/2020 #

I just joined, so if there's one thing I could change about swap-bot is make it easier or have a how-to? Maybe there is but I don't know where to look so...

EverydayAngels 06/ 4/2020 #

First, THANK YOU and this is very generous of you.

If I could change one thing it would be for a “magical tracker” so that mail doesn’t get lost. I hate that people put a lot of effort and things get damaged or lost, but that is more of a USPS issue than Swap-Bot! I am pretty new to all this and I haven’t had any rating issues, so far everything has been great. But it does sound like that has been a problem that concerns many and should be looked into by the admin team.

Thank you again! Blessings

Autumn5 06/ 5/2020 #

Thanks for doing this - Great idea :)

If I could change something, I'd like for it to be easier to see what swaps you haven't received ratings for yet - it would be nice to be able to check in with people to make sure they got everything and all was well.

cloudjun 06/ 5/2020 #

I wish every swap partner left comments on what they think of your swap. Lot of people do, but there is always a few new people who don't leave any comments so you don't know if they liked the swap or not. I've also had instances where I send mail and it lines up with the partner's profile likes to the tee and I got no heart. And I get that's not something you can ask someone to give, but I feel like if you send them something that pertains exactly to their likes (example would a washi swap and they love holo washi so I sent them all holo washi samples) and yet they leave no comment and no heart. I guess my mail didn't feel like it was something special to them even though I feel like it was. shrugs shoulder

mylove4craft 06/ 5/2020 #

Thank you for this giveaway! Hm... only one thing?? How about the whole website needs an overhaul. The swaps are great, but the site could use some better functionality. Better way to see what swaps you're in and who's sent/received and rated. Also a better messaging system would be nice, too!

Jenny19 06/ 5/2020 #

If I could change something about swapbot, I would maybe fix the website because the glaring NOT SECURE on my browser is worrying :/ I would also make the swaps easier to filter out because I look for specific ones. Thanks for hosting!

riverwatcher 06/ 5/2020 #

Thanks for doing this. If I was going to change one thing it would be about non raters. If someone does not routinely rate their partners, they should not be able to join new swaps. Things happen; mail gets lost. But if a person does not rate partners multiple times, there is a problem.

brichandra 06/ 6/2020 #

Hello! I don't have any giant concerns because I'm pretty new to SB (I started around May 17th or 18th!) But there are some swaps that I would really really love to join that I don't meet the qualifications for (such as minimum number of completed swaps), but I totally understand that those requirements are there to ensure trustworthiness...I just get so excited over some swaps I find that I wish I could join. I guess I'll just have to keep working my way up to meet those requirements! :-) Oh also! I think since SB is mainly based in the U.S. it is not very often that I send or receive mail from friends overseas, which would be so cool!! So perhaps making SB an international website where overseas partners are more common (however I do understand that the postage would be more costly, so there are definitely pros and cons to that!) That is all! : )

MissNyx 06/ 7/2020 #

If I could change one thing about Swap-Bot it would be to create a way that promoted rating. There are a decent number of non-raters which can be frustrating when you have put effort into a swap. It also means that finished swaps can't be archived (due to the lack of rating and thus, not being "finished"). Swap-Bot is a wonderful site, and I enjoy it immensely. However, that is what I would change.

zibbity 06/ 7/2020 #

I've been around swap bot for many years but haven't been active the entire time. One thing I miss from the good ol days are: dotee doll swaps and swaps for kids. I know on order to see a change like that I need to create more but... I'm not in a position to host right now. Hoping to fix that one day! Congratulations on your destash! That takes so much effort and time!

emmajo 06/ 7/2020 #

If I could change one thing about swapbot it would be having more people around my age on it! (I love y'all, just sometimes it is easier to relate to 20ish year olds. Thanks for doing this!

arystotle 06/ 8/2020 #

I wished the gallery slideshow worked. I guess it did once upon a time but hasn't in awhile and I know that some of these swaps people create wonderful things and it would be nice to be able to load a picture of them in the swap for everyone to see.

