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area51ufo1 on Jan 5, 2021:

Just so you hear it from another person

Double profiler ,flaked on 20 + and deleted her last account @bookreader and was banned from postcrossing for life also.

takehimaway on Jan 3, 2021:

You're not too yellow to lie about having cancer, but you simply are too much of a coward to even respond to messages. Tell us, scammer Dora, just how does that work exactly?

heidiblooms on Jan 3, 2021:

This person is a double profiler, previously @bookreader who has been BANNED from both Postcrossing AND swap-bot! Hosts, please do not let this person into your swaps!

takehimaway on Jan 2, 2021:

Here is the text from the one rating that I gave Dora, the lying, scamming double profile after she flaked on a Christmas swap. No one forgot about you, your scams, or your lies about having cancer. I certainly didn't, and I never will. Since you've repeatedly scammed and stolen from others, I think it is time to report you directly to the authorities, as that is what you deserve after the multiple, multiple thefts here on this website. Not to worry, I'm sure this will be cleared up soon!!

First and foremost, no matter what happens - no matter what worthless excuses Dora totally pathetically attempts to give, this one rating will be PERMANENT, so EVERYONE can see what a two-timing scammer she is!

I'll admit that I am proud to give Dora my first ever one here on Swapbot. She should be avoided EVERY host and swapper, especially regarding private swaps! She NEVER sent this swap, and she never responded to multiple attempts to contact her via messaging or comments, by myself or the host. Not only is a she a flaker, this definitely leads me to believe that she's lying about having cancer on her profile, not only to pull at heartstrings of other users during their swaps, but to lay the defense as to why she has never sent a swap on time. People see that sort of thing, and take pity on her, whilst she continues to join swaps that she will never send.

She's also been caught on the forum, asking questions about cards she never has sent on PostCrossing that only serves to prove she is scamming over there as well. Frankly, if this website was up to date, she would have long since been forever banned, but sadly, that hasn't happened yet. It is the responsibility of the swapper and host to ensure people like Dora are not ever allowed to get away with these blatant lies ever again. I took the time out of my very busy day to go ahead and report her directly to PostCrossing too, and PostCrossing has reached out to me, regarding Dora's case there, saying she will not be allowed back either. She's blocked from ever sending or receiving cards there again. I am counting down the days until she is permanently banned from Swapbot, because that is again, what she rightfully deserves, just like this poor rating.

takehimaway on Jan 2, 2021:
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