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Are you sure you want to signup for PHOTO Journal?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

This journal will be a little different then others that you may have joined in the past at Swap-bot.


For 30 days you will take a random picture of something going on in your day. Like the one above. Then each day you will journal a short paragraph or two about your day and how that photo relates to it.

Here is the important part and the part that you may find odd. You will need to print those pictures out in some fashion and attach it to the entry in your journal. Hence it being called a photo journal. HAHAHAHAHA

You may think this will be very expensive but it can actually be relatively inexpensive. If you use the Walmart App and their photo printing services you can have pictures printed and shipped to you for $0.09 a photo. I just had 17 pictures mailed to me to test this out and it only cost me $1.63. I understand this is still a cost but it may be a less expensive option then printing them out yourself.

One side note, it is way cheaper to do the mail to home option @ nine cents a photo. Going to the actual store and hooking your phone to the kiosk will cost 60 cents a picture. (They charge you 1 hour photo prices that way. )

For the journal, you can use a composition notebook and adhere you photo to one page and journal on the next or you can even create your own journal. It is up to you. Just make sure that your "journaling" portion of the Photo Journal is more then a few lines. It should be a paragraph at the minimum. (5+ sentences).

At the end of the 30 days you will mail your journal to your partner. Please mail on time and get a tracking label. You may mail media mail if you wish. They should still offer free tracking with that option.

Please rate your partner a 5 if you receive a journal that contains 30 photos and 30 entries.

NO GRAPHIC PHOTOS!! NO VIOLENCE!! (Car crashes, gross stuff, etc.) NO NUDITY!! I shouldn't have to say this but I thought I better. Let's keep it G-Rated folks.


30 days.

1 partner

1 journal

30 photos

30 journal entries that tie into the photo taken

Mail on time .I giving 2 weeks from the end of the swap time to mail the journal. This should give you enough time to get your photos and get the photos added to your journal. If anyone finds that they are having issues with this time please let me know. It is always an option to order your prints on a weekly basis. Fewer photos ship faster. I checked the app, shipping is supposed to be 5-7 days.

Tracking Label

Rate your partner

Any questions, please send me a message so I will get it sooner.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT, if you are WATCHING this swap but plan on definitely joining will you please comment below. This way I know how many people are actually going to join. I will also be able to send you a reminder message as the time approaches for sign-up cut-off.

I will cancel this swap if there is a lack of interest.

Thank you!!

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