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Oct. 06, 2022 Yikes! The Post lady just delivered about thirty-five pieces, including about twenty swaps. I see one postmark from 9/19... over two weeks ago.

She also informed me that there are only two people working inside the office and they are short two delivery people. She and the other three are working 10 to 11 hour days, to try to get all the mail delivered, and she says that they don't get overtime.

And postal rates keep going up and up.


9/8/2022 You may note a Yarmouth Port, MA address on traveling swaps and other things that I don't expect to get back for months. This is not my current address. We expect to move there in a couple months. I will receive mail to that address even if we haven't moved yet.


It's not just the incoming mail. I mailed a birthday card to a friend in the same town on 7/4, before noon, thinking it would be delivered by her birthday on the 7th. She received it on the 12th and it wasn't even postmarked until the 8th! Word is that the Regional Distribution Center is severely understaffed.


It amazes me that I get postcards from CA, OR, AZ... in three days but many mailed from lesser distances (MI, OH, PA...) have taken weeks. I received a swap from Australia a couple weeks ago, that was postmarked after a letter I got from Pennsylvania on the same day.


Profile Updated: May 18th 2022

Greetings form southern Maine,

ME: My name is Neal. It is spelled as if it were a last name because it was my Mother's maiden name. My family name could be both a first or last as well. Back when I used film to take pictures, the drugstore would have my prints filed under my first name more often than my last.

My wife, of 45 years (and bless her for putting up with me) and I live on a country road in a small rural town in southern Maine. I retired six years ago after 40+ years in electronic work. She still works at the local hospital, but has cut back to two or three shifts a week so we have more time to do things together.

We have two grown daughters and a granddaughter. Our grandchild turned five on Valentine’s Day. She is a hoot! I love every minute I can get with her. That was often, before Covid, and is quite a lot since adults have been vaccinated. Every time we see her, even after only a week some times, she has changed so noticeably. Her vocabulary grows all the time. As a contractor’s daughter, before she was three years old ,her vocab included terms like front-loader, backhoe, nail gun, plumber, backhoe, permit, staging, chop saw, and estimate. As a Doc McStuffins fan, her vocab includes diagnosis, treatment, and vaccination. All those terms she uses appropriately. I enjoy that I can have an actual conversation with her.

We also have a good friend with almost-eight-year-old triplets. I have had the pleasure of minding them since they were infant, when their Mother works and on other occasions when their mom has to do something or just wants a break. I am, for better or worse, their primary male roll model. My wife and I also do things with the four of them and enjoy the young ones as though they were grandchildren. They live less than two miles from us so we have seen them frequently, all be it masked and distanced until recently.

I am getting to a point where I can almost keep up with them again. I had Covid in January of 2021 and it left me weak, short of breath, with balance issues and with post-Covid fog-brain (yes, that’s a thing). I can walk over two miles now, though it has to be on a smooth flat surface, Fortunately, there are a couple rail-trails close by. I want little more than to take a nice long hike in the forest but I would trip over every rock and root in the trail.

In the winter, I like to snowshoe and I spend more time working on my Banknote collection (see below). In the summer I seek shade, hike, seek shade, work in my yard, and (did I mention this?) seek shade. I do not like hot weather and, for me, hot is anything over 68F. I’m a ginger (well, most of my hair is white now, but I still have the light complexion) so I have to be careful with how much sun I get.

MUSIC I like pretty much all kinds, depending upon my mood at any given time. My constant favorite groups are Pink Floyd, Warren Zevon, The Eagles, Talking Heads, Florence and the Machine, Dropkick Murphy's, Raining Jane). My favorite instruments to listen to are harpsichord, fiddle, cello, violin, sitar... all the strings, really. I don’t much like RAP or Hip-Hop as most of the lyrics seem to denigrate women. My town has a free, summer, outdoor music series, featuring local artists. The opening acts are young local musicians. I love it!

TV and MOVIES: I don’t watch TV. Not regular TV programs at least. I use my television to watch movies and anima from DVDs. I have a large DVD collection. According to the spreadsheet listing them, I currently have 1342 titles. Over half are horror and psychological suspense. I have decent sub-collections of anime and of Wizard Of Oz and Alice In Wonderland versions and related movies. My favorite movies are the Star Wars series and the Harry Potter movies. My favorite anime is When Marnie Was There.

READING: I like to read but am not a fast reader. I usually like young-adult horror, Sci-fi, and dystopia. YA books are usually not real long and fairly easy reads. That said, my two favorite authors are Stephen King and Douglas Adams. I have read everything they have written (aside from some of King’s screen plays and Adam’s Dr. Who radio program scripts), much of it more than once. I have read Adam’s 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy' [5-book trilogy] more than a dozen times in the past 30+ years and I have listened to King’s 'The Dark Tower' series five or six times.

The post-Covid fog-brain left me unable to read much at all for over three months. I could struggle through swap requirements, reading them three or four time to comprehend, and then having my wife check that I understood. I have been improving over the past few months so that I can now handle swaps and read magazine articles and such. I have recently been enjoying listening to audio books but have been sticking with those I have already read or listened to.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: I am an Amateur Radio Operator who enjoys contests. I also enjoy: Postcrossing, WheresGeorge, and Letterboxing. I like to fly in small plains but don't do it much as it can be quite expensive. Mostly, I enjoy working in my yard and garden. I keep flowering plants that attract butterflies and Hummingbirds and grow milkweed for the Monarch Butterflies.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I love taking pictures but don't consider myself a "photographer". They put thought and effort into their work. I just set my shutter on continuous and squeeze off five to ten shots. Usually a couple will be good. I find this method works well when trying to get photos of active children.

TRAVEL: My wife and I enjoy 'seeing the world'. I particularly enjoy our two-week-ish road trips to areas of our own country. I also enjoy traveling by rail and use that option whenever I can. It disappoints me greatly that my own country has what is probably the least used - per capita - passenger rail system of any country in the world and is vary limited because of it.

We have, of course, not travelled other than to see our children and grandchild over the past year-and-a-half. A rail trip through Canada and two domestic road trips have been cancelled so far. We hope to do a road trip this fall but it is going to be a long time before we are comfortable flying again.

SWAP INTERESTS: I came to Swap-bot mostly for Postcard Swapping but I have now tried several other things that interest me. I have made some ATC’s but it will be a little while before I try swapping any but the most basic.

POSTCARDS: I look forward to meeting new people through PC swaps. I often find a short message as enjoyable as the card itself. I like getting almost any card. (See my few dislikes below) Anything that will tell me something about you or your country, town, or area.

Multi-view cards are fine for me. I think of them as like receiving several nice little cards all in one. Handmade cards are fine. I think that a lot of people miss out on some very interesting things by not wanting handmade PCs. LGBTQIAPK related are fine. Just not too kinky, please. I am straight so nude/partial nude guys don't do anything for me. I have friends who are, and friends with children who are LBG... I support them.


TRAIN cards (Diesel and Electric more than steam) Railroad stations (Historic to modern) Historic buildings, architecture (especially those particular to your area) Though I am not a religious person, I do like PC's of churches, cathedrals. mosques, alters, etc. They represent some of the finest and most lovely architecture. Your country's currency, especially paper banknotes. A card showing your National Bank or Mint would be nice. Traditional, native, or ceremonial dress / costume. Children (children are the best thing ever invented!) If only the sounds of children laughing could be sent on a PC... If you are a Ham Radio Operator, I would enjoy one of your QSL cards. I enjoy a MESSAGE on the card. Just a little