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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain.


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If you are going to be late on a swap please feel free to contact me. I completly understand that life gets in the way, and not always the big things, Sometimes just life in general. Communication is the key :-)


Hi! My names Anjee and I come from the quiet town of Farnborough in England, Not far from London. I have a Myspace - It should be set to private but feel free to add me - just drop me a message saying your from here :-).

I tend to ramble on on things like this - bare with me! I love swapping and miss the days of penpals and getting things through the post that wasn't a bill! I love music, socialising and travelling, some of my favourite things to do are: Seeing the world (Japan is a personal favourite...), learning new things, driving along in my little car singing at the top of my lungs (!), Seeing my friends and Dancing like a madwoman :-)

Favourite colours - Black & White, red, black, yellow, pink, emerald green, I love Grey with neons - I like clashing colours and mis-matches * leopard

Favourite animal - Pug :-D *


I Love stars (even my little car is Monochromatic with white exterior and Big Black star outlines!), hearts, skullys and anything a bit kitch!

I have a definate love of leopard print and my peep toe leopard stilettos are the best thing since sliced bread. Except for the pain they cause :-(

I love Japan More than anything, i love everything about it and dream of living there.

My sense of humour is a little bit wrong and I am not the most PC person in the world.


I love Red coats and pretty shoes, I love dancing in the rain and feeling the wind in my hair. I like quiffs, boys with tattoos and anything nautical themed, I LOVE PIRATES AND SAILORS :-) Anchors are AWESOME and I love girly skull and X Bones :0D

I love Black hair and white hair...but nothing in-between, I always have red polish on my toe nails. I love alice bands and hair bows, pearls and plastic. 50's pin-ups and trailor-trash, random gifts from the heart and not the wallet, back-stories and future dreams. I dream of boys like Gerard Butler and Johnny Depp and wish I had Marilyn Monroe hair.

I wish I was Little Red Ridinghood


I Love Rum Truffles, Champagne Truffles, anything remotely truffle-y! Thorntons is my biggest weakness.

My favourite flavour is grape - something there isn't enough / any (!)of in this country!

I love perfumes - Thierry Mugler's Angel being my favourite and Paul Smiths London being my "feeling pretty" smell :-)

My Life is pretty much about too much eyeliner, too much peroxide and not enough experiences!

I have strong views against Religion. I don't believe, I don't trust and I don't like. But I don't preach and therefore expect the same in return. This isn't to offend, each to thier own :-) Fairytales are for bedtime, not to rule your life. Letting these stories dictate so many things have caused wars and far too much hurt. Brainwashing at its finest.



Favorite Music


I Love to hear new music, especially other peoples favourite songs and what they mean to them. I over analyse lyrics and one twist in a voice can make my knees go week. My favourite bands are Counting Crows (I dream of finding the love, life and dreams they sing about) * Placebo (Brian Molko is beautiful) * Muse * The Goo Goo Dolls * The rapture (i love to dance to The Rapture!) * Peaches * Hell is For Heroes * Ken Yokoyama * The sounds * Decemberists * Melissa Auf Der Maur * FFAF * Har Mar Superstar * Jimmy eat world * The Faint * Justice * LCD Sound System * Modest Mouse * Billy Talent * Polysics * Weakerthans * Electrocute * Fangs * Does it Offend you Yeah? * Elvis * Hot Hot Heat * Yeah Yeah yeahs * Darren Hayes...and my guilty secret...Cher. Shhhh. I'd love you forever if you send me mix CD's - especially if they are either songs with amazing lyrics or some kind of dirty electro that i can get down to!!


Favorite Books

I love to read trashy novels, especially by Marian Keyes and Jane Green. On the other side of the spectrum I like to read autobiographies of people who I generally havent formed an opinion about. I also love art books by Brian Froud. The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins.


