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Are you sure you want to signup for International Washi Swapping #4?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

Just what the title says!

International washi swapping means you get to get some that isn't sold in our home state/country/town! (hopefully! lol)

Minimum of 8 samples of your choice! If you can pick at least 3 designs or colors that match your partner's profiles, please consider giving them hearts :).


  • 8 washi samples
  • 12 inches each
  • wrap around whatever you'd like! (playing cards are the easiest)
  • Only 2 "types" of each design or color :) Meaning if you have polka dots, then only 2 polka dot washis! Red washi? Only up to 2 of those! Here's the exception If your partner loves red and blue and you send only red or blue variations! You know what I mean <3. Partner loves unicorns and you only send 8 different types of unicorn washi? Perfect!


Please rate a 5 if you receive the minimum of 8 washi samples that are the minimum of 12 inches each.

If you need clarification on other things, just message me! Will be happy to angel for this :)

I can angel as needed!


If you have a completely blank profile with no info, ratings and swaps

Please make sure you:

have a minimum of 5 bolded sections filled out whether in bullet points or paragraphs if you have no ratings

answer the 3 questions: Why join swap-bot? Are you new to the craft world in general or just here? Favorite types of crafts and why? If you're already established, please disregard! :)

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