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VJP on Feb 19, 2008:

Oh and just for the record...we discovered you were breaking the rules with 2 accounts when you left a comment in your "Fabric Swap" as Jolee...but you responded to a comment left for Cherry. Also, your profile is almost identical and we are not dumb women. We know a cheater when we see one.

VJP on Feb 19, 2008:

Cherry/Jolee~ You need to stop breaking the rules. It's against swap-bot policy to have more than one account. I am entitled to my opinion AND to warn people about swappers who break the rules.

ladymarcia on Jan 28, 2008:

Cherry, I'm new to swap bots because I just found it. I'm anxious to become a great swapper. As a life longe girl scout, leader and camp director many years, I am not at all new to swaps. I wanted to introduce myself so you would consider me a winner at this. I work for a school district, have one daughter and waiting on her to make me a grandmother (how lucky you are to have 5!!!). I love crafts, quilting and am fast getting the hang of blogging and meeting others who are doing the same. I will not let anyone down! Thanks, Marcia :-) thriftynotcheap.blogspot.com

ritakatita on Jan 14, 2008:

What happened with her? She disappeared!

CelestialFreak on Dec 29, 2007:

Alt text

bettysoo on Dec 19, 2007:

Hi Cherry , just wondering if you received the Christmas card i sent to you , It was sent out a few weeks ago .. hope you get it soon bettysoo Sharrena ..

niecedenise on Dec 7, 2007:

Cherry, where are you? Youve not signed on and are the host of several swaps. Please dont leave the swaps hanging!

LittleRed on Dec 4, 2007:

With regards to any swaps you are hosting. You have to tell swapbot to create partners once the sign up date is reached. It is not done automatically any more. This is a new change. Thought you might not know?? Hope all is well! Looking forward to your swap!

myrrhmaid on Dec 3, 2007:

Hi Cherry, We are wondering why you haven't assigned partners in the tea swap yet? It's been 2 days since the deadline to swap passed and partners still aren't assigned. I've also pm'd you with no response. I hope all is well!

Sally on Nov 29, 2007:

Hi Cherry

Can you please read your messages from myself and pahasiga.




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