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Questions Only Journal

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Questions Only Journal
Swap Coordinator:Jesshens1125 (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Letters & Writing  Journals 
Number of people in swap:13
Location:Regional - US ONLY
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:January 10, 2011
Date items must be sent by:March 11, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

I was part of a swap similar to this a few years back and LOVED the concept, but that swap kind of fell apart. Lets see if we can get better results this time!

Are you the kind of person who is always filling out those survey's on myspace and facebook? Do you love asking and answering random questions about your life? Well then this swap might be for you. I am addicted to those mindless survey's and I thought we could bring that to a grander scale.

For this swap you will get a notebook, Comp book, journal whatever you want that is at least 100 pages. You will fill all of the pages with questions. The type of questions is completely up to you, anything is welcome. If there is something you might not want to be asked about then please post that in the comment section so your partner will know not to ask those kinds of questions, but aside from that anything and everything goes. Just fill each page FRONT and BACK with questions. No less than 3 per page unless they require a long answer. Have fun with it! you can find questions by googleing myspace survives if you get stuck.

Now for the tricky part, rating gets a little tricky with this swap because there are technically two parts to it. I thought of making two separate swaps, one to make the journal full of questions and send it to your partner, another for one you receive a journal filled with answered questions, but you want to get your own journal of questions back so that wouldn't work. Basically here is how it will go, You will send your journal full of questions to your partner, they will rate you for sending the journal that meets requirements. Once you receive a journal you will post a comment here in the swap that you got a journal, then you will get to answering your questions, once you have them answered (I will give a month to answer them in) you will send it back to where it came from, when that person receives it she/he will send me a PM and let me know, and I will then send you a profile surprise for following through. I hope that isn't too complicated. I tried to make it as simple as possible, but the second half of the swap will be done on good faith alone which might seem a little scary, with that being said I am only going to allow no more than 10 people to join so I can keep close tabs on everyone. Please remember to post here and communicate as much as possible so I know everyone is still in this.

The fine print: I'm not going to base who I allow in the swap on ratings alone, I know stuff happens. Just no ones recently please, and if your rating is under 4.8 please PM me with an explanation. this swap is going to take dedicated people, so please think it through and be a dedicated person before joining. Newbies with a well filled out profile that are interested please PM me before joining. I will give a week or so to sign up, or whenever I reach 10 swappers I will close. You will have from the moment you sign up until February 11th to send out your questions. Please leave a comment here when you send them out and mark your swap as sent. You will have from February 11th to march 11th to answer the questions and send them back. I will make the closing date of this swap March 11th. Please comment here, and I will be communicating with all of you through out via PM.

If you have any questions, or suggestions please let me know. I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out how to make this a good public swap, so I hope I did ok with the guidelines. But suggestions are always welcome.! :) Thanks!


kgeslab 01/10/2011 #

This sounds great! Count me in. No question is off limits to me.

badandknowsit2 01/10/2011 #

Sounds fun but my question is how many questions do we put in the journal of questions is there a certain amount and do we answer all the questions we receive.

lettergirl 01/10/2011 #

Yeah, is this 100 pages, which would be 200 sides? How many questions do you think a typical journal would have then?

Jesshens1125 01/10/2011 #

You fill each other the 100 pages with questions front and back so thats 200 pages of questions, say you put an average of 4 questions on each page, thats 800 questions roughly. Give or take, some pages may have more or less. And yes you would answer EVERY questions in the journal you receive unless of course it doesnt apply to you. There is no exact amount of questions, just fill the journal with questions and give your partner room to answer them...

damilola 01/10/2011 #

Too bad it is USA only.... I have to move ;-)

draco 01/10/2011 #

not picky on the questions

Jesshens1125 01/10/2011 #

I am SO excited that this is going over so well!! :) yay!

jayeme 01/10/2011 #

I joined but then re-thought and I don't have time for this swap right now, so I dropped out, but it's a great idea and I hope you'll host it again in the future!

tamtamlee 01/10/2011 #

This sounds great! I joined:} Please feel free to ask me anything !

badandknowsit2 01/10/2011 #

i worked all afternoon and only came up with 63 questions i guess i better withdraw

Jesshens1125 01/10/2011 #

@badabdknowsit2 have you tried googling myspace survies? that normally returns hundreds and hundreds of different survies with different questions that you can use. There is only one spot left for this swap, so if you are going to drop i suggest doing it before I get that last person and close the swap. :) But i hope that you stay!

Jesshens1125 01/10/2011 #

Looks like we got our 10 people! I am going to close the sign ups now! :) I am excited girls! this should be alot of fun! Remember you can get to work on your journals right away! Any questions, just ask!

