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This is going to be a time intense bible study. (Is why it going to be a type 3)

You will have to take the time to look up each verse, read it, write it and then tell "What Pleases God?" in each verse.

This is not a JOURNAL swap. This takes a piece of notebook paper, stationary, list pad sheet and /or Literally any paper that you want and write the verse out and then answer the question of What Pleases God for that verse. You do this for each verse.

There will be about 30 verses.

  1. Prov. 15:8

  2. Ps. 35:27

  3. Ps. 37:23

  4. Prov. 11:20

  5. Prov. 11:1

  6. Is. 42:1

  7. Jer. 9:24

  8. Micah 7:18

  9. Matt. 3:17

  10. Matt. 12:18

  11. Matt. 17:5

  12. I Sam. 12:22

  13. Ps. 69:30-31

  14. Ps.147:11

  15. Ps.149:4

  16. Prov. 21:3

  17. Is. 53:10

  18. I Chron. 29:17

  19. Rom. 12:1

  20. Rom. 14:17-19

  21. I Cor. 1:21

  22. Phil. 2:13

  23. Phil. 4:18

  24. I Tim. 5:4

  25. Heb. 11:6

  26. Heb. 13:16

  27. Eph. 1:5

It is time-intense as we have to look up the verse, READ it, Write it and then answer the question about it!

This isn't your 5-minute bible study.

Newbies are allowed to join with 5 rated type 2 or 3 swaps.... THEY MUST BE RATED not just marked sent...

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