Kirkdebb 06/ 8/2020 #

The posting of pictures on Swapbot needs to be changed. I was extremely confused when I first joined. I finally figured it out, but have had to walk people through the process many times. It seems extremely confusing and complicated. I wish you could just copy and paste the picture directly into a comment or on your profile.

I also wish there was a way to see when you are responded to whether it is a forum comment, rating comment, or swap comment. It is frustrating.

luv2kraft 06/ 9/2020 #

I would like to change the way pictures are posted on my profile because I find it difficult and confusing on how to do so. The one thing I have posted , a friend did for me.

anniechan91 06/ 9/2020 #

I would like to change the time to receive if the swap is international. Low ratings should not be allowed for at least a month.

gingerbee 06/ 9/2020 #

There are some really great suggestions and changes listed here!! I'm with most of them from the ratings being at the whim of the receiver, and pictures in profiles, to the multiple people per household, to cumbersome communication method, and need for tools to organize who you've sent to in the past, who you still haven't received from, and who responded to you in a review. But as a newcomer, I feel like the secret language of some of these swaps could be easy to fix with detailed explanations and pictures or links to examples. I dare not enter some of these because I have no idea if my thoughts of a sticker bag, ATC, friendship book, or handmade tag is what is customary (and the risk of having your rating tank because you are a newbie to that type of swap is too great).

That said, I still have great fun with the swapping! Take care everyone!

Pixiedustlady 06/ 9/2020 #

I would like to make sure that people always send packages that they would like to get. I always go overboard and include brand-new nice items and in return have been flaked on, sent total garbage ect. I wish people that scam/flake would be suspended or banned from the site. I do not always join a lot of the swaps because I do not know what some of them actually are like what is a tag swap. I love the site and hope it has many years to come!

pinklilly 06/ 9/2020 #

I totally agree with @Pixiedustlady about people sending things that you can't even use. It totally looks like trash and I know we're always warned, oh, well most of the time to send things we would like to receive. I take a lot of time to send nice things in my swaps, decorate the envelope and write a note, in return, sometimes I don't even receive any info of the the person sending me the swap. I don't even know where it's from, which group. I do a lot of swaps even beyond swapbot so it would be nice to know who sends you the swap. I haven't been really swapping too much lately because of this kind of things happening and then when I know I sent a really nice swap, I don't get a heart. when I check on the swap person's grading profile, she does not give anyone a heart. It doesn't make sense. Can't figure that one out. Let's be fair!! Then another thing is, if someone doesn't grade me for months, then one day she grades me, how can she remember what I sent her. I love everyone's comments!! Thank you for listening!! Have a good day everyone!!!

bostianh 06/ 9/2020 #

Not many suggestions left to be made, but I agree that it would be great to have an easier way to read a reply and the rating system, having a way to get false bad ratings cleaned up quick. It is heart breaking to see the number of people I have seen on here who never send anything and then post bad reviews on everyone who sent them anything, and how it can happen a lot before they are banned as a user. Not sure what system would be better, I am just swapping with fingers crossed that I won't be one of the people that receive a false bad rating and have to explain it every time I want to join a swap. Good luck everyone and cheers to happy and positive swapping!

QtPie 06/10/2020 #

I would definitely change the rating system so that after like a year or so your 1 and 3s can fall off if you have all 5s.

pbcquiltlover 06/11/2020 #

With over 1400 5s and three 3s that are from 2017 and 2018, I would love to see a way to get those three 3s knocked off! Even with my number of hearts and 5s, I have been knocked out of swaps because of those 3s...

DeAnnaVarela 06/12/2020 #

Please forgive me if this is repetitive. I would like to see Swapbot built on a better, more user-friendly platform. For example, features such as being able to have a consistent email thread instead of the back and forth of "sent" and "received". Also, being able to message several people at once and attach images [or docs] to said messages. Lastly, an instant message chat feature. The current Swapbot interface is outdated and not user-friendly.

MexiMidge 06/12/2020 #

If I could change one thing about swap-bot it would be making this platform more dynamic: from everything I’ve read and from what I see and what I’ve heard from others, this has basically stayed the same from the beginning. It would be nice to see the platform grow to incorporate people’s suggestions.