Jesshens1125 01/10/2011 #

Girls: I did change the dates for the swap as I am closing it today, rather than next week! you still should have plenty of time. You still have 2 months!

pinkqueen 01/10/2011 #

I just signed up and it allowed me it- it said 9 when I was first reading it- someone may have signed up before I refreshed but looks like I was included- hopefully I can be in- if not I understand. I am up for any questions. Thanks.

Pancakes 01/10/2011 #

Any questions are fine by me! Wow Idk if I can think up 800 though lol..there'll be lots of random ones in mine =p

UnfoundedHope 01/10/2011 #

It said it already had eleven, but it did let me join. If you need to kick someone off then just count me in for round two!

UnfoundedHope 01/10/2011 #

Oh and I will answer anything you ask

kymm9901 01/10/2011 #

Would love to do this swap if you host it again.

daffyd1963 01/10/2011 #

can we use a handmade journal as long as it has 100 pages in it i plan to use full sheets of paper but there won't be plane white but light enough to write on.

Jesshens1125 01/11/2011 #

@daffyd1963 you can make your journal as long as it is 100 pages no smaller than comp book size and there are questions front and back. :)

Jesshens1125 01/11/2011 #

Looks like we ended up with 13 great swappers joining this swap. Everyone seems awesome, i cant chose anyone to drop, so we are going to run it with 13 rather than just 10. I am assigning partners right now! So good luck and enjoy! You have exactly one month to get your questions written and sent to your partners, and PLEASE remember to stay in touch and post here often! :) HAVE FUN!!

Pancakes 01/12/2011 #

Well I'm on question 84! 1/10th of the way there lol a couple things though..I'm planning on numbering the pages but should I number them like a book so there will be '200' in the end (numbering the front and back of every page) or should i just count one sheet front and back as 1? Also, I left the first page of mine blank so that I could write a little letter first so its not just like 'here's a crapton of questions for you to answer.' and I'm going to leave the last 2 pages blank so my partner can write anything else they want, or just a letter after all that answering and thinking! Thanks for the great swap and letting me be a part of it, my mind is racing with questions though and I know that once I send it out I'll think of 50 perfect ones I should have asked =/

kgeslab 01/12/2011 #

Does the journal have to be all pretty and decorated, or just full of questions.

Jesshens1125 01/12/2011 #

Nope it doesnt have to be pretty. the questions are the important part

Jesshens1125 01/12/2011 #

@Pancakes I know exactly what you mean! I find myself carrying around a piece of paper everywhere so I can write down questions that randomly pop into my head! :) I am glad you are so excited about the swap! i dont think it really matters how you number the pages, whatever you think is best! :)

kgeslab 01/12/2011 #

me, too! I carry the book and if someone asks ME a question I copy it into my book. This is so fun!!!

UnfoundedHope 01/12/2011 #

How big is comp book sized? I'm using a journal. It's perfect becaus it's small enough to fit in my purse and on the front it has a picture of a skeleton key with the word discover. I hope I can use it I already put like 200 questions in it.

Pancakes 01/12/2011 #

I'm indecisive thats why i asked you guys lol..how would you # them? front and back or just front? I always think of questions when I cant write them down..like in the shower or when Im washing dishes..or when I finally turn off the lights and get snuggled into bed. Stupid racing brain. It never does this any other time!

kgeslab 01/13/2011 #

1/2 way there, but I fear the second half will be the hard part!

Jesshens1125 01/13/2011 #

@UnfoundedHope your journal sounds perfect, keep up the good work! :)

@Pancakes I am thinking that i would number each page so a total of 200 pages numbered. I am not numbering my pages because my notebook has exactly 100 pages, or maybe because I am just lazy? lol

@kgeslab remember you can use online resources like the myspace survey sights. I used those alot for ideas, some of their permade surveys have crazy fun questions on them that I just wouldn't think of myself. Halfway done is awesome! :) Good job!

How is it going for everyone else? I am about 3/4 done myself and have been having a lot of fun with it! I cant wait to get my journal of questions to answer! Thanks everyone for making this so great so far! :)

rottifan4 01/13/2011 #

I have 86 so far. Some are off of the wall but fun I think. I didn't want to ask all of the usual questions.

daffyd1963 01/14/2011 #

im over half way there some of my questions would make great journal entries as well
I have been using all kinds of on line sources and have been putting 3 to 4 questions per page but some have a lot more my journal is full size sheets of paper bound with a front and back cover there are over a hundred pages like 110 i think and i also am going to leave a couple of pages in the back blank and i wrote a letter in the front of mine as well i am probally going to decorate the cover a bit more but havn't decided
carolyn h

Jesshens1125 01/14/2011 #

It;s interesting you should say that @daffyd1963 I was actually thinking about putting some page long journal type questions in the back of my journal too... hmm maybe I will do that! I hope I can finish my journal tonight! yay

Angelbaby2 01/15/2011 #

I am about 80% done. My goal is to have mine in the mail on Monday.

