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Etsy Wishlist

About Me

  • I am a stay at home mom to 6 amazing children. I enjoy spending time with my family walking, hiking, exploring nature and being outdoors. We also get on the craft side when indoors..we do lots of crafts and all of my children participate...they love it too! I am currently homeschooling 5 out of 6 children and we love it! I love to bake, cook and garden as well.
    I flat out, want to come out and say..WE are collectors! All of us! We collect EVERYTHING! You name is and we most likely collect it! I personally have so many loves...there is so much lovely and special things out there..here on earth to love. Im really easy to please, since i have a love for basically...Everything! My tastes, likes and styles are totally off the wall and have no relation what so ever! I love so many things I just cant name them all!

My husband and I have been together for 18 years! He really is amazing and I love him tons! ♥ His interests are Motorcycles (No Harley Davidson though Pls), Sci-Fi, Zombies, Old Cars, Shot Glasses...He loves Butterfingers and Peanut M & M's. He likes to watch Sci-Fi television shows and Horror or Scary Movies. He likes to try new foods and Swim. He would love something made locally in your area (food)...He loves T-shirts with funny sayings or pictures..2XL...He loves anything from Starbucks!! He also collects old oil cans, tin cans, signs, Native American stuff, Old video games and memorbilia, ummm...he looves inscence (sticks) and random inscence holders, resident evil stuff, walking dead, comics, Pee Wee Herman, Dvds, Classic cars stuff, Sushi sets, and pretty much anything vintage for men!

I did include my children in here! I would love to include them in swaps..so it wouldnt hurt my feelings one bit if you decided to send stuff for my children instead of me!

We love to travel. We have so much fun as a family going on road trips and camping together! I would love to get brochures or info on any local places to visit or camp in your area...State Parks etc..We have so much fun and find so much to do just in NY...the kids love a weekend road trip!!!!!

Could always use a Target or Walmart $5 Giftcard...I desperatley need kitchen pots, pans etc...This would earn you a heart!******

Favorite Crafts

I really really enjoy paper crafts! I have been paper crafting FOREVER and even though Im not as good as others I still love it very much! I have been scrapbooking for 15 years now. Im still trying to play catch up-so much has happened in 15 years! I just recently started Scrapbooking Project Life style and its super fun! My oldest 2 children also started scrapbooking, mainly about things we do as a family, homeschooling, field trips, road trips etc. I love it and think its a great way for them to be creative. They even take their own pictures and do all of their journaling by hand.

I journal quite a bit and make handmade cards as well. I wouldnt mind trying Atc cards..ive read about them but thats it. I make smash books, alter journals, make inchies, alter composition books or nay other book I think may need altering. I love to make whimsy Jars (I found them on flickr..I make them with extra goodies I have and then put them on shelves to collect dust! But they still look pretty!

My daughters and I love to make fairy and gnome homes. We make fairy gardens outdoors, in terrariums and in fish bowls. So we could make use of just about any craft item you want to send us! Its so much fun working with my children-using our imaginations and being creative-almost like being a child again myself!

If you are interested in sending nature items that would be great too! Things such as cool sticks, stones or bark..you think we might like for our fairy homes. Right now Im looking for a rather large piece of white birch bark for another project Im doing. If you can send me one I will give you a heart!

Right now the currant crafts I am working on is my scrapping. I also do crafts in between but I really need to buckle down and get caught up! Im working on Christmas, Halloween and birthday albums right now, project life and childrens yearly albums!

My oldest daughter and I are refurbishing old dollhouses. She has also been very interested in photo stories with her dolls which we have done a little bit..but Im working on getting our supply of stuff greater! She has started a photo album of her picture stories. We have lots of fun doing these 2 things together! We also make bracelets together..friendship type but she wants to start making the hook and loom type..so I have to figure that out!

I would love to learn to crochet and sew. My etsy and pinterest is just overflowing with great stuff I want to make! So if you see anything on my lists and you can make it..I would love that! I would also love things for our dolls! Clothes, hats, blankets, diapers, etc...anything u think we would like!

My Loves..

I have so many loves and Interests...Easier for me to list them here.

