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Welcome to the 3rd time around for the Scattergories Postcard swaps! For each swap, you'll select a store-bought postcard that matches the letter for the week.

This swap is Letter M.

Note that the card you send and all of your answers should start with the letter of the week.

On the back of the card, each of your answers for these categories should begin with "M".

1 - Something in a thrift store.

2 - Something you keep hidden.

3 - Something you should do.

4 - Something that wasn't available in the year 1900

5 - Something that makes you happy.

For example: For the letter "D" - My card could be from Denver or show a baby deer. My answers on the back could be: Dishes for what's in a thrift store; Dove Chocolates for what I keep hidden (!), Diet for something I should do.... etc....

Be sure to include your Swap-bot user name, the name of the swap, and if it's not obvious, explain how the card ties in to the swap theme.

The cards are Sender's Choice. Sign-ups go through Saturday. Partners posted on Sunday and need to be sent by the following Saturday. Please remember to mark the swap as "sent" and rate promptly. You must be current on your swaps to participate each week.

This is the 3rd run through alphabet, so plan accordingly! Open to all with 4.97 minimum rating, or newbies with very detailed profiles completed. I reserve the right to make exceptions and will angel any swaps not received and rated accordingly.

This series is US-Only, but feel free to host another internationally. Thanks for signing up and Happy Swapping!

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