Jesshens1125 01/17/2011 #

How did everyone's weekend of questions writing go? I finished my journal! i am so excited! Coming up with questions was alot easier than I thought! Mine will be going out in the mail this week. How is everyone else doing so far? UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES!!! :)

UnfoundedHope 01/17/2011 #

This week? I'm still a little ways off... Better get to workin!

daffyd1963 01/17/2011 #

I have 81 pages done so im getting there have to go hunting to find some more questions
hope to have mine done this week

Jesshens1125 01/18/2011 #

i found that it got really hard towards the end to come up with questions i hadnt already asked, and to find ones that werent the same as the ones i had already done. But i got it done, now i just have to find time to get to the post office! lol

Angelbaby2 01/19/2011 #

I sent my journal off yesterday.

rottifan4 01/19/2011 #

I am wondering if after we send our journals back to our partners after we answer all of the questions, if our partners don't want to keep our journals that we filled out if our partners would send them back?

Jesshens1125 01/20/2011 #

@rottifan4 You can sure ask your partner if that is something they are willing to do. I am also making a journal for myself to answer the same questions. It defiantly isnt a requirement to send it back after they have read your answers, but it is something you could work out with your partner.

rottifan4 01/20/2011 #

Okay thanks. I am making another journal for myself also.

swappintoya 01/24/2011 #

OMG I'm not even half way through my journal :( It seems like soooo much....lol

Jesshens1125 01/24/2011 #

Keep working! Remember there are alot of great online resources if you get stuck! Those were a HUGE help to me!

How is everyone else doing? Status reports please!!! :)

daffyd1963 01/26/2011 #

im almost done about 10 pages left and yes online is a wonderful place to find questions

Jesshens1125 01/31/2011 #

I sent my journal out to @Angelbaby2 today! :) I cant wait to get mine in the mail soon! Keep up the good work everyone!

tamtamlee 02/ 1/2011 #

I just finished mine. Mine will be going out friday.

daffyd1963 02/ 3/2011 #

i got my journal from my partner today will start working on it soon

daffyd1963 02/ 6/2011 #

I got my journal finished and sent it out yesterday i also have the one im suspose to answser but havn't had much time to work on it yet

kgeslab 02/ 7/2011 #

Still working - almost ready to send. Got one from my partner and am working on that a little each night, too. This is really fun!

daffyd1963 02/ 7/2011 #

got the journal from my partner done am ready to send it back

Angelbaby2 02/ 8/2011 #

Got myyesterday in the mail. journal from my partner

Jesshens1125 02/ 8/2011 #

Make sure that you are rating your partners when you receive a journal filled with questions.

Pancakes 02/ 9/2011 #

Just received a journal from tamtamlee and will be sending out friday

swappintoya 02/10/2011 #

I finally got my journal all finished...yaaaay it will be mailed by Friday :)

terrip 02/11/2011 #

Received my journal, working on answering the questions. This was fun.

PinkMudd 02/11/2011 #

Sending my journal out today!! :)

bugsandbells 02/13/2011 #

I recieved my Journal yesterday, Going start working on the answers.

Jesshens1125 02/15/2011 #

It looks like with the exception of one person, everyone sent out their journals on time! :) I am so excited for the awesome group of swappers we have in this swap! You guys have made this so awesome! :) I will be sending you PM soon! Thank you again everyone! :)

swappintoya 02/17/2011 #

I received my journal yesterday and have already started on my questions :)

Jesshens1125 02/18/2011 #

If anyone is interested in doing another Questions journal in a private swap with me, please let me know! :)

LdyChinay 03/18/2011 #

Hi Jesshens1125,

My sister joined your swap and you dropped her because of her one [1] rating- which was explained as not merited due to her late send and the user never logging in again.

You yourself have three [1] ratings, as well as a WHOPPING ten [3] ratings.

Many of the users who deemed you such low ratings- are still active.

It would seem that the numerous low ratings you got- were merited by the lack of effort and lack of communication you gave for the swaps you joined. You admit on your profile being a flaker- my sister wasn't. Don't you find that a tid-bit hypocritical?

When my little sister asked as to: "why she was dropped"

you responded childishly with: "my swap, i do what i want"

sad to say but very true: i am so very happy and glad that my sister won't be participating in such a poorly mannered, and ethical coordinator's swap such as yours.

i hope that many people will think thrice the times you think of dropping people before letting you join theirs like you did to my little sister.

You, having too many low ratings and should know best of how hard it is to join a swap- yet you treat my sister with a one [1] rating as worse than yourself.

Kudos dear friend, life is unfair and i know it. But try to be as fair as possible. As i see you yourself aren't.

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