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International Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #5

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Swap Coordinator:wolfeagle (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Newbie  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:157
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:August 21, 2010
Date items must be sent by:September 4, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Easy swap. Newbies with well filled out Profiles encouraged. I understand we all have to start somewhere and this is a great swap to do that. Send a stuffed envelope filled with goodies to one partner. At least a long business size envelope that measures approximately 4 x 9 inches, however you can certainly choose to go bigger. The items you send are senders choice, however it is always nice to look at your partners profile and try to send items they can use. This is not a Profile swap, so please do not spend a lot of money shopping for profile surprises. This is more for you to send items that you have on hand, that are in good usable condition. Please do not send your trash, like your used candy wrappers, or written on apt. card, etc. Do send items from the list below. If you are unsure of items, you can ask me. Examples Include (but are not limited to )
Post cards
Greeting Cards/Note Cards
Scrapbook papers, chipboard, etc ephemera
recipe/recipe cards
old photographs
small books
handmade items
craft supplies
teas/coffee/drink mixes
fabric pieces
sewing items
rubber stamps
Or anything else you want to share that is in good usable condition

PLEASE REINFORCE your envelope with tape at the seams or use a larger envelope, if you think there is a chance it will explode. You may also choose to put stuff in a baggie in case the envelope tears in transit. This is the International version. Have fun. No recent no sends allowed. Please rate your partner. No FLAKERS ALLOWED. Do Not Flake. I will list all flakers. I reserve the right to ban individuals.

Postage may be high to ship to other countries so DO NOT SIGN UP for this swap if you can not afford to send your envelope to your partner.

Please do not send scraps of memo paper/notebook/post-it type paper, etc. You may send the whole memo pad or notebook but scraps of note paper does not equal scrapbook papers.


inkheart 08/ 2/2010 #

what are the minimum amount of items to send?

wolfeagle 08/ 3/2010 #

@inkheart There is no minimum amount of items. If your partner reads your profile and has two movies that they think you would enjoy , then that is okay. If they choose to send you 20 smaller or flatter items, that is okay also. If you like fabric and your partner notices that they can opt to send you one piece of fabric that stuffs the envelope....the key is to send good usable items, not crap. Quality over quantity is always my motto.

wolfeagle 08/ 3/2010 #

So to be clear, your 4 x 9 business sized envelope needs be stuffed full. You can do that with 1 item, or 50, just make sure the envelope is full with good usuable items in good condition.

kataish 08/ 3/2010 #

I loved participating in #4, but I don't think I should sign up for #5, since I haven't got my last one yet :(

Nexusg1rl 08/ 4/2010 #

Im newbie so tell me if I do something wrong. I like to join this swapping! So Im a number one?? I just want to tell that I like; buttons / beads. And I don't need tea :) So anything but tea! thanks!

kataish 08/ 4/2010 #

I knew as soon as I posted I hadn't received my last one, I would get it the very next day. Whee. Time to sign up ;)

acescorcio 08/ 4/2010 #

Hi, here in Brazil the Post Office do not allowed us to put other itens besides paper inside envelopes, other kind of stuff must to post in a box and to receive it is more secure to post as registred mail because may get lost. I think you will consider if it could be international some countries maybe do not alloed post other itens inside envelopes as in Brazil do. Thank you!

wolfeagle 08/ 4/2010 #

@kataish I'm so glad you received your envelope. Mailing times can differ for the International swap, usually from 4-6 weeks.
@acescorcio It is the minimum requirement that you send a 4 x 9 envelope, if you want to send a larger envelope or even a box then you certainly can, but please keep in mind that all that is required is the 4 x 9 envelope. Thanks.

jitterbug23 08/ 5/2010 #

Hello! I am new to swapping but I would really love to join this wonderful swap! What exactly do I have to do first?

wolfeagle 08/ 6/2010 #

Welcome jitterbug23 and all other newbies to swap-bot. There are so many great people here, and fun swaps also. The first thing you should do, is please make sure your profile is filled out completely. You can go to Profile, then Edit Profile, then select Personal, which will bring up a screen where you can fill in the blanks and create your own sections. Next, find swaps that you are interested in by searching under Find Swaps. You can even select newbie friendly swaps to see those. Look at the dates on the swaps. Usually within a few days after the last day to signup, a host will assign partners. You will get an email letting you know partners have been assigned and you can come back to see who your partner is. If you need any other help or have questions about the site, please send me a message. Have fun.

wolfeagle 08/ 6/2010 #

The help section and faq's are also great for all newbies to read. Happy swapping.

behindblueeyes001 08/ 6/2010 #

I am very interested in joining this swap, how ever.. I am a newbie! I joined today but have been browsing the site for quite sometime and understand it very well! My profile is filled out, (I will gladly add more if required!) Am I okay to join?


sweetdee83 08/ 6/2010 #

I am excited about this swap I love putting surprises together and getting surprises so this should be fun!!

wolfeagle 08/ 6/2010 #

@behindblueeyes001 yep, your profile looks good. Please make sure to log back in within a few days of the swap, so I know you are still interested.

behindblueeyes001 08/ 7/2010 #

Okay will do!:)

DianaCowgirl 08/ 9/2010 #

would love to do this one,thank you.

