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Make a list of at least 12 things you appreciate about yourself. Twelve things that are about you, uniquely you.

This is not about gratitude (= feeling grateful for things outside you; external things you feel joyful about, like your family, home, pets etc,) it is about acknowledging things about yourself that you'd still be able to count on even if everything you feel grateful about fell away. Let little things bubble to the surface, simple things, funny things, cool things or even deep ones... write them down and send them to your partner.

For example: 1.- I like that I can sew... 2.- I like the way I make a chocolate cake... 3.- I like that I can find a rhyme to every word... etc.

The list can be handwritten or typed. Each line on your list should be more than just one word; it should be at least one sentence.

You can use a card, or plain paper, decorated or not, whatever suits you more, but send in an envelope. Sender's choice.

A Self-Appreciation list can be a life ring, like when we get all frustrated about a situation that isn't working out for us. Or when we feel bad about ourselves for getting off track. So, maybe keep a copy for yourself to re-read it when you are feeling a little down...

Please note: 1.) This is an international swap. Mind higher postage costs. 2.) Minimum rating 4,90. I will angel this swap if necessary. 3.) If you have any questions, please write a comment or PM me.

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