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amanda1334 on Oct 28, 2020:

Hi! I am your partner for the leave a comment #2 Swap! I apologize for the delay, due to fires in California my power has been out for the past couple of days.

Here is one of my favorite quotes! "Believe you can and you're halfway there."

hope you have a great day :) -amanda1334

Fabriqueen on Oct 25, 2020:

Hello Karina, I hope you are having a beautiful day with lots of time to do the things you love!

"Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive" Hugs, Diane

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cynaemon on Oct 25, 2020:

Hi, Karina,

I hope you and your family had a wonderful summer despite Covid restrictions. I know my sister and I did. Take care.

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pinklilly on Oct 20, 2020:

Leave a Comment #2.

Hello Karina, hope you are doing well and are staying healthy these days!! Wishing you a beautiful Fall season, love this season very much, especially the leaves changing colors!! I haven't seen too many here where I am but I am sure there are plenty places where they are. Love walking and crunching in the leaves... here is a quote for you:

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within you!!

FindingFunInLife on Oct 20, 2020:

Leave a Comment#2 Halloween Hope you enjoy your Halloween this year.

daenergymon on Oct 20, 2020:

I too am new to Swapbot. Isn't it fun!?! Leave a comment #2 Good day I hope you are getting some time for yourself in these uncertain times. Now more than ever we need good people to create a new Better normal. Stay Energized, aur

majork29 on Oct 20, 2020:

Wishing you a great day, stay safe and happy swapping.

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Kimspiration on Oct 20, 2020:

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Hello! 🐢 How are you? I hope you are great! Have a nice day!

Be safe!


LavenderSprinkles on Oct 13, 2020:

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Hello. Wow, a turtle! I love turtles. I had several as a child. They make great pets. Hope your turtle is having a good week! Have a great day!

mcovey on Oct 11, 2020:

Leave a comment swap! Hello from Virginia! I hope your day is going awesome!

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