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Are you sure you want to signup for Cooperatively Fictional #23?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

This is a fictional story writing swap. Continue a story from a previous round if you have one or start a new one. Minimum of 3-4 decent paragraphs.

Include your name, Swap-Bot username and round number at the beginning of what you've written whether new or a continuation. If this is your first round, also add the Swap Name, your address and email at the top so your story can be returned at some point. Send to your partner by snail mail.

Please use 8.5x11" paper or close as possible. Typed or hand written but it MUST be legible! Use the front and back of the page; only use a new page once the previous pages have been filled. Make sure your pen doesn't bleed through to the back so it may also be used which reduces the number of pages. (It was brought to my attention that this could get pricey if there are many pages to a story.) If the number of pages means it costs more than 1 stamp to mail, feel free to type out the whole story if you wish before you pass it on making sure to include all the names and details for each author's section.

I HIGHLY recommend keeping a COPY of your work even if it is a photo of what you wrote in case a letter goes astray. You could also copy or photograph the whole story if you are especially proud of your writing. I do this (if I remember!) with each story. It will save you starting again.

********If you stop playing, please post the story back to its owner. PM or email them to verify they haven't moved. *********

You do not have to play every month but if you have to stop for a while, please let me know by PM. We will decide if you should return the story you have and get yours back. Thank you

*please write in English with correct spelling, punctuation and decent grammar. Don't worry about dangling participles (ha ha) but do use capitalization, commas, quotes etc.. If spelling and grammar are a challenge, or your first language isn't English, maybe create a rough draft then look words up on the Internet or ask a friend to proofread. I'd be more than happy to help you. Just send me an email rebeccacell@gmail.com. A photo of handwriting is fine as long as I can read it.

*keep it PG14 USA or AA in Canada. Adult, intimate or scary scenes are ok but no excessive gore, violence or detailed sexual encounters. Keep swearing minimal and appropriate to the situation.

*consider that many people are not ok with anything supernatural or occult so unless the story is already established, please don't include these things. Fantasy is fine!

*this is not profile based so feel free to start writing as soon as you sign up or, if you were in another round, when your story arrives in the mail.

*i will angel if needed but only after you contact your partner and recieve no or negative responses and you rate a 1. Please let me know if this is happening and I'll try to help.

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