CherrieKathy 08/13/2010 #

:D I hope whoever i'm assigned to doesn't mind getting cute strawberry jewelry and bunny clips . NEW here ! but love to swap :D

VioletRose 08/16/2010 #

so exited for this! quick question: is 4x9 inches something like the european A-4 size? Can't seem to find the answer on the net :)

wolfeagle 08/16/2010 #

@VioletRose I think the A4 size is bigger. In the US, it is the #10 business size envelope, though many people choose to use the 5 x 7 or 6 x 9 envelope, the only size required is the standard business letter envelope. Here is some information of envelope sizing Click Here

TrinitySF 08/16/2010 #

Hey, I think an 4x9 inch envelope (10x22cm) can be compared to our european A5-envelope.

leo67 08/16/2010 #

I am a newbie and would love to join this one!!

Letje 08/17/2010 #

This is a wonderful swap but the first one I joined my swap never arrived well I never heard anything of the person I had to sent to. And the envelope I had to get never arrived here. I had contact with my swap partner but after one message she never contacted me again. So I guess I have been flaked.

Letje 08/17/2010 #

I just found out that both partners have been deleted, so both ways is not a very nice ending for me unfortunately

wolfeagle 08/17/2010 #

@Letje Wow. You're right, that;s not a nice ending for you. What swap is it that you are referring to? Have you tried to contact the host of the swap? The host may be able to help you out and I'm sure the host would want to know if that happened in their swap. I know I would.

TreuesLiebesHerz 08/17/2010 #

Hello again :) Thanks all so much for your help, but I still don't know about how one gets a partner...help? thanks much! xx

Letje 08/18/2010 #

@wolfeagle I have sent you a message, it was a former swap you hosted ( I just saw that :) ) Anyway, a message is coming your way with an explanation of it all. Thanks :)


wolfeagle 08/18/2010 #

@TruesLiebesHerz You will receive an automated email from swap-bot, when partners have been assigned. Partners are typically assigned 1-2 days after the last day to sign up for the swap, though a swap host does get 7 days to review profiles and ban people. In this case, the last day to signup is August 21, and you can find the last day to signup in the swap description of a swap. Welcome to swap-bot.

NikonGoddess 08/20/2010 #

Hi, I'm doing this one too. I LOVED the USA only one! Since I'm stationed in Germany I get the best of both worlds. Okay, eveything but the customs declarations...hahaha! But, I have to fill those out for USA and International. So, why not have some fun!!!

@ acescorcio I filled an 11x16 padded envelope for my USA one, maybe something like that or even a 6x9 padded envelope? That way it's not so big?

This will be a blast. I'm picking stuff for my partner today. I'm headed to France, and I'll get some German stuff too. WOOT!!!!

Nikoakd 08/21/2010 #

Ooo, I want to be NikonGoddess' partner, I lived in Germany for a year and there are so many things I love from there!! :)

inthewild 08/21/2010 #

A first for me for this type of swap and I would love to receive a couple of items that we do not get here; a few cellophane sleeves that fit ATC's perfectly and ( I read in some other swap) about sticker tape similar to sellotape on a roll - would be very much appreciated. I have loads of beads, buttons, and scrapbook stuff, and don't need coffee/tea/drinks. If anyone wants specific goodies from South Africa as my partner, let me know and I'll include.

wolfeagle 08/22/2010 #

Partners have now been assigned. Have fun!

Seheiah 08/30/2010 #

Oh no! I lost it =(

morwesong 09/10/2010 #

This is the third International Big Fat Stuffed Envelope swap I've joined, and it looks like the second that I will be flaked on :-( I seem to have the worst luck with these swaps!

wolfeagle 09/13/2010 #

@morwesong That is bad luck. But really, it is too soon to know if you have been flaked on yet as the send date for this one was only a week ago. Give it a few more weeks and if you still have not received anything, please let me know. I hope it shows up soon.

wolfeagle 09/24/2010 #

We have had 4 flakes this round. So annoying.
Thank you to everyone who has mailed their envelope and mailed it on time.

pitluv4 09/28/2010 #

I never got anything! She claims to have sent a 2nd envlope but as of Today--NOTHING

kim6erly 09/30/2010 #

I so feel for you pitluv - I was flaked last go around. This is one swap where you can really get burned - and consequently bummed out.

miccachan 09/30/2010 #

unfortunately I haven't received anything from my partner. And she never replied.

Aesa 10/ 1/2010 #

I still received nothing !!!

inthewild 11/ 6/2010 #

I have also not received from my partner. I made contact Oct 8th when she promised to send another. Unfortunately it seems I've also been flaked on. This was the first time I've signed up for a big envelope and it's just so disappointing that I was flaked on.

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