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Make me Happy With Vintage Ephemera #13

This swap is for an 6x9 envelope full of vintage ephemera. At least 20 different items must be included. (One piece paper is one item counted.) Ideas of things you might send: Lets have a real mix of items in each envelope... Vintage book pages, vintage ephemera like old invoices, tickets, papers, Cards, receipts, music book pages, game cards, vintage looking washi, vintage looking diecuts or cutouts, vintage advertisements, old stamps, old labels, patterned paper, old papers of any kind, and anything else that would be considered vintage ephemera. Everything must be clean and neatly cut. Some discoloration is allowed since it is vintage ephemera we are sending. Send only stuff you would like to receive yourself. Anything vintage or old would be stuff that was made or printed before 1970.

First of all, I am very strict on the requirements. I do this to protect the swappers from flakers. So there is no exceptions on the requirements. And I always check and you will be banned if you don't meet the requirements.

Requirements to participate: 1. No unresolved 1s or 3s. Must have at least 10 completed type 2 or 3 swaps to participate. 2. Well-filled out profile with likes and dislikes. However, sender is not required to send based on information in your profile. 3. Absolutely nothing perishable or consumable allowed. 4. Everything will be Sender's Choice. Please send only things you would like to receive. 5. No difficult or problematic swappers. This swap is for those open-minded to receiving what someone else picks out for them. Absolutely NO Flakers! Must be a reliable and honest swapper. 6. Please no down rating unless you don't receive from your partner or the swap wasn't as described. Always try to contact them first and see if they will respond.7. Hearts will be given by receivers at their own choice. But if you receive a great envelope then please leave a heart for your partner. 8. Remember to include a piece of paper or a memo of your swapbot userid and the swap title so it is easy to rate you. 10. I reserve the right to ban anyone without well filled out profiles or that don't meet requirements. I reserve the right to check ratings before I assign partners. 11. The envelope is required to be an 6x9 envelope.

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