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Lately I am gravitating to a movement called minimalism. We all use mostly only 30% of what we own, the other 70% of our posessions are collecting dust and keep up space and eventually our time. We have to maintain it all and every year or so do a declutter. I watch several youtube videos and read books and blogs about minimalism which means: keeping only the things in your life that add value to your lifestyle and what you really use.

I am not saying you should become a minimalist to join this swap. Absolutely not! But we all probably have some stuff we need to get rid of.

So: what is this swap about?

Declutter some stuff in this category from your house that you do not use anymore. Please be responsible to the environment - donate to the thrift store or otherwise where possible.

This time we are diving into sporting goods. Do you also have a big pile of sportswear in your closet, but only use the top layer of it? I do! Maybe you have old tennis rackets lying around, collecting dust. Or running sneakers that you have not used for many years? A beach racket set that you never use? Take your time to have an honest look at these things and wonder: when was the last time I used this? Can I let go of it?

I want you to declutter some items in this category and make a photo of what you get rid of. Please send your photo(s) and describe in an email what you are getting rid of and why. How did it make you feel? Share some of your thoughts about the process. That is all.

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