Gobarb 06/14/2020 #

Hi. I thought I had already joined and commented on this before but I went through everything and found out that I didn't sign up. It is hard to pin down 1 thing that I would change about Swapbot. The first thing I would like to see is more presence by the administrators. I have written to them for a friend about a person who kept telling my friend that she never received her swap, even though she had sent it 3 times! The person also kept changing her address. Never heard back from admin. and my friend left SB after many years! The next thing would be the rating system. I don't think hearts are necessary. Either you got it and it was nice or you didn't get it. I put a lot of work into my swaps and my partner would say "what an amazing job you did and I love it" then not give a heart. I think the heart option is unnecessary. The next thing is extras. I feel that I must include extras in order to get a heart, unless someone mentions not to send extras in their profile (which I always check!). Another thing is the site is antiquated and should be updated! I have never received a 1 or 3, I think it should be easier for people to get them dropped under, certain circumstances. I do love Swapbot and I appreciate the chance for this giveaway.

Tverne05 06/14/2020 #

Thanks for the giveaway! If I could change one thing about swap-bot I would create a way to search for a member. Maybe there’s a way and just haven’t found it. Sometimes I might receive something from someone like a homer from an on-going swap and then I have to search through archives to try and find the person’s profile to send them a thank you note. If I could just type their username into a member’s search section it would be whole lot easier.

macka 06/14/2020 #

I cannot seem to download picture. Search for a member. Wished the gallery slideshow worked so you could see the wonderful things members sent and made.

twileteyes 06/14/2020 #

I wish there was a way to share pictures on swaps to show off what you received

DragonflyDreamer 06/15/2020 #

I think any larger swaps should require a tracking number. It would prevent flaking hopefully and reduce the need to resend.

theoriginalbrooke 06/15/2020 #

I would like SB to be able to add tracking for the package swaps! And also for there to be more note card swaps ;)

cindynvb 06/15/2020 #

If I could change anything about swapbot it would be that people cannot rate poorly before contact is made with their partner. Tracing numbers for package swaps should be added

Tara 06/15/2020 #

I love Swapbot because there’s not much like it anywhere else on the internet. But, I wish it were “nicer.” I think there’s an attitude that it’s ok to bash people and rate poorly if they’re late. Things happen in people’s lives that they can’t control. Everyone experiences times like that and I think Swapbot lacks empathy for others. There’s so much emphasis on getting flaked on and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

LavenderSprinkles 06/15/2020 #

The only thing I would like to change is: I wish there was a way to instant message instead of using the inbox. I thought a long time ago there used to be a way to chatroom? I would love to have a way to chat with people on here that would be awesome.

Camiliann 06/15/2020 #

I’ve been a member for 10 yrs now and not much has changed. The one thing I would love to be able to do is attach pictures in the comment boxes!!! There are times I need to show ppl items etc. And posting gifs and pics on others page is so hard to do.

Ellevee 06/16/2020 #

I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but I would change the messaging system! It’s very cumbersome in my opinion and I hate using it lol. If you ever message me and I take a while to respond that’s why! I’d also like to see some reform to the ratings. I think within 24hours of rating it should be locked. Any low ratings should have more to it than a simple rating, I’ve seen some great suggestions on here! ❤️ Thank you so much for a lovely swap/giveaway!!!!!

Leekoba 06/16/2020 #

Everything has been said already! Probably the one I want the most is better tracking for my swaps, which ones I'm still waiting on for them to receive and whatnot!

PrairieKittin 06/16/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

I would love a member list or something similar, so we could look up a member. There have been times when I've wanted to send someone a message, but have been stymied because I can't find their profile. On the computer, it's easy... just go to my profile, then up to the address bar and insert their name instead of mine. BUT, it's impossible on the phone or my tablet because it doesn't have an address bar. Plus, if someone has a number in their name or an unusual spelling, it's impossible for me to remember. So, a member list we could search would be great!

sherig47 06/16/2020 #

Thank you for the Give away its a fun swap. If I could change one thing. I would like there to be a way to raise your rating without having to donate to their charity. I like to donate to local charities. A few yrs ago I got a 3 rating never got anything but a 5 before or after that and now I my rating is 4.98 and never changes.