Favorite Movies


lit I have TOO many favourite films - Its all about The Dark Knight, Lost in Translation (Literally - japan...obsessed. Spent time there last year and cant wait to go back!), Ghost World, Rushmoore, Velvet Goldmine, Secrets and Lies, This is England, Requiem for a Dream, The Hole, Trainspotting, Artschool confidential, American Splendor, 28 Days Later (I do like a good Zombie!), I also like silly girly films - In Her Shoes, P.S I Love You etc. Very Excited about the new Batman film and I generally Love anything with Johnny Depp!



Favorite Crafts

ATC's, Dotee's, Journals, Writing, Collage, Cards, etc etc blah blah.

I feel I have no "talent" in any of the above, but I enjoy putting a splash of my soul into each craft, and this is enough for me :-) That said, I will always try my best, nothing will be half-arsed :-)


Makes my world go round....


Japan * Kawaii * Kuromi * 50's Pin-ups * Nook Art * Trailor Trash * Little Red Ridinghood * Hell Babies * Gloomy Bear * Tokidoki * Leopard Print* Pugs * Red * Black and White * Cherry Print* Grey & Neon * Kokeshi * Bettie Page * Serial Killers * Photos * Kawaii Phone Charms, big time! * Piercings * tattoos * The best little doggle in the world * CD's and new music * earrings * Serial Killers * Kitch * Burlesque * Tins / Bento Boxes /Pots * Dan Clowes * Kaori Wakamatsu * Musky smells * Cute Hair grips / Bows * Home-drawn comics * Earrings * Bags * Shoes * Collage's * Quotes from my favourite songs * retro * Kawaii * Big Hair * music * Rain * Wagamama * Momji Dolls & similar * Cats * Lush Products * Buttons * Bows * Polka Dot * Gingham * picnics * shoes * red nail polish * Blythe * Barbie * Hello Kitty * Pins/Brooches * Stars * Hearts * Skull X Bones * Geisha * Kaori Wakamatsu * Sailor Jerry * Irregular choice * Mis-matches * Grape Sweets * Anything with that oldtimes Freak-show theme * Keyrings * Geek Chic * Anchors (bigtime) * Sailors * Pirates * Stripes * Disco Balls * Bows * Elvis * Monroe * Pandas * Bears * False Eyelashes * Hearing about your Day * Knowing what makes you tick * Photos of a moment and descriptions of why it was so special to someone *




Snot-green X diamonte X Orange X Hair extensions X Insects X Tidyness / Order! X Small-mindedness X Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings etc X Sport X Nature Shows X Action Films X Disney X Peach (colour) X Politics X Scientology X Anything Floral X Flip-flops!

Whilst I hate religions and anything affiliated with them, I very much like interviews/art/books etc on thier corruptness...


Wishlist *


Everyone seems to have one - so here's mine!

  • I am currently (July 09) decorating my mums kitchen, it will be white with strawberry/red accessories... so anything for the kitchen would be amazing :-D

  • Any hair items - I love huge bows/flowers/grips :-)

  • I would love to have some penpals from ANYWHERE in the world :-) Preferably with the same interests to swap crazy scribbled letters. This is my biggest wish at the moment :-)

  • Anything that fits into my likes list :-)

  • Anything Rockabilly, Psychobilly - Leopard print, Nautical, Kitsch :-)

  • I have seen alot of talented digital artists around Swap-bot and I would really love wallpapers for my work PC and laptop - Themes: Ghostworld (particularly the graphic novel, Lost in Translation, Momiji, Kokeshi...

  • Grape Jolly Ranchers / Hard candy

  • Absolutely anything handmade

  • I would Love either a Chinese or Japanese newspaper written in Kanji

  • Anything a bit kitch!

  • Phonecharms

  • Anything Kawaii

  • Your photos - with maybe a little explanation as to why that moment in time is special to you?

  • Mix CD's - same as above, I love knowing what makes people tick!

  • Anything Momiji or Blythe

  • Anything with cute skulls/ sparrows / ANCHORS / stars etc on - THINK SAILOR JERRY!

  • Anything Japanese - Pictures, toys, Bento, even leaflets!

