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I'm new to watercolor but love it! So its time for a handmade postcard. Must be on watercolor paper that's durable. Envelopes optional Size 4"*6" or larger if you wish. Must be done with some form of watercolors... I'm looking for a professional grade watercoller pan set that is not chalky and has good color as well as lifts easily and moves well in water. Since I'm new I would like people to list the watercolors they use on the back and any recomendations for good sets. I own watercolor pencils, tubes, markers, and pans I know ther are watercolor chalks, inks, crayons, sticks and others, I'm cerious about all of these choices. What are the pros and cons of what you have tried. This swap is open to any of these types of water colors. I would love if a watercolor discussion happens here that might help those like myself become better at this fun medium, so I open the floor for all who wish to share. So far my personal fave is my watercolor pencil set I bought off wish for next to nothing. Uts brand is nyoni and I have the 24 color set of these. I have ordered their largest set but you know wish its slow so I havent received them yet but I'm excited to. I also own a tube set by wonder & Weiss that I would like to put in pans but I don't know if it will work so if any one has done this with this brand let me know please.

This swap is open to all and that means both newbies and international are welcome.

The design is senders choice but please be creative.

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