Anactualleaf6 06/17/2020 #

If I could change anything it would be to have a certain rating in order to enter a swap. As a new user it was hard to find something to be able to start getting ratings.

Drea3nvy 06/17/2020 #

If I could change one thing about swapbot it would be for swapbot to have an app that way it would be more easy to maneuver the site from a cellphone

redeemed 06/17/2020 #

Thank you so much for such a wonderful give-away!

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why? I agree with the others, that Swap-Bot needs a reboot! As a host, I find that there are individuals commenting on the swap as opposed to pm the question to me: so i wish there was notification for that. Also, when hosting you can not select "as many as will join" for the number of swappers question. As a member the messaging is pretty laggy. So is the forums. You could be scrolling for days on some of them. We should have a "friends" list/area so that if we wanted to send surprise mail to someone, we could. As a group founder, it would be nice to have an area specifically dedicated to birthdays ,or a calendar even so we can see all events.

penpallingfool 06/18/2020 #

Well I love postcards and this is amazing I would be happy to get anything you wish to send me. One thing I would change about swap bot is to rid it of flakers faster. Thanks for this xx

mariewilliams810 06/18/2020 #

I agree with so many of these comments! In efforts to add something new, one thing I would change is the categories for the dashboard. I like the ones that are there, but I would add "not rated" as in I haven't gotten a rating for that swap left by your partner yet. I don't want my partners to not receive, but I also don't want to spend time chasing down non raters. That would make it easier. Or maybe add another feature so you could make your own categories if you need.

stormofangels 06/18/2020 #

Thank you so much for hosting this. I wish we could choose for it to notify us on birthdays. It would be great that we could click if we have swapped with someone and enjoyed the swap, and we could get notified on their birthday month and say Happy Birthday at least on their profile page. I am going to make a notebook with this information and going to have to back track with all the swappers I enjoyed swapping with in the past. :)

MCGalaxy 06/20/2020 #

Thank you for hosting this. If I could change one thing it would be to allow for a 3-5 day grace period on ratings for swaps. I've gotten too many negative ratings when the person didn't receive the swap instantly because of issues with the post office or with my computer. Or for swap-bot to have some type of appeal department where you can apppeal an unfair 1 rating.

myancey 06/20/2020 #

The admin would be more diligent in responding when we message her.

babyblues65 06/21/2020 #

I have multiple things I would like to "enhance" but since you asked for only one change, I wish when I sign up for something, it automatically downloads the deets of the swap into my calendar in Outlook (or whichever calendar program) so I can easily glance at what is due, when!!! I am ALWAYS logging into the Swap Bot because I have the memory of a snail. LOL! I love Swap Bot and I love swapping with others!!!

Kittybob83 06/22/2020 #

I love how giving a lot of people are here. Thank you bck. I would change messages. I hate that you can't see all the sent mail, or even the entire conversation. I hate the way you have to find them. I wish there were better systems in place to stop multi profilers. And I wish the newest forum post were 1st rather than last. Oh and better notification with replies on ratings. There should be an app it would solve all my gripes.

grammypammy 06/22/2020 #

Although I enjoy Swap-bot and have been a member for years, there are some things I think should be changed. The system needs to be updated, I think it's the same system since I joined years ago. I would like to be able to reply to a specific comment or like a comment in the forum. The one pet peeve I have as a group founder is you can't edit any posts or comments in the forum unless you do it within a certain time frame. Like, if you wait too long to edit, that feature disappears and then you have to remove the previous post and start all over. That gets to be frustrating. One more thing I think should be added/changed is the way to add profile images/pics. I wish we could upload our own or a saved image. It's hard to find 300x300 of certain images that I like. Thanks for hosting this and for your kindness!

Nevi2018 06/22/2020 #

Thank you for such a great giveaway. If I could change 1 thing about swapbots it would be the countless and ENDLESS emails!! HAHA!! I know I can edit this but then I might miss something IMPORTANT!! HAHA!!

