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Are you sure you want to signup for AMONG US In-Role letter+drawing swap?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

Hello! If you like game Among Us and you like writing and drawing, this is swap for you!

Imagine, you are with 9 other people in spaceship (map Skeld) and you all know there are 2 Impostors among you.

Your assigement is write at least one page of the letter, either as Crewmate or from the point of view of the Impostor, add 1 drawn picture (info is down) and send it to your partner

Everyone are gonna make their own ''alternative universe''

Explain: Jane and Jack are swap partners. Jane decides to write for Impostor, saying that Samuel (another swap member, but not her swap partner) is 2. Impostor (Jack is Crewmate). Jack decides to write he and Jane are Impostors.

Everyone has their own story in no way consistent with someone else's (of course, if it happens that both partners write about the same person that is crewmate/impostor see. Jack and Jane above about Jane, so never mind)

The story may include characters from your life or even make up characters for the story, but you should at least incorporate your swap partner into the story.

Make sure the letter is legible for another people.


Add to the letter a drawn picture of yourself as a character from Among Us (Not only that avatar from game, but make it look like a person like you). Don't worry, it's not a condition to be able to draw, my drawing skills are bad, but it doesn't have to be perfect art, but it should be fun :) You can use any drawing technique.


If you have a question, write it in comments and I'll answer it.

Have a nice day! PolarGlow

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