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Date Joined: August 9, 2012
Last Online: September 20, 2017
Birthday: December 3
Country: United States

About Me

I live in Vancouver, WA (that's USA, not Canada). I have a husband and two adorable furbabies, both dogs, named Henry and Lucy. My husband and I both love to travel, but we don't do it as much as we'd like. I'm especially interested in going outside of my American boarders and crossing the big oceans because I never have.

When I was younger, I had a friend whose family travelled for a living, so we would write back and forth while she was away. There was no greater joy for me than going to the mailbox and finding a letter addressed to me. Nowadays the only mail I get are bills or political campaigning. Not quite as exciting.

I love getting stuff in the mail, but my husband is tired of me buying random stuff off the internet just so I can recieve something once in awhile, so I thought this might be a fun and enlightening alternative. I'm excited to start making new friends out there.

I am a Christian. While I don't require any religious type stuff, I do ask that consideration be given to the appropriateness of things being sent or said. No naked people, drug/alcohol/cigerette related, or sacreligious things please. In return, I will promise not to preach or push my beliefs on anyone who does not share them. I believe in respect above all things.

I do not joining swaps arbitrarily; I choose swaps that I know I can get done and get them out as quickly as possible, usually within a day or two of being assigned a partner. If I join a swap that requires time to be put into it, I put in that time long before the sign-up date so that there is no chance that something won't get out. If I feel I won't be able to get it out within a day or two after being assigned a partner, I drop the swap BEFORE they are assigned. I recognize that I had some trouble in the past and I have done everything I can to fix it, but I have no intention of letting things get out of hand again.


I've been scrapbooking forever (since before it was THE craft to be doing). Recently I picked up photography as a hobby. I'm still pretty much a beginner, and I don't know much about lighting and composition, but I do know my scrapbooks have been better for the practice. And I enjoy writing. Especially when I get to share my writing with other people. I mostly write for my scrapbooks, so I guess I'm a journalistic writer, although, I do enjoy the random creative writing class now and then.

Don't let all that creativity fool you though. I have quite a head for numbers. Sometimes in my free time, I take random math classes "just for fun". Geeky, I know, but hey, it's me. :)

Favorite Television

My favorite show on TV right now is Criminal Minds. I'm fascinated about how the mind works and that show always gets me thinking.

My favorite show that used to be on TV is Sex and the City. Yep, I'm a girlie-girl. And yes, I envy those shoes.

My husband and I enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory together. It's fun having a laugh together.

Other shows I love watching (both old and new, thanks to TV on DVD and Netflix): Once Upon a Time, Law and Order, Boy Meets World, Cold Case, Last Man Standing, Community and American Horror Story.

Favorite Books

I love to read books. I prefer fiction (most non-fiction bores me), especially stories about children or dogs. I love, love, love the Harry Potter series, just discovered The Hunger Games trilogy (LOVED IT) and have found several neat "unknown" authors and stories with my Kindle.

My favorite author is Ted Dekker because he's a really interesting story-teller and most his stories have a Christian theme to them that isn't heavy-handed, or sometimes obvious at all.

I love stories with magic or ghosts, but I stay away from vampires and zombies.

Favorite Music

I love music. I prefer to have it on around me at all times if possible. I like almost everything, but my favorite is more Alternative Rock. Stuff like Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Vampire Weekend, Nirvana, AWOLNATION, Green Day, Weezer. . . I think you get the point.

My favorite band, however, is Matchbox 20. LOVE them! I got to see them in concert once when they come to my area. I'm hoping they come again sometime. I'd love to see them again.

I like trying out new music. My radio station does this segment called "New Music Heaven" where each week they feature a new, mostly unknown artist. During the week, they send out a link for a free download of the song they are featuring that week, so my MP3 player is full of stuff a lot of people haven't heard of yet. I also have a lot of the newly popular bands before they are widely known (Mumford & Sons, Neon Trees, and Foster the People were all New Music Heaven features at one time).

I'm not a big fan of country music. I do appreciate the occasional song (Taylor Swift is one I usually always like), but I can't handle more than one or two country songs at a time.

Strange, but true: Even though I listen to mostly contemporary stuff, my very favorite song in the entire world is Moon River. Especially as sung by Henry Mancini. My husband made sure it was playing when he proposed and I walked down the aisle at our wedding to a piano version of the song. To me, it's the most romantic song ever.


I love girly things: pink, sparkly, flowers, shoes, shiny. . .