  • Lipgloss / Balm / make-up / Lush Products

  • Anything thats taken thought and time!

  • Any left over paper scraps that you think are interesting! - Torn, tiny, anything!

  • Interesting pics/images - even if its torn from a magazine!



Swap-Bot is a lovely place to be. I have met some awesome people here and would definately consider them friends. When going through a family tragedy I turned to Swap-bot to find anonymous faces to vent to. What I found were friends to vent to.

There is alot going on in the forums. But if your not interested and not involved my best advice to you is to stay out. You can use these to decipher who you'd maybe prefer not to swap with, but please bare in mind that others will be doing this when reading your replies.

In life, everyone's opinion is valid. Just be sure to stop and listen to other people's opinions before running off with your own.

We are women, hear us roar!


My Mum


July 2009

Mums cancer was beaten by the chemo, however, New Pre-cancerous cells were found. She is currently undergoing a 9 week treatment of BCG and Chemo with electrolocis to try to beat this bout. Whereas there was a better chance of it working last time, there is only a 20% chance of it working this time, so fingers crossed.

Many thanks for all your thoughts and wishes, You really do help and for that I am eternally humbled.


We found out in November that my Mum's bladder cancer has returned. She went in on Feb 6th (after the op being put off twice - once due to the Doctor being ill and once due her her having contracted awater infection) and had the tumour cut away, and chemo blasted straight in. She gets her results on 20th Feb - the day I go to Japan for a weekish, which I am really sad about :-( These results will determine what course of chemo to put her on, then in three months she has to go in for chemo for her Liver.

She is always really perky and i think the pain has hit her more than expected. She came back to work far too soon and has been sent home with a doctors note, as she has now developed a worse water infection.

I know she wil be tearing her hair out sitting at home bored. If anyone was thinking of sending anything to me I would like to request that maybe a card or note goes to my mum, I think she would really appreciate this. She loves anything her favourite colour is purple and her least favourite colour is green, but she generally loves anything colourful, Poodles, fish, coffee flavoured candy, Jelly Beans, Anything for her little poodle - Honey, Bookmarks or anything tropical/holiday-ish, magnets etc :-) her name is Aileen and she is 54 (But dont tell her I told you that!! :-p)

Thanks so much for reading this :-)


In late feb we found out that the cancer is a different one to the one she had previously, and is an aggressive form. She starts Chemo on 12/03/09, and will have it once a week for 6 weeks to start with, then we will take it from there.

Many many thanks for all the cards and gifts, I know she has loved recieving them and all the thoughts and wishes have really made us feel as if we are in someones thoughts, which means more to me now than I can ever express, a deepest heartfelt thank-you. xxx


