Swap-bot Time: April 24, 2018 11:03 am

Are you sure you want to signup for Tiny Profile Surprise in a 1-stamp envie! #4?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

Hello everyone! I hope you'll join me and come play along for this fun and easy swap!

Newbies are welcome; I WILL ANGEL if anyone is flaked on.


Each person gets 3 partners, to each you will send a small profile surprise to fill a 1-stamp envie (and you'll receive 3 profile-based envies!).

What is a 1-stamp envie? It's anything that requires your basic international stamp to send. For example, in Singapore, the basic stamp for international mail would cost $1.30.

As always, with all my swaps, you're very welcome at your own discretion to exceed the swap requirements should you choose, but the minimum requirement - a profile-based surprise in a 1-stamp envelope.

Again, to emphasise, items sent must be profile based. i.e. If your partner likes stickers, send an envie full of nice stickers, or a nice sticker sheet, but don't just send one or two tiny sticker flakes!

If your partner likes to read, you might choose to send a few bookmarks and some tea bags for a nice afternoon read.

If your partner collects magnets, you might want to send a magnet from your hometown as a souvenir.

If your partner loves kawaii, you could send a cute cellphone charm.

Simple swap, easy on the pocket. Have fun! :)

Newbies / unrated welcome, but you need to have a well filled out profile! Olbies / experienced swappers, I will check profiles and if it is not well filled out or very fussy, I will drop you a note to have you beef it up. Otherwise, I will need to remove you from the swap; we want to make it easy and fun for everyone participating!

(not so) Fine print: Minimum 4.9 rating to join. No recent 3s or 1s. I will ban iffy swappers as I see fit.

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