Swap-bot Time: April 19, 2021 8:38 pm

Are you sure you want to signup for Stuff the Mailbox #29?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

Before you join:

I host this swap because there was nothing like it on Swapbot when I started. I do not host this swap to tell you how to swap, micromanage, break up fights, or get involved with drama. If you are looking for that in a host, please choose another swap. There are numerous ones out there now.

If you meet the requirements and won't cause drama, swap away. If you mess up, message your partners and work through it. If you come across a bad swapper here, the ratings from so many people in this swap will take care of it.

I host this swap because I want to have some fun and spread some joy. We're all adults and we all joined this swap to fill up our mailboxes. Let's just do that and leave all the drama out of it. If you have a problem, work together to solve it and be kind. Just be kind; it takes so much less energy than trying to stir something up.

This has concluded this Stuff The Mailbox Service Announcement!

You will have 20 partners for this swap. For each partner, prepare an envelope stuffed with goodies. There is no required envelope size. It is your choice on what to send. You must send more than three items (most people send between 5-10 flat items). Just make sure it is worth your partner's swap.

Idea's on what else to send:

-bookmarks -stationary -postcards -random craft supplies -fabric -ribbons -washi tape samples -new or used stamps -stickers -note cards -scrap-booking items -profile based items -random items

You can send anything you want; the sky is the limit. However, please make sure anything you send is in good condition. Make sure you have enough items to send several things to 20 people. Include your swap profile name and the name of the swap.

Check your postage! Be mindful of how much you need to put on. You don't want your partner to have to pay extra postage. Please be understanding, kind, and work together with your partner if a mistake happens.

Also, before you rate a 1 because you did not receive an envelope, please reach out to your partner. The mail is not always reliable so your partner may have sent something and it may have gotten lost. Give people a chance to make it right.

This is a USA swap only.

I will angel if requested. Just let me know!

Time to fill our mailboxes!

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