Swap-bot Time: January 19, 2019 2:16 pm

Are you sure you want to signup for Happy Junk Mail USA *2 Partners*?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.


  • Got extras of randomness laying around?
  • Bought those llama tags that you ended up not using?
  • Have an overabundance of punch outs that you did for a swap?
  • Received some yarn you do not care for?

SEND IT AWAY to a new home!

Minimum swap rating as above because you will be using your own judgement on what to send.


Please do not send 5 pieces of die cuts and 5 pieces of stickers and call it a day. Here’s a list of minimums but PLEASE literally go through your drawers and boxes and send away things you want to get rid of but are still lovely to use!

What counts as 1 item Katrina?

  • 15 stickers: no matter the size, shape or theme

  • Punch outs: a minimum of 8 no matter if they’re the same or different but must be 2 different types or more.

  • Die cuts: minimum of 5 no matter the design or similarity

  • Washi: Minimum of 5 designs 12 inches each

  • Memo/stationary sheets: minimum of 8

  • Pieces of paper larger than 6x6: minimum of 5

  • Pieces of paper smaller than 6x6: minimum of 8

  • Project life sized cards/paper: minimum of 8

  • Neat-o things not on this list: count as 1.

Feel free to message me with questions or comments below :)


  • As long as your partner sends you the minimum amount of 10 different types of items, that deserves a "5" regardless of what it is.

  • Consider some hearts if there's something in there related to your likes! Of course, consider them if there's extra love in your mail ;)


No unexplained 1's and 3's please. If you've had lateness issues in the past, please let me know- believe me I have been there unfortunately. On the ratings, make sure the info is in your profile or send me a message! It never made sense to me to ban people with 200 swaps and only "one" 1 or 3.

Blank Profiles/New Folks

  • Look for my swaps that allow those with minimal to no swaps completed! We were all new at some point and I'm happy to angel for those who flake or disappear out of nowhere :(
  • For many hosts, they like to see 4-5 different sections filled out in your profile :)

If you need clarification on other things, just message me!

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