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Birthday: February 27
Country: United States

About Me

11/22/20 - I probably won't be swapping much right now. As soon as I got a routine down for caring for my mom, my daughter needs care. So we are working on a routine for both of them. I have my hands pretty full. Let's hope 2021 is better!

Hi, my name is Heather. I live in West Virginia with my boyfriend, our 11 year old daughter, and our kitties. My favorite thing to do in life is playing with paper. I collect old paper stuff like receipts, calling cards, cigarette cards, letters, report cards and other stuff. I love making junk journals and making my planner pretty. Swapping has become my favorite hobby. I love sending and receiving goodies, postcards and especially handmade things.

Favorite Crafts

Junk journals, altered books and everything that goes with it. Dying paper, making ephemera.

I also love happy planners, bullet journals, travelers notebooks.

I love stamping, inking, painting with watercolors and acrylics, calligraphy (not good at that yet)


ATC's!! I didnt know they existed until a couple months ago.


Favorite Books

I haven't read much lately because I have a hard time picking books right now. But I love bios or memoirs mostly of old time mobsters I like things like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Handmaids tale. My all time favorite is She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. I also like easy reads like VC Andrew's, and Candace Bushnell.

If you have any easy, but good, reads to recommend right now I'll take it!



A- ATCs, altered books, altered playing cards, antique paper/everything, old advertising, avocado dyed paper

B- butterflies, birds, botanical, old bookpages, bookmarks, braille book pages, brads, buttons

C- coffee dyed paper, charms, collage, calling cards, cats, Christmas, calligraphy, corsets, cuss words

D- dried flowers, dogs, decopauge, dip pens, old deeds, daubers, dennison labels, dolphins, doodles, die cuts, doilies

E- eco-dyed paper, ephemera, embossing, embroidery, eye charts, envelopes, Edith Holden books/ or the like, eyelets, eyelash trim

F- flowers, flipbooks, fabric, fabric tape, fibers, foreign currency/ language

G- gelli prints, gesso, glue, glue books, old gangsters, geese, geisha

H- handmade, handwriting, happy mail, Happy Planner, Halloween

I- ink, Italy, illustrated flowers, good ideas

J- junk journals, all journals, jute, junk

K- kittens, kings

L- lace, letters, ledger, vintage ladies, libraries, library catalog cards

M- mail, maps, matte, markers, mod podge, matte medium, the mafia, magic eye, mixed media

N- napkins, notebooks, New York

O- OLD, old paper, old letters, old books, old photos, ODD, organization

P- PAPER, paper flowers, postcards, postage stamps, penny stamps, post marks, pansies, pens, punches, painted paper, paint, paper dolls, pockets, old photos, unique playing cards, pin-ups

Q- quill pens, quilting squares, queens, quotes

R- Rick rack, recycled material, the royal family

S- sewing, old sewing patterns, stamping, strange, squirrels, stickers, surprises, storage, steam punk, scrappy bits

T- tea stained paper, travelers notebooks, Tim Holtz, tags, tucks, tickets, thrift stores, old telephones, TMI, tarot

U- upcycle, unicycle

V- vintage, victorian, vellum, vulgarity, vinyl stickers, velocipede (bike)

W- watercolor, washi, words, wallpaper, Where's Waldo, washi stickers,

Y- YouTube

Z- zoo animals


Childish stickers. Neon colors. Loose glitter. Dirty things. Kawaii.

I'm really not picky, I can find use for most things. I do not drink tea but if you want to send please do. I have found lots of things to do with the packaging, and I'll use the tea for dying paper.


Book pages with beautiful handwriting or matte botanical illustrations

Inked up tracing papers

The paper with the little triangles all over it, kind of like graph paper.


Anything made by you that I can put into my journal


Square doilies

Foreign currency

Dennison labels

Sari silk

Washi stickers

Tarot cards

Pretty napkins

Embossed paper


Favorite Movies

Old gangster movies, documentaries, 80's movies my mom watched when I was a kid, comedy, anything with Melissa McCarthy, anything by Quentin Tarantino. I will watch anything really. I always have something playing in the background.


I will always send my swaps on time. I will always rate the day i get them. Please rate me so that i know you have received what i sent! If you happen to not recieve something from me, please let me know. If i make any kind of mistake please let me know, I am more than willing to fix it! I have never enjoyed a hobby like im enjoying this!

Please do not send dirty things.


I have been reading about a lot of postage due issues. I haven't had this happen so I'm not sure how it works. Even though I am a half a block from the post office, I cant always get there before it closes. If a package i send has to be weighed I make time but I cant do that every day. So I try to put correct amounts, or more. If it happens that you get something from me that has postage due and you pay it, even if its a nickel please let me know so I can make it right.


I'm very new to collecting postcards. But some of the things I like are... i hope this is a legit list. I'm still learning about what I like.


Dogs and other animals


Old ones with people on them, photography and other if that makes sense...

Victorian women, or couples

Vintage valentines, Easter and Christmas

Vintage funny or newer funny

Old casinos, motels, or desert land

Sea creatures, ocean images, dolphins

Old ships

Old New York or Italy

Weird ones, by that I mean possible bad language, odd photos anything.


I'd like to collect all the states, no particular style

Space or astrology

I want a Wheres Waldo badly!!


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