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rachelcdoyle on Feb 21, 2013:

StarryNights on Dec 17, 2011:

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

suchawoman on Apr 27, 2011:

Read my profile--Write a comment round 3 How cute is your profile! I was a band girl, myself....I marched, starting in 6th grade, and all through college. I even did Drum & Bugle Corps. The more you support her efforts, the more she'll remember. I have such fond memories of my mom sitting in the stands of every game, competition, performance. Best wishes to you and your family!

mimisfrog on Apr 25, 2011:

Read my profile--Write a comment round 3 - Hello...Yay for band members! I was in a marching band in high school. It was a great experience! 32 pairs of flip flops is a lot of flip flops! You go girl! My nickname for my grandson in Frog. They are cute! have a great evening! mimisfrog (laura)

Darkestlina on Apr 25, 2011:

Read my profile and write a comment 3# Hi Carrie, I think I have swapped with you before :) I think it is so cool you were married on Halloween that is my favorite Holiday. Also your youngest is named Carolyn that is such a pretty name. Mine is Carolina which is close. I have been called Carolyn enough. And I am the same way with crafts I try anything! Carolina

mienkintoshfairie on Apr 23, 2011:

Hello, stopping by from Read my profile and write a comment swap. I am a chocolate lover as well! Black is one of my favorite colors as well, though i'm trying to get into more colors,lol. I feel like the song: Paint it Black.

PinkBubble on Apr 23, 2011:

Read my profile--Write a comment round 3

Hi Carrie :) You really have an awesomely well filled profile. It's always great to read so many details of what someone likes. And I am sure you're happy it's Easter this weekend so that you can have tons of chocolate :) haha Greetings from France xoxo

bugsandbells on Apr 23, 2011:

Hi, im here for the Rad My Profile and Comment Swap #3.

I just loved reading about you kids likes.

Happy Easter! Mindy

Julia167 on Apr 23, 2011:

Read my profile -Write a comment round 3 Hi, it must be wonderful to have 3 great girls :) Boys are so.. i dont know, that's boys! Hope you have a great time with your girls :) Happy Easter, Julia

Pikachu089 on Apr 23, 2011:


Read my profile--Write a comment round 3

Hi there

How are you ? Hope your well, I am absolutely a HUGE chocolate lover, And it is Easter time, So makes it my favourite time of the year=] Doesn't look like we have a great deal in common but oh well ^.^ Happy Easter and happy swapping

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