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Playing Card Swap- Series2: FOURS

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Playing Card Swap- Series2: FOURS
Swap Coordinator:MissRich (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:13
Location:Regional - US Only
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:January 17, 2021
Date items must be sent by:January 24, 2021
Number of swap partners:1

š”¹š”øā„‚š•‚ š”¹š• ā„™š•†ā„™š•Œš•ƒš”øā„ š”»š”¼š•„š”øā„•š”»!

-Do you like building FRANKEN DECKS?! Me too! - This 2nd series will be US based only. -With the blessings of Tami (Hyushi)- Iā€™ve decided to host a series of Playing Card Swaps! These swaps will be slightly different & will have a quicker turn over (meaning more cards sooner! YAY) At the end of this series you will have a deck of cards w/ different designs from all over! -I will be checking all profiles; No recent 1's or 3's.

šŸ‘ā€šŸ—Ø š˜ š˜°š˜¶ š˜øš˜Ŗš˜­š˜­ š˜Æš˜¦š˜¦š˜„ š—™š—¢š—Øš—„ š—¢š—„ š— š—¢š—„š—˜ š˜„š˜¦š˜¤š˜¬š˜“ š˜°š˜§ š˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜„š˜“ š˜øš˜Ŗš˜µš˜© š˜„š˜¦š˜“š˜Ŗš˜Øš˜Æš˜“ š˜°š˜Æ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜°š˜µš˜©š˜¦š˜³ š˜“š˜Ŗš˜„š˜¦ š˜µš˜©š˜¢š˜µ š˜¢š˜³š˜¦ š—”š—¢š—§ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜µš˜ŗš˜±š˜Ŗš˜¤š˜¢š˜­ š˜³š˜¦š˜„ š˜°š˜³ š˜£š˜­š˜¶š˜¦ š˜±š˜­š˜¢š˜Ŗš˜Æ/š˜‰š˜Ŗš˜¤š˜ŗš˜¤š˜­š˜¦ š˜®š˜°š˜µš˜Ŗš˜§. š˜šš˜¦š˜·š˜¦š˜³š˜¢š˜­ š˜„š˜¦š˜¤š˜¬š˜“ š˜øš˜°š˜¶š˜­š˜„ š˜£š˜¦ š˜Ŗš˜„š˜¦š˜¢š˜­- š˜µš˜©š˜Ŗš˜“ š˜øš˜Ŗš˜­š˜­ š˜¢š˜­š˜“š˜° š˜£š˜¦ š˜¢ š˜Øš˜³š˜¦š˜¢š˜µ š˜øš˜¢š˜ŗ š˜µš˜° š˜“š˜øš˜¢š˜± š˜¢š˜Æš˜ŗ š˜³š˜¦š˜±š˜¦š˜¢š˜µš˜“!

šŸ‘ā€šŸ—Ø š˜š˜Æ š˜¦š˜¢š˜¤š˜© š˜“š˜øš˜¢š˜± š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶ š˜øš˜Ŗš˜­š˜­ š˜£š˜¦ š˜“š˜¦š˜Æš˜„š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š—™š—¢š—Øš—„ š˜±š˜­š˜¢š˜ŗš˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜„š˜“, š˜µš˜° š™Šš™‰š™€ š˜±š˜¢š˜³š˜µš˜Æš˜¦š˜³. š˜Œš˜¢š˜¤š˜© š˜“š˜¶š˜Ŗš˜µ; š˜Šš˜­š˜¶š˜£š˜“, š˜šš˜±š˜¢š˜„š˜¦, š˜š˜¦š˜¢š˜³š˜µš˜“, š˜‹š˜Ŗš˜¢š˜®š˜°š˜Æš˜„š˜“ š˜§š˜°š˜³ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜„ š˜­š˜Ŗš˜“š˜µš˜¦š˜„ š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜“š˜øš˜¢š˜± š˜µš˜Ŗš˜µš˜­š˜¦. š—˜š—”š—–š—› š—–š—”š—„š—— š—¦š—›š—¢š—Øš—Ÿš—— š—›š—”š—©š—˜ š—” š——š—œš—™š—™š—˜š—„š—˜š—”š—§ š——š—˜š—¦š—œš—šš—” š—¢š—” š—§š—›š—˜ š—•š—”š—–š—ž.