Comment: Thank you for all the goodies!!
lilychouchou rated for Kitty for Goodies :-) on Aug 4, 2009
Comment: Wow! Thank you so much for the amazing package you sent me. I love it all! The book is wonderful and will help me on my witchy journey. :)
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thanks for the answers.
Comment: i loved my deathnote ATC . good job!
Response: Thanks for the great rating and heart, and pleased you liked!! xax
Comment: Thank you for the email, Anjee! I wasn't sure if you were able to keep in touch due to your travelling arrangements, but thank you for sharing your story with me. :) Have fun abroad and stay safe! Please let me know if you would still like to keep in touch during the summer!
Starogardzka rated for Diet Journals - December *Intl* on Feb 24, 2009
Comment: What a great, great package! Fantastic journal, well done you! Great glimpses of your life... And lovely extras. The mango stuff is fabulous, and the pedicure set was an answer to my dreams, as I had neglected my hind paws somewhat... I enjoyed the choc sachet as well. Thank you very, very much! :-)
graydragon rated for YOU ATC's on Feb 19, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much for the ATC's and lovely extras :-}
a1nnie rated for YOU ATC's on Feb 18, 2009
Comment: Thanks Anjee. I loved the ATCs and all the extras. The vintage pics will be very useful - I have a project in mind already! Thanks again.
4getmenot71 rated for Angels for Cheryl Atc's on Feb 11, 2009
Comment: Anjee! I am so sorry my rating is late! :( I got the WONDERFUL atc's and have sent Cheryl hers. You do such beautiful work! Thank you so much for joining this swap. :)
Response: Not a problem, just wanted to make sure they had been recieved safe and sound :-) Thanks for the great rating! xax
reauk rated for ☆GK Style Me☆: Candy on Feb 2, 2009
Comment: everything is fab thanxs so much
bobilani rated for ATC: Edward Scissorhands on Nov 30, 2008
Comment: Wow!!!! What a package!! Thank you so much! I LOVE the ATC you made - and the card (so cute)!! And all the extras you sent are awesome too! You didn't have to do all that - but I really do appreciate it :) Thanks again!!
Response: Thanks for being such a great and patient partner, hope to swap with you again soon! xax
Comment: Thanks.
LiveTheChaos rated for Awesome Atheist ATC's on Oct 28, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the great ATCs! I really like them!
Response: Thanks for the lovely rating - and the heart!
SadTomato rated for Awesome Atheist ATC's on Oct 24, 2008
Comment: loved your cards! the petals fell off the flower one in transit, but i put it back together :) great quotes!
Response: Aww sorry! Thought I had glued it good and tight - It just couldnt handle the pressue of travelling perhaps ;-) Thanks for the rating :-)
Comment: why can't I give 100+ hearts??? OMG what a treat to receive this package. I love everything in it: 'Big Betty', the pic of Yorkshire Pudding (I like the taste of it very much!), the shortbread, the fabric, the ATC and so on and on.....Thank you Anjee for making this a wonderful swap for me :-)
Response: I have only jus found this rating by accident! lol Thank you for the lovely comment and the heart - I was really worried about this one - It turns out it is impossible to find souvenirs here without going to a major city - which I thought I would be doing when I joined the swap :-( Thank you again, and I am so pleased you liked - Especially Big Better hehehe
Comment: i love the journal - it blew me away when i opened envelope, havent read it all yet but love what i have seen so far.
Comment: thank you soo much for the beautiful barbie! her hair is soo nice! =D
Comment: Oh my goodness! The drawers are sooo pretty and cute! the handles you used were the best. And the goodies stuffed inside are awesome. Definately would never have known that this was only your second matchbook(s). Thank you so much, it totally made my day to open the package. Last night, I was helping my 7 year old sister make some drawers for her dollhouse that we're working on together and I used yours to show her the finished project (since I was working on mine, too). She was amazed by yours and is totally trying to sucker me into giving it to her. haha! Thanks again! Sorry this is so long! xoxo
Response: Thanks for the awesome rating! :-) And I am glad you like, I had alot of fun making it - Cant wait for another matchbox swap, even though I am cutting down on my swaps I think these are going to be my weakness!! Kudos to your sister for trying ;-) hahaha! thanks for the heart <33 xax

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Bedazzle on Sep 27, 2011:

Hi! Seeing as you have an interest in Zombies. I'd like to invite you to view the trailer for an Independent Zombie Puppet Web Show, that my husband and I are making.

Dead Shed - The zombie puppet show

view the trailer @ www.youtube.com/user/deadshedshow


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raven on Jan 1, 2010:


raven on Jan 1, 2010:


Wishing you a Happy January Birthday from Raven and the Monthly ATC Swappers Group

stacirose on Oct 6, 2009:

It's been so long! I hope you will join me in our new group swap!!!

Chicks Who Read Are Sexy!

Thanks! Staci

Erdbeersternchen on Aug 22, 2009:

Sailor Senshi Club

Oh, come on! Join a simple Senshi postcards swap! (: Wish you a strawberrish day!

raven on Jul 19, 2009:


Josietai on Jul 14, 2009:

Hi Anjee!

Glad to hear from you again! I miss your presence & hope to see more pictures in your flickr :)

Take care,


mimmeli on Jul 11, 2009:

Am sending positive thoughts and energy for you and your mom and hope that she feels better soon!

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