Swap-bot Time: September 21, 2019 2:15 pm

Are you sure you want to signup for ❀BEGINNER #➋ // Envelope Flip Book❀?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

So, I decided, since there are a TON of different crafts and methods that I would start a series for Beginners to learn how and feel comfortable with the craft topic before joining more intricate ones. It will be a 3 week continuous series and will most likely always be international.

1.) Yes, this swap is for beginners, but people who already know how to make it or are pros are also allowed.
2.) You will have 1 partner for this swap.
3.) Do not think your envie flip book has to be perfect, this is for beginners, but please put your all into it.

* Minimum of 3 Envelopes, but you can do more
* Envelopes no smaller than a normal note card size (not index card)
* Yes, you may make your own Envies. If you choose to use already made ones please decorate them.
* Must decorate the very front of the flipbook
* 1 pocket must have a letter (with whatever topic you choose to talk about. along with Swap name and Swap ID) & the others must have Goodies
* Base is set! There's a video showing you what base to use but all the rest is up to you.
* THERE IS NO THEME FOR THIS ONE, check your partners profile and judge what theme you should do or just do a theme based of the supplies you have.

how to make the base
complete walkthrough
goodie walkthrough

There are plenty of other videos on YouTube showing you how or what to include. But please stick with the same base as the video I included.

- I'm sorry, no newbies
- No recent 1's or 3's
- Must have at least 5 type 3 swaps under your belt.
- I will be checking and banning at my discretion
- I will angle if you are flaked on

Please comment or message me with any questions or concerns!

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