I love Disney! I'm a fan of the cartoons as well as the movies. I also love Pixar. My favorite movies are Beauty and the Beast (the cartoon and the movie), Cars and Cars 3, and Inside Out. I'm also a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh. I love his easy-going nature and general cuddliness

As I stated before, I love my dogs and probably scrapbook them the most (since I have no children of my own), so anything dog related is welcomed. I especially love cute dog themed stickers and quotes about dogs. Henry and Lucy specific items would be jerky treats (actually, any kind of yummy treat); rawhide bones; soft, floppy,unstuffed animals; strong ropes for tug-of-war; and maybe a ball (Henry likes ones that don't squeak and ones he can tear the fuzzies off of, like a tennis ball). They are not really that interested in plastic or squeaky toys (however, he has some doggie cousins they'd be happy to share those things with.)

I love taking pictures of the details of life and love looking at interesting angled pictures. Is that considered abstracts? Not sure, but some of my favorite photos from my wedding were of things like my shoes, my dress, and the decorations on the tables. My husband doesn't get it.

For male friends who do not understand the girly stuff, I am also a fan of the Boston Red Sox and my husband is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Portland Trailblazers fan (how's that for a little baseball, football, and/or basketball relief?)

I'm not a big fan of the color green and I hate talking politics.

Give me a puzzle to figure out and I'll be happily employed for awhile. I especially love puzzles that involve logic and/or numbers. (Just a bit of random trivia: I can actually solve a Rubix Cube)

I like fun socks, especially seasonal ones, but I hate the ones that sit below the ankle. I also despise the toe socks.

I enjoy swapping post cards. I never did get a collection started, but I've always wanted to. In particular, I want to get one from every state in the USA (as well as from other countries). City, state, and landmarks are great; if I can't actually travel there, I might as well have the post card from someone who has. :) I also love beach scenes, sunsets, and those romantic black and white scenes of couples. But then on the other hand, pretty much anything sent to me makes me happy: animals, buildings, flowers, strange images, artwork. . . I just love receiving postcards. :)

I'm fascinated with England. It's the place I most long to travel to.

My favorite flower is the tulip. I don't care for sunflowers.

My favorite chocolate candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, my favorite movie candy is Sweet Tarts and BottleCaps, and my favorite drink is Coca-Cola (not that I would expect THAT to come throught the mail. It's just FYI stuff).

The college I work at has a penguin for a mascot, which also happens to be my favorite animal.

I scrapbook EVERYTHING, so anything that is sent to me with the consideration of it fitting in my books would be extra thoughtful and most appreciated, but I'm creative and can make pretty much anything work. In fact, my preference is anything I can put in a book: pictures, postcards, letters (single-sided, although, I can make double-sided work), small trinkets that fit in bags or pockets, notecards with inspirational quotes or bible verses on them, comic strips, bookmarks (I read on a kindle, so I don't usually use bookmarks, but they are fun), drawings (by children or adults), fun, interesting and/or creative stickers, etc. . .

I am allergic to buckwheat and excessive garlic.

Neither my husband nor I drink coffee, but I do enjoy a nice cup of tea, especially in the fall and winter. I prefer chais over herbals, but you can never go wrong with a green tea. I'm a big believer in the health benefits of a white tea and tend to reach for that over anything else, especially when fighting cold and flu season. I love my tea sweet. My husband prefers good hot chocolate to tea (especially dark chocolate or a mint chocolate kind), so I also welcome that for him (since I'm the one who gets all the good mail these days).

Speaking of my husband, if you want to share the love to my man, he's into the Blazers (basketball) and the Buccaneers (football), karaoke, and Jr. Mints. He loves to dress up in silly stuff when doing karaoke (silly hats, big glasses, gaudy bling, wigs). His favorite brand of Hot Chocolate is Steven's.


I'm so easy-going that pretty much anything makes me happy to receive. But in case you can't find something from the rest of the profile, here's a small list of on-going easy wishes:

  • dog themed anything
  • holiday themed scrapbook/smashbook stuff
  • deco tape
  • colorful and/or interesting paperclips
  • book pages

** Jeff (my husband), Henry and Lucy (my dogs) are the most important people in my life and I love sharing my fun and goodies with them, so any surprises sent to me for one of them deserves an automatic heart in my book. **

Jeff likes: * hot chocolate * junior mints * the Buccaneers and Blazers * cheap, silly items such as hats, sunglasses, scarves, inflatable instruments, wigs, etc. that he can use as props when doing karaoke * Iron Man

Notes Regarding Swaps

I try very, very hard to get my swaps out as quickly as possible (usually within a day or so of being partnered up when I can). There should always be plenty of time to contact me so I can resend if you feel too much time has gone by since I marked "sent" and you still haven't received anything.

I work an 8:00-5:00 job Monday-Friday, which leaves only Saturdays for me to battle with the Post Office lines. Most of the time I opt to just use the Self Service Kiosk to save me the hassle. This means that for you stamp collectors out there, my letters and postcards will be pretty lame and boring. Which is why I will avoid doing any swaps asking for fancy stamps be placed on the outgoing mail.

