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With the first two of these swaps being so successful I really wanted to bring in a third. That and I just saw Endgame recently so now I'm knee deep in the Marvel fandom again.

For this swap, you can either follow one of two prompts. This gives us a chance to either just write a letter, or exercise a little creative writing muscle. Please rate 5 if you receive a letter that is one of the two prompts.

  1. What got you into Marvel? Who is your favorite character? Are you a MCU fan, comics fan, or mix of both?

  2. Write a letter as one Marvel character to another. Examples being Steve to Bucky, Tony to Pepper, Natasha to Clint, or Peter Parker to Tony Stark. (You can use characters only found in the comics as well. Examples being, I'm a huge Young Avengers fan so maybe Speed to Wiccan, or America to Hawkeye.)

IMPORTANT: As we are still fresh into the release of Endgame, PLEASE ask your partner if they've seen if before you send off any spoilers. Don't be afraid to message your partner asking if they have any pairing references between characters, or if they know of certain comic arcs, or just prefer MCU.


Ratings of 4.95 and higher, no recent or unexplained 1s or 3s, newbie friendly but with a well filled out profile (this means likes, dislikes, at least 15 lines or so). I will angel if needed. <3

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