Swap-bot Time: July 20, 2018 1:17 pm

Are you sure you want to signup for Insta Tarot Round 3 (July) ?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.


Welcome all! And I mean all, regardless of rather you have pagan leanings or not.

This swap is simple, mail free, intended to be a good time, and a easy 5.

What you need: (1) Tarot cards (2) a way to photograph them.

What you could have: Instagram.

What will happen: after sign-ups, You’ll have 2 partners. For these 2 partners, you will do an individual tarot reading using your own style and method. You will photograph this reading and share it with your partner by the swap date, along with an explanation.

Bonus: If you have multiple methods, you could ask your partners which they prefer. You may offer methods that don’t require tarot cards because why not. BUT YOU HAVE TO OWN AND OFFER TO USE TAROT CARDS TO PLAY THIS SWAP.

Don’t sweat it, if it’s your first time doing a reading for someone. I’m a beginner too. It’s why I want to host this. Practice makes perfect, y’all.

How to send it: This is where the Insta comes in. It’s not mandatory, but a lot of folks like to share their cards on Insta. If you have a Instagram and want to use it for such, share it below. Your partner may share your reading there and maybe you’ll make a new insta friend. Plus, it brings positive awareness and connection to our community, which I think is cool.

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO USE INSTA, your partner will have access to your email.

I will be sorting out anyone who looks untrustworthy. In the event someone snubs you, try to contact them. Then, that failing, contact me. If you think you would enjoy being an angel, feel free to indicate that in the comments. I will, of course, be willing to angel.

A note about hearts: virtual swaps are often tricky in this regard. Consider giving your partner a heart if they offer you: - multiple methods - a through explanation - a beautiful photo - a insta-friendship. After all, this person is performing a ceremony for you in addition to any of those things.


Love & Happy Swapping!

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