šŸ‘ā€šŸ—Ø š˜žš˜¦ š˜øš˜Ŗš˜­š˜­ š˜Øš˜° š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜°š˜³š˜„š˜¦š˜³ š˜¶š˜Æš˜µš˜Ŗš˜­ š˜øš˜¦ š˜©š˜¢š˜·š˜¦ 52 š˜æš™„š™š™š™€š™š™€š™‰š™ š˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜„š˜“ [ š™„ š™¬š™žš™”š™” š™—š™š š™™š™¤š™žš™£š™œ š™– š™Øš™¬š™–š™„ š™›š™¤š™§ š™š™’š™Š š™…š™Šš™†š™€š™š™Ž š™–š™© š™©š™š™š š™˜š™¤š™¢š™„š™”š™šš™©š™žš™¤š™£ š™¤š™› š™©š™š™š š™Øš™šš™§š™žš™šš™Ø ]

šŸ‘ā€šŸ—Ø š˜›š˜©š˜Ŗš˜“ š˜“š˜øš˜¢š˜± š˜Ŗš˜“ š˜§š˜°š˜³ š˜šš˜µš˜¢š˜Æš˜„š˜¢š˜³š˜„ š˜“š˜Ŗš˜»š˜¦-š˜—š˜°š˜¬š˜¦š˜³ š˜“š˜Ŗš˜»š˜¦ & -š˜‰š˜³š˜Ŗš˜„š˜Øš˜¦ š˜šš˜Ŗš˜»š˜¦ š˜±š˜­š˜¢š˜ŗš˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜„š˜“. š˜›š˜©š˜¦š˜“š˜¦ š˜¢š˜³š˜¦ š˜“š˜­š˜Ŗš˜Øš˜©š˜µš˜­š˜ŗ š˜„š˜Ŗš˜§š˜§š˜¦š˜³š˜¦š˜Æš˜µ š˜“š˜Ŗš˜»š˜¦š˜“ š˜“š˜° š˜£š˜¦ š˜§š˜°š˜³š˜¦š˜øš˜¢š˜³š˜Æš˜¦š˜„ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶ š˜®š˜Ŗš˜Øš˜©š˜µ š˜Øš˜¦š˜µ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜“š˜®š˜¢š˜­š˜­š˜¦š˜³ š˜°š˜³ š˜­š˜¢š˜³š˜Øš˜¦š˜³ š˜“š˜Ŗš˜»š˜¦. š˜—š˜­š˜¦š˜¢š˜“š˜¦ š˜µš˜³š˜ŗ š˜Æš˜°š˜µ š˜µš˜° š˜“š˜¦š˜Æš˜„ š˜³š˜¦š˜±š˜¦š˜¢š˜µ š˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜„š˜“ š˜µš˜° š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜“š˜¢š˜®š˜¦ š˜±š˜¢š˜³š˜µš˜Æš˜¦š˜³

šŸ‘‰šŸ¼ For this swap send FOUR playing cards, each with a different design on back: FOUR š™¤š™› š™Žš™‹š˜¼š˜æš™€š™Ž - FOUR š™¤š™› š˜¾š™‡š™š˜½š™Ž - FOUR š™¤š™› š™ƒš™€š˜¼š™š™š™Ž - FOUR š™¤š™› š˜æš™„š˜¼š™ˆš™Šš™‰š˜æš™Ž



CraftyTara 01/18/2021 #

I missed 2 and just realized 4 was already finished too! If anyone else is in the same boat and wants to do a private swap for 2s or 4s, let me know!!

tam2016 01/18/2021 #

@crafty tara I will message you.

Sparkleandshine 01/22/2021 #

I missed 2ā€™s as well. Let me know about how to get those, and did I miss ace as 1 or is ace after king?

Sparkleandshine 01/22/2021 #

I missed 2ā€™s as well. Let me know about how to get those, and did I miss ace as 1 or is ace after king? Is there an easy way to find the next ones out seems like there are 3 or 4 playing card swaps and I want to make sure I get the right ones. Thank you.

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