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Hey guys! Anyone else that loves collecting washi tape samples? Because I do, so I hosted this swap to give everyone the chance to receive different samples and exchange ones you have for them, rather than buying more. I put it as a type 3 so you are free to send it in any packaging you want, an envelope or box.

♥ Rules ♥

  • You are required to send 15 samples of different washi tapes to your partners, a minimum of 18 inches each.

Note: Wrap it around a piece of plastic strip so that it can come off easily

  • A maximum of 3 plastic material washi tape samples are allowed, the rest needs to be paper material (No duct tape) and no repeats are allowed.
  • Write a note with your name and the swap name for your partner, write a small letter for them too on a note card or paper.
  • You may send these either in a package or an envelope, as long as it fits nicely.
  • Make sure they are a fair size, not too many small sized ones.
  • Make sure to also vary in the themes of the washi tape, not only one colour/theme.

♥ Requirements ♥

  • You have to have a minimum of 4.98 rating, with no recent unexplained 1s and 3s. (No newbie as this is a huge swap) Note: There has to be a minimum of 10 type 2 & 3 ratings.
  • This is an INTERNATIONAL swap so expect to send and receive to/from all over the world.
  • Flakers will be banned from all my future swaps.(I will not be angeling this swap due as it is a huge swap.
  • Swappers have to have been logged in at least a day before the deadline.
  • Your part of the swap has to be sent on time, if there is a reason for it to be late, do message your partner for permission / to inform them.
  • This swap will be sender's choice but make sure it is something you would like to receive if it was you who was receiving.

♥ I recommend you prepare the samples in advance before partners are assigned so it will be ready to be sent when assigned. Make sure they are of good quality.

I hope you guys enjoy participating in this swap as much as I enjoy hosting it! ♥

Love, Ruie♥

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