I open my mail as soon as I get home from work in the evening and do so at my computer so that I can rate immediately. I appreciate being rated in a timely manner so I try to do so also.


jaimierandolph rated for Notecard letter swap #1 on Sep 20, 2017
Comment: I loved mail time today! I got your letter and I loved it! Thank you !!!! It's been a hot one here in Texas too! Come on fall!
kpfree rated for Notecard letter swap #2 on Sep 20, 2017
Comment: Hi Deema! thank you for your awesome envie as I really loved seeing what you created, am so happy to see what you are doing as you are onto something there! Thank you for your neat note too. I’m so happy you have a job you love and that you enjoy being creative and that you like to send pretty mail. As you know we need people to do these kinds of things in the world because so many people don’t have much hope for the world being w beautiful place right now. You too, are giving something wonderful to just whomever is lucky enough to have you as a swap partner! I wanted to acknowledge your desire to give people your mail art! Beautiful! You graced my day today and yes I am doing WELL!
MuddyPuddle rated for Join 9/15, Send PC 9/16~~US on Sep 20, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the card! What a cool and interesting looking place - do you have any idea where it is? (I love the Hunger Games Trilogy, too, though wasn't as crazy as the last one as the first two....)
patricia8288 rated for Who LOVES Happy Mail #3 on Sep 20, 2017
Comment: thank you very much for the lovely swap. I love everything
Fabriqueen rated for Happy Little Notecards #45 on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for your note! Yes cooler air is always on my list and Sunday Football is a plus! Hugs, Diane
kathiann rated for Paper - Random PC Swap on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!
tifftastic rated for TGIF Weekend NoteCard #70 on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: It sounds like you had a nice, quiet weekend, Nothing wrong with that! :)
Comment: So sorry to rate so late! Don't know how I missed it. I enjoyed receiving your post card (keep calm and love nature) and reading your list.
animal87x rated for Paper - Random PC Swap on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: I'm looking forwrd to that myself! Hope youre having fun in the group!! <3
Momandauntnanny10 rated for Simple Washi Swap on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: THANKS, super cute : )
HelenG6 rated for Deco Tape Sample Swap 5 on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the nice tapes. I gave the glittery tapes to my daughter that she would enjoy.
Babsmomof5 rated for Join 9/14, Send PC 9/15~~US on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Oh what a wonderful surprise to find the Alice card from you today! Thank you!
Comment: Thank you for the great card and goodies. I love the envelope too.
Comment: Thanks so much! What a great music mix!
Elliepatterson rated for Join 9/7, Send PC 9/8~~US on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Greetings from Illinois Again🌻 Thank you for the pansies PC. A favorite flower of mine. I liked the Nataullis postage stamp too. It goes in my collection too. Thank for for being my partner again. Smoke out your way, heat & humidity here, flooding down south...Lord I'm just thankful today for the small things in life. Happy day🌻
Elliepatterson rated for Join 9/6, Send PC 9/7-US on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Greetings from Illinois Thank you for the neat eagles PC. I love birds❤️
Comment: I Love the card . . . Too funny! and the envelope is so cute. I opened it very carefully so as not to tear it. Thank you so much and the goodies too :)
jandmterry rated for Notecard letter swap #1 on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute note and notecard. 😊
Comment: Thank you so much for sending your list of Happy Thoughts! I really enjoyed reading everyone's lists. I was surprised how easy it was after I got started. Hugs, Diane
kdm1181 rated for Join 9/11, Send PC 9/12-US on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: Beautiful Postcard, thank-you

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BusyB on Jul 29, 2013:

Hi Deema! Thank you for the JAMS you recently sent. I love the way they turned out; one was started by Rachael (angel with blue heart) and the flower and fairy. So pretty!

kielpo on May 28, 2013:

Thanks so much for the large size postcard for Group:52 PC in 2013 *USA - it is very appreciated! Kim

djcamp04 on May 6, 2013:

Just put up A Teapot ATC to match the teacup swap from last month. Hope you join!

Mo7214 on Apr 21, 2013:

I'm glad you like the ATC I sent for the replacement. Happy Swapping :)

Cristin91 on Apr 4, 2013:

Thank you for helping to make my Rolo with a Postage Stamp swap a success! :)

artytart1919 on Mar 26, 2013:

hiya, just checking out your profile before i start designing your atc. what amazing energy you have. i so hope you like my card... have i got you a little excited?

snpyrunner on Mar 25, 2013:

thank you for my word search book for the March Just Wishes.

ladydy5 on Mar 4, 2013:

Your profile is so nice to read. Wish others would do as much.

missyhope on Jan 9, 2013:

Hi, I have your Traveling Photo Journal! I will keep it safe and sound for the next round! Take care.

BennysMumma on Jan 1, 2013:

Hi Deema! I just wanted to let you know that your traveling photo journal is currently in my possession and will be heading to its next destination on Thursday! :)

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