I ♥ Fairy Tales, Legends and Myths
I ♥ Kawaii
I ♥ Zombie
I ♥ Sci-Fi
I ♥ Woodsy Animals
I ♥ Waldorf, Fairy and Gnome Stories
I ♥ Vintage bags
I ♥ Japanese and Korean
I ♥ Hippie
I ♥ Mythology and ancient imagery, especially Greek, Roman and Egyptian
I ♥ Robots
I ♥ UFO's and Aliens
I ♥ Halloween
I ♥ Fall
I ♥ Grimms Fairy Tales
I ♥ Mermaids
I ♥ Rainbows
I ♥ Mother Goose
I ♥ Indiana Jones
I ♥ Wine and wine glass..would love locally made wine!
I ♥ Mojitos
I ♥ Flavored Pretzyls
I ♥ the 80"s!
I ♥ Anything Medievil
I ♥ Vikings
I ♥ Gypsies
I ♥ History!!!
I ♥ Celtic Europe/Celtic Empire
I ♥ Anything Whimsical!
I ♥ Pamplets & Emphera from the 80's
I ♥ Vampires!
I ♥ Giants
I ♥ Unicorns and Pegasus
I ♥ Tim Burton
I ♥ Arigurumi
*looking for: Robot, Pink or purple Dachshund,
I ♥ Picnics
I ♥ Camping!
I ♥ Dolls
I ♥ Junior mints and Peppermint Patties
I ♥ Pen Pals
I ♥ Journaling
I ♥ List Making
I ♥ Waldorf!
I ♥ Wizards

I looove CANDY and SNACKS from other countries! Please send me your candy and yummies from your country!

I love recieveing Inscence...but only the stick please.

Wish List

Id like to expand my craft supplies collection-so these would be great:

Scrapbooking Goodies
Could always use a Target or Walmart $5 Giftcard...I desperatley need kitchen pots, pans etc...This would earn you a heart!******
Looking for a "fragile" Stamp
CIRCLE PUNCHER******(earn u a heart!)
Paint Markers
Funky wrapping paper/giftbags..i love awesome wrapping paper!
Wooden picture frames of any size that I can paint and decorate
Pattern papers and can always use
bazzil cardstock
white cardstock
journaling cards
Laminate sheets are always nice..
Chipboard numbers
Smash Supplies
journaling pens and markers, Sakura Pens, ZIG writers in any color (I love them!)
any type of stamps and stamp pads
gel pens
Zig markers
scrapbooking stickers and embellishments of all kinds
brads of all colors and shapes
handmade notecards and envelopes
prima flowers
buttons (for scrapbooking)
rub-ons, chip board goodies etc
Little Paper Goodies to add to my pages
corner rounders and paper punches
library cards and envies
Could always use a new used paper trimmer if someone were to get a new one (earn a HEART!)
Deco and washi tape
tape runner & refills (earn a heart!)
ANY childrens crafts, craft supplies or art stuff
childrens markers, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, school supplys etc
Childrens books of any kinds
scrapbooking page protectors in all sizes
baseball card holder sleeves
acrylic paints in all colors
alphabet sticker sheets for scrapbooking
Felt sheets
small flowers
small craft stones, rocks or the flat marbles
Ribbon-Mostly bright vibrant colors..but would also love themed as well (polka dots, stripes, patterns)
new scrap albums in any size
fabric drawstring bags made by you or someone else
sharpies of any color or kind
Altered shoeboxes
Altered anything...I love anything altered and beautiful!
Blank Paper bag albums
black drawing pens in any line size.
hard cover journals/ moleskin-like soft journals-lined or blank..All kinds of journals!!!
Smaller alphabet stamps..also looking for days of the week stamps and I also enjoy bigger letter stamps :)

I would love handmade journaling cards to add to my scrapbook pages!
Scrapbook magazines
Paper or fabric flowers
paper punches of all sorts
wooden boxes...any size..plain or decorated

Other Things Im hopeful for:
Shinzi Katoh *
TokiDoki-ANYTHING..we have Lots of collectors here!
Glass jars...small, medium or large jars..love to decorate and stuff!
old or vintage looking keys
Cute tins of any kind or size
Old tin Band Aid boxes
Anything with 4 leaf clovers
small to medium spiral bound Sketchbooks with sturdy blank pages
Star, Heart or Rainbow shaped Jewelry
Anything Halloween Themed..Ecspecially Vintage...
Plain brown paper bag wrapping paper
Giftbags..cutsie..or brown and white so I can decorate..any size and any type..
Bright colored paper lunch sacks
Plastic cutsie snack bags, cookie boxes etc
Cute envie seals
pretty colored tissue paper
Photo albums of any size..as long as they hold 4x6 photo Albums. I am always looking for a place to store my photos!
Wrapping paper sheets in all kinds, colors, holidays, cutesy etc
Chipboard albums
Binder Rings
Inscence sticks