Emilycatherine1989 06/22/2020 #

Thank you for such an awesome, thoughtful giveaway! If there was one thing I would change about swap-bot, it would be so if a comment is left on a swap your hosting, you get a notification. Often times, I get a question or something and I rarely see it. Someone may be interested, but needs more clarification, and because I didn't see it in time, they miss their chance. I feel bad when I feel like I'm not answering someones question simply because I didn't see it, as I don't check this site every day and usually forget all about the comments section!

Brokenwings87 06/22/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

Sometimes it is really hard to find swaps that interest me, I wish we could have a favorites and just click through them instead of having to go and hunt every week/day for something new that has been added.

hmm thinking on that it might even work to get a quick email on those favorite categories in a email of hey look these new things were added to your category.

jannieb 06/22/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

I would make it easier to post pictures instead of trying to remember the markdown syntax. A button that reads "add photo" would be great!

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Kiwijuro 06/22/2020 #

Hello, thanks for the giveaway!

I'm new to Swap Bot so I don't have any complains yet! Although it would be nice if SB had a better and friendly interface. Also the rating system seems outdated!

xanthishome 06/22/2020 #

I love this swap! Thank you! I'm still fairly new here so the only thing I can think of is wishing the swaps were categorized. Like a section for PC related. Section for email swaps and so on. There's certain I stick to and it would be nice if they were all in one place. ✌🙂

ghill 06/23/2020 #

If I could change anything about swap-bot it would be the patnering.. I want to send to the person sending to me .

ghill 06/23/2020 #

I change my mind, I want to add photos to my profile

heatherg2 06/23/2020 #

Thank you for the generous swap! The thing I would change about swap-bot (as a "newbie" even though I've been signed up since 2008 lol) is a minimum number of swaps required before joining some swaps. I understand why, since newer people are more likely to flake, but there isn't really anything else I can think of right now. There are still plenty of "newbie" swaps :D

Ampersand26 06/23/2020 #

Thanks for the generous swap! I'm newer to Swap-bot, and so far it's been a good experience, except that a lot of the swaps I'd love to participate in I am excluded from due to not having enough of the right kind of swaps or the right amount of swaps in general. I think that's kind of a catch 22, that I can't participate unless I have a certain amount of a certain kind of swap - but yet I can't participate in that swap until I get more of those swaps. Oy! I would definitely change that! :)

aero 06/23/2020 #

Thank you for your generous offer 👧I would change the rating system so that if you are unfairly rates you could to administration and they could change it and not have to wait such a very long time till you complete so many swap just to get it up one digit. And finally get the low rating that keeps you from joining other swaps finally erased 🙆

DowneastArtisan 06/24/2020 #

I think that having multiple people per household to do swaps would be nice. I realize its to discourage abuse but I have a daughter who would love to join and is limited because of this.

Heylittlesongbird 06/24/2020 #

Thanks for a great swap idea! I'd change how hard it is for newbies to join swaps. Even simple exchanges like postcard swaps require 20+ type 2 swaps sometimes. It's super hard because I'd love to participate in more, but finding any that allow new people is so hard. I understand its difficult to allow nonrated people, especially with flakers. Hopefully I can find some fun ones that allow newbies and will build up my 5 ratings ! Looking forward to more swaps! Thanks,all!hope you're having a good week!

Poohtat 06/25/2020 #

Thank you for such a wonderful swap. If I could change I would want to be notified whenever someone makes a comment that I am mentioned in. Sometimes a thank you is missed or maybe I won a RAK and don’t know where it is from because I did not see the comment.

bexthelibrarian 06/25/2020 #

This is my very first swap on swap-bot. I love the idea of swaps, but I'm not currently familiar enough with swap-bot. There are tons of swaps I would love to participate in, but since I'm new, I can't. I'm hoping I'll be able to join more swaps and eventually host some of my own swaps! I suppose the thing I'd change for now is an easier way to find swaps for people who are new.

stephanieshaw 06/25/2020 #

bck, thank you for hosting such a generous and interesting swap! I love the surprise of mystery boxes, so I would like to see more random/destash swaps (like this swap...LOL).

thebragal 06/25/2020 #

PS: I have a USA address you can send to if I’m one of the lucky ‘winners’!

stkirsch 06/26/2020 #

You're so kind to host this swap. Hmmm, what would a change? I really wish the system kept track of how many swaps hadn't been received/rated on a leaderboard. I have to scroll through multiple swaps in my dash if there are items outstanding. Especially if a person is in multiple swaps with multiple partners it is easier to lose track of one has been missed.

