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Are you sure you want to signup for Halloween in Your Culture! Int. Swap?

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In the spirit of Halloween, I think it would be fun to write a letter to someone about the equivalent of Halloween in your country or culture! There are so many cultures around the world that claim their own holidays that celebrate the dead; from Chusuk in South Korea, to the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, The Souls Day in Italy, the Day of the Dead in Mexico and so much more! It would be so cool to share it with someone who might not know much about it.

If Halloween is your cultural equivalent of Halloween, you are still welcome to join this swap! Some of us live in countries that don't celebrate it, and don't know much about about the background of the celebration, and this swap is about sharing and welcoming all faiths and backgrounds so do join us!

This swap is pretty simple - tell your partner a spooky traditional celebration from your culture or where you live, and learn something new and possibly creepy about another country, while sharing a couple of treats in the process.

For this type 3 swap, we will include:

  • 1 letter introducing yourself and telling your partner about the equivalent of Halloween where you are from (why you celebrate it if you do, what the celebration entails, it's history and whether it's a common celebration, or even if it's not a celebration at all). I don't want to put a limit on pages, but because this swap; at it's heart; is about the letter, do take your time with it and write a substantial amount. This is about sharing something cultural and unique to where you're from, and nobody wants to receive a short couple of lines on a memo sheet. And don't forget to note the name of the swap and your Swapbot profile name on the letter somewhere.
  • 1 piece of factory sealed candy to share that Halloween vibe. Even better if it's something unique to your country, or if it's a seasonal item.
  • 1 factory sealed tea bag/hot chocolate sachet/cold brew sachet/instant drink sachet
  • 1 item from your country. It could be an art postcard by a local artist, a handmade traditional bracelet, stickers, anything as long as it's something you'd like to receive. Preferably something that isn't a freebie.
  • Package everything in a decorated bubble envelope (or equivalent) that is securely sealed for international air mail!

Have fun with this swap! And who knows, you might just find yourself a new pen pal!

If you have any questions, you can DM me or leave a comment below. Also, do leave a comment below for your partners to read if you have any allergies.

Note: All swappers in good standing are welcome, but mind you I will be checking in on profiles. Like many other swaps around; profiles that aren't very well filled out/have many low ratings (I will only be considering people with a 4.98 rating or above for this swap)/or aren't active often will be excluded from this swap without notice.

Edit: I forgot to mention earlier that this swap will be angeled, but only after you rate the swap accordingly and drop me a message to let me know about your situation with your swap partner.

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