*Anything to do with the following Fairy Tales...I love the Old School Illusions right up to the Darker versions..and even the Kawaii versions of some mentioned:

Alice in Wonderland
Little Red Riding Hood
Wizard of Oz
Hentzal and Gretal
Peter Pan
Snow White

Themes I can use right now for my projects:
Baby Boy or girl

Some of my favorite brands are:
7 Gypsies
Doodle Bug
Karen Foster
Bo Bunny

Not Interested in:

List of things I wouldnt be interested in:

Eyelets (no use for them..I like Brads)
Black licorice or anything that tastes like it..Anise.. Clowns and Cats
Hate the smell and taste of Vanilla
Country Music
Religious items
Animal Print
Embossing Powder
Diddl Dotees
I dont swap Friendship Books but would love to participate in a journal swap :)
Anything to do with Sports! Nobody likes them here!

My Kids

I have 5 children...ages 1-14.

My oldest boys loves the following:
Legos anything! Anime..movies, cards, posters, comics, etc
Gamer-Pacman, Super Mario Bros, Sonic the hedgehog, Donkey kong Skulls, peace signs, rock N roll Zombies, Vampires and Warewolves
Comics of all kinds
Super heroes
Where's Waldo...I Spy..etc
Collects different sets of playing cards
Loves to paint on wood with paint markers

My Middle Boy loves the following:
Star Wars
ANYTHING Legos!!!!!
Dairy of a Wimpy Kid
Anything to do with Space
Pokemon, Yugi-o.Digimon..etc
is in love with the wooden and cloth castle and knights etc sets..dragons and monsters!
Elvis Anything! He really likes the juke boxes that come out @ Xmas time!!!
Angry Bird stuff
Water Color paints
Collects stickers and loves the bigger stickers u can get in gum ball machines
Sketch books of any kind

My younger son loves:

TRAINS!!! Yes I have lots of little train lovers...Thomas, Chugginton and Dinosaurs train...ANYTHING trains.
We love to make Fairy and Gnome homes while we play. Its so much fun and requires so much imagination!!
24 pc puzzles
Little magic towels that u add water to and then they turn to a washcloth
Gnomes...wooden or felted
Gnome Homes...Handmade by you!
Wooden Musherooms
wooden farm animals

My oldest Daughter loves:

Japanese ANYTHING! Japanese Fashion Magazines
Harajuku girls Stuff
Big Bold Jewelry and hair things
Make up
Bright Colored nail Polish
Cutesy Stuff
Pretty Knee high socks
Hello Kitty
Kawaii Bags
Lalaoopsy Dolls
Peace signs and bright bold colors etc..Tye dye...rainbow...anything hippyish as well..
Cutesy bracelets and necklaces
Loves making friendship bracelets and the like
Dollhouse minitures for her Picture Stories
Music and Dance
Dolls-Blythe, Barbie, Monster High, Bratz, Bratzillas, Moxie girls, Sailor Moon and ANY Disney Princess dolls
Paper dolls...all kinds-new & vintage
Fairies of all kinds

My Youngest Daughter:
hair thingys for her hair...bands, clips, barrettes, handmade...etc
Hello Kitty
Littlest Pet Shop
Waldorf dollies
New and Old My little ponies
Handmade Dollys...
Handmade clothes for her Dollys
Handmade accessories
Felted Food
Wooden kitchen Accessories
****Would love to get her a handmade sewn, cloth mermaid!!!
wooden or felted Dollhouse furniture and accessories
Fairies and Gnomes..felted, sewn or wooden
crocheted animals..cute woodsy ones..
Small wooden dolls(peg dolls) made out of wooden dowels (see in my etsy wishlist)
Sewn or felted fairytale characters such as Red Riding Hood

*Note...My oldest son collects any type of gamer stuff for just about every machine out there! If you see anything..from games to stickers to plushes to figures to magazines..we would love them a whole lot!

*Note...All of my children love to read!

***My kids would love to participate in any international swap..they love learning about all kinds of traditions, cultures, way of living etc. This would be so fun for my oldest 2 :)

Other Wishes

Letter sets and Memos etc..love pencils, pencil bags stickers etc....have been collecting them for some time now to add to my stash of stationary goodies! My least favs are food with faces except cupcakes and fruit. Sticker sacks, kawaii swap cards, Pencil toppers etc..pencil boxes...Pretty much anything! Its so hard to get...locally.
Love the Following:
San-X* ~Sanrio~Tokidoki*~Kamio~Q-lia~Mind Wave~Pool Cool~Lemon Co.~Preco~Yumel **ANYTHING KAWAII FAIRY TALE!
**Anything with the 4 leaf clovers etc on it..my daughter was born on ST patricks day....