CrankDatDesigns 06/26/2020 #

OMG I loved just scanning and reading all these comment!!!!

I think this is a great way to get rid of Craft supplies I have that I would like to pass on!!!

Something I would change.... 3's I hate 3's based on the algorithem. I was late sending a package once... I made sure it was extra nice and well put together and because it was late someone thought it was only fair to give me a 3. I take pride in every swap I send and it did take me longer cause I didn't just want to throw a bunch of stuff in a envie and be done.

Its taking me forever to get my rating back up to a 4.98 which a lot of swaps require. Which really doesn't make sense. I think we need a list on how the algorithm works so we can rate properly or more so create swaps with the rating requirement that makes sense.

Other then that I'm thankful for Swap Bot and know it takes time and money to make these platforms, so I'm just happy that someone has taken the time to do so!

Rosa1 06/27/2020 #

I enjoy swapbot and if I could change any one thing, it would be the amount of time to repair a rating. I realize that some low rating set a pattern, but there is also a life moment where a low rating is just a glitch. It's difficult that one low rating takes a player out of the running for many swaps for quite a long time...

cmmaldonado 06/28/2020 #

Definitely, without a doubt, I wish there was a Swap-bot app for easier mobile use and to set up notifications.

Jessinpa 06/28/2020 #

Thank you for this generous.swap! I am new to this but I am loving it. But the website isn't the easiest thing to navigate around an app.be awesome

bluecrayons 06/28/2020 #

@bck congrats on being the #1 swap.

Gold 06/28/2020 #

There can be a page to view other peoples friends list.

Gold 06/28/2020 #

I love swap bot and if I could change something, I think that the users should be able to see other users on the site like on the friends list( so other people can see how many friends they have) and users should be able to search up other users on the site.

megan1230 06/29/2020 #

I wish swap bot kept a list of the swaps you haven't been rated for. It would be much easier to follow up on them.

Ace330660 06/29/2020 #

The one thing I would change about swapbot is the rating system. It takes so long to repair a rating. 3 years is way too long !

Sunshine1969 06/29/2020 #

If there was something I could change it would be the rating system.... I have a 1 from a person that I have sent and resend 3 times ... so the 1 has me unable to participate in many of the swaps and it takes so long to get it back up .....

taledo 06/29/2020 #

If you could change one thing about Swap-bot, what would it be.... and why?

I would like the rating system to be changed. There have been times when a swap partner has gone above and beyond and I would like to be able to give something more than a heart. Is there a way to track the # of hearts a person gets to have a Swap-Bot swapper of the month? Usually I send an envelope of Happy Mail to the partner with a thank you but I would like the people who pour their hearts into a swap on a regular basis to be recognized by the swap-bot community.

JuneRosebud 06/30/2020 #

Wow, bck, you are one generous person; thank you for such a nice offering. I'd like to see an unbiased jury of peers that could help administration with not only some of the duties but to kind of be mediators in helping with issues between swappers=) That would be awesome!!

beachchicken 06/30/2020 #

What I would change about swap-bot would be to see that you have been rated by a swap easier than having to go through you profile and matching them up to the swaps you have sent.

SarahStinson 06/30/2020 #

If I could change anything about Swap-bot it would be...a better way to manage and navigate groups. It's so hard to find new and active groups and the organization often makes so sense.

atomita2 07/ 1/2020 #

Something I would change about swap bot is the rating system. I think the whole 1, 3, and 5 is good, but some people may rate a bit too hastily when the 2 week period is over because they did not receive anything, especially with the pandemic causing some delays. I also think that being rated a 1 because your package was not received and then a 3 because they did get it, but didn't like to wait would be harsh because I've seen some well established swappers with many, many five's and heart's have a three because their package went missing, and the swapper had to resend. And, 3's and 1's should be removed, or invalid, after so many years because some swap hosts do not look at the day of the 1's and 3's, banning swappers from swaps.

valentina22 07/ 1/2020 #

The one thing I would change is to not allow a rating below 5 with sending the person a message and waiting 4 days for a response. One dismayed/angry person can blow your rating and you cannot join most swaps. This has happened to me.

vitiator 07/ 1/2020 #

thanks for hosting a giveaway!!

if I could change one thing about swap-bot I would like to see a ‘like me option for rating as well as a heart option. then I could more accurately show which swaps really blew me away, which were nice, and which simply followed the swap rules.

of course a more up to date website (messages could be a lot smoother in particular) and maybe even an app would be lovely, but I’m appreciative to have the current website!

Whovian487 07/ 1/2020 #

Thanks for being so generous! There are many great points on here. 😀 I’d change it so once yoU deleted messages, they’re deleted. The ones you sent and others have sent you.

zurdoswifey 07/ 1/2020 #

Thanks for the generosity...and congrats to whoever is receiving 💜

If I were to have one thing change about swap-bot it would have to be and updated format so it’s more user friendly...forum notifications, notifications when you receive a friend request...finding missing ratings quicker, etc ...just over all more options for users to have a smooth experience ...and to have admin a little more present or

knittyl 07/ 3/2020 #

I am a relatively new swapper. It seems like the ratings system is very skewed towards a couple of bad swaps messing up a good rating. I have been noticing that as I join new swaps and the very high ratings they all require. So as many others have suggested, an overhaul or at least a patch to the ratings system seems like a good idea! Thank you very much for the giveaway and congrats to the lucky winner whoever it may be. Everyone, stay healthy and well and have a super weekend.

SunflowerRose 07/ 3/2020 #

Is this swap still happening??? Today is the send dead line listed

heatherg2 07/ 3/2020 #

It looks like the last time the host was online was June 23 - hope everything is ok!

MCGalaxy 07/ 4/2020 #

The swap was supposed to be sent yesterday and partners haven't even been assigned yet

Pixiedustlady 07/ 4/2020 #

I just got a late notice from swap bot and they will continue to send them until the host marks it sent. What happens now?

AZmom875 07/ 4/2020 #

7 days after the deadline the swap will be removed. I think the computer does it. Not a live person.

MailFromGeorgia 07/ 5/2020 #

I would change the rating system to make it more friendly for everyone

CrystalZ 07/ 5/2020 #

If anyone wants to stop the notifications (and presumably doesn't want to block notifications as a whole) they can just drop from the swap. Because partners haven't been assigned yet anyone can still drop it if they want.

cindynvb 07/ 5/2020 #

I hope she's ok

AZmom875 07/ 5/2020 #

I never knew Swapbot sent emails when you have not marked a swap as sent by the deadline. Interesting.

The host/coordinate is a long time swapper, so it makes me wonder if she is ok.

Jessinpa 07/ 6/2020 #

From what I'm understanding she's just sending us all something we don't get partners... Maybe if click sent? It will stop the emails until she is getting all these together.

Jessinpa 07/ 6/2020 #

Nevermind no sent lol button sorry I'm new and learning

heatherg2 07/ 6/2020 #

That's what I'm wondering AZmom875 - is anyone able to contact her outside of swap-bot to check on her? Hopefully she's ok!

AZmom875 07/ 7/2020 #

Unless you have her email because you were her sender in a past swap, there isn't a way to contact her. I am going to stick around for the 7 days and see what happens. I think the swap gets closed by the robot here.

Mstephens 07/ 7/2020 #

Anyone still getting emails from this swap?

xanthishome 07/ 8/2020 #

I got one yesterday. I don't know whether to drop or click sent. Still fairly new and don't want my number to go down

AZmom875 07/ 8/2020 #

You can NOT CLICK SENT, Partners were never assigned by the coordinator. You can only drop. Swapbot's program will drop the entire swap on the 10th.

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