Bento Boxes and Goodies-
I started Collecting these about half a year ago. They are super cute. I dont have many because I have to order online but would love to extend my collection. My favs are:

monokuro boo
Deery Lou
Anything San-X!!! LOVE~
Piggy Girl
Gloomy Bear

Anime..movies, cards, posters, comics, etc
Japanese and Korean Fashion Magazines *Alice A La Mode
KeraEggGothic & Lolita BibleMegami
Japanese Teen Mags
Hello Kitty anything
Deco tape and washi masking tape
Drawn girls and Boys (Little Witch town, Baby Jam,
*anything Emo Kawaii or harajuki girls...so cute
*Shinzi Katoh *
Emily the Strange
Sailor Moon
Barbie anything Kimi ni Todoke
Decole-Musherooms, Little red riding hood etc..anything really
Japanese Artifacts
Cute Japanese Magazines
Anything Hayao Miyazai- I love his work. I'd especially anything to do with My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, or Howl's Moving Castle.

Rubber Band bracelets of all kinds (my kids collect these)
cute cloth laundry drawstring bags
necklaces & bracelets of all kinds made by u!
Glass straws
Cute coin purses
Altered Journals by you
Big Jar candles
Linen sprays for sheets
essential oils of any kinds
any cool journals you may come upon
cute mechanical or smelly pencils
minnie mouse anything
reusable grocery & shopping bags
cloth & canvas various totes and bags
cute flip mirrors for purses
felt or waldorf toy made by you! (earn u a heart!)
Any toy may earn you a heart!!!!!
Dollhouse miniatures
Handmade stuff for our dolls and dollhouse such
as furniture, clothes ect (heart for this too!)
Handmade soaps
local stuff from your area-syrup, honey, jams &
Scentsy anything if you are a seller!
Fabric scraps in solid pretty colors and pattern
so I can use for doll clothing..
small wicker baskets with lids

Button Pics-Disney, anything 80's, rock bands, movies, sailor Moon, Vintage, Anime, Hello Kitty and anything u think might interest me, Old fashioned minnie mouse


I have many many Collections besides everything listed above, so I thought it would be easier to list them and tell you a little about them. I was serious when I said we were collectors!

Im a serious toy collector! I collect every toy imaginable! I love them..ALL OF THEM! Vintage, 80's & 90's...(I just love anything 80's!), New toys, Mcdonalds sets, Dolls of all kinds, Doll Houses, Play sets, Hello Kitty Sets, Hello Kitty and Barbie Mega Blocks, Toys from anywheres across seas, Russian Nesting Dolls, Old vintage toys,Funko Pop toys, Greatful Dead Bears, Lego Sets, Vintage Play-doh Sets, Hand made toys, wooden toys, waldorf toys..Vintage boys toys too, Koeda Chan sets,

I also collect vintage childrens books, vintage and new golden books, Kids books on record and cassette, nintendo power magazines, vintage childrens magazines such as Highlights, Zoobooks, Twinkle, Stickers, Disney Adventures, Where's Wally, MAD, Hotdog, Sonic the comic and lots of others! Old Beverly Cleary & Boxcar kids books, view master films, vintage coloring books, Sears Wishbooks, Vintage sticker books and stickers, Dvds of all kinds!,

I collect all kinds of stationary products and office supplies. Anything to organize my area with..Funky designed paper clips, binder clips, binders, page seperaters etc...notepads of all kind...notecards, post its etc....I also collect Pens and all other writing utensils..I also like the mechanical pencils :) Kawaii Stationary listed above!

My house is crazy so honestly I dont have a theme. Besides my kitchen. My kitchen is retro style and in pastel. I LOOOVE any vintage pyrex in pastel! As for the rest of my home I love VINTAGE! Anything vintage!
I decorate my home for Christmas in a country Decor. Country Christmas look...vintagey..Darker faded colors...the old santas with the long beards, etc.I love animals (woodsy) celebrating Christmas...almost every item I have is vintage or handmade for Christmas. I would love handmade ornaments or decor for my home!

Woodland Things: I love anything Woodland...hedgehogs, retro owls, squirrels, mushrooms, fawns, gnomes, birds, rainbows, the forest, trees...I would love ANYTHING with these things on them. I also have a small love for Turtles and frogs. Fairies...I love big old trees with faces on them. Anything Cutesy as well. RAINBOWS...anything in rainbow colors...rainbows make me happy...suns, flowers and clouds with faces on them etc. I love Nature! Cutesy unicorns.

My Little Ponies:
I collect the older my little ponies. The ones I had while growing up in the 80's. I like to buy and trade online for ones I dont have in my collection yet. I have TONS! I have all the ones I had growing up and keep adding. I am actually going to turn my collection to my youngest daughter when she gets old enough to care for them. She plays with them now..so she does have a love for them. If anyone had any postcards, unused coloring books, books or anything else obtained to ponies Id love them!

I collect vintage Lunchboxes and thermos's. I also collect Bento Boxes, and accessories, Bags that may match; We also collect sushi sets.

Old Tins and Signs-specifically looking for an old Bazooka bubble gum tin right now!
Wilton Cake Pans
Pastel Pyrex
old vintage kitchen tools (try me!)
Dvds of all kinds..try the $5 bins!
Real Vintage Photography
Cat Iron Trivets
Vintage Lanterns
Vintage Oil cans
vintage coca-cola and pepsi products
Arrow Heads and other Native American stuff

Media Loves...

I love Television! Ah...is that a bad thing! We totally collect Dvds and have a good size collection. Mainly kids stuff though! Some of my other favs are Dr Who, Walking Dead, Greys Anatomy, Smallville, Rosewell, Lost, Skins (british version), Heroes. Drop Dead Diva and TONS more I cant remember...

I do like Movies but not as much as my hubby! Some of my favs are Pirates of the Carribean, Indiana Jones, James bond, Willow, Labyrinth, Matrix, Aliens, Most anything Zombie and I love a good Comedy!

Music. I love all Music except Country!!! I love all 70's Classic Rock, Love the 80's and Looove the new hits that are coming out everyday!!! I love to crank up my music and do my thing! My kids are in love with music too!

Books. I love to read! I like to read fairytales!!! I love to read Documentaries...I love to read anything ABOUT things I enjoy!!! I just love to read..I have a whole room (and more) dedicated to my love of reading. We all read here so ANY book would be appreciated and loved!

Post Cards and mail!

I a a big collector of Postcards! I could go on and on about what I love about them! I have a huge collection and always love to receive surprise ones that are not on my list. Here is my huge list of ones I collect:
Trains, train stations or rail road tracks..basically anything to do with trains. This will earn you a heart!
Anything to do with any of my loves above, fairy tales, cupcakes, cute desserts, tourist attractions, amusement parks, whimsical, bridges, wind mills, water scenes (such as creeks, falls, etc), Maps, anything to do with history, State Maps, children book illustrations, Anything from across seas, Art-Such as Van Gogh and Dali, Hello kitty, Ice cream, Emo kids, Old classic cars and motorcycles, Marilynn Monroe, ships or ship yards, insects such as butterflys, moths, catapillars and lady bugs, turtles, actually any wild animal, Vintage, scene settings..such as 50's, 60's, 70's...western, Sci-Fi, flowers..ecspecially sunflowers, Kawaii, Black and white photography, pregnant women pictures, Ballerinas, princesses, castles and forts, mountains, airplanes and air ports, Little Red and Alice in Wonderland, Fantasy (fairies, Gnomes, etc), Mushrooms, light houses, rainbows, Storms, rain, night, snow scene, Glittery, sparkly or cute, Love Asian countries, Great Britain, London..Australia. Vampires, Zombies of all kinds (will also earn u a heart), Fantasy (such as dragons, wizards, unicorns, magic and mythical,), Anime/Manga, Gothic, Cemetaries, Movies and TV shows, Trollys (also get a heart) and Buses.I also love Voltz Wagon vans (which will also get u a heart!) ,Music (Such as Singers or Bands are awesome) *Cartoons, Retro House wifes, Vintage Scooters (will also earn u a heart!), Looking for Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafes!

I do collect inchies and love to see your work! My favs are Halloween type..pumpkins, ghosts,witches Tim Burton, Zombies, real life pictures you take turned into an inchie (like nature and stuff), flowers (ecspecially sunflowers), President and other historic people and things, I love weather and seasons and holiday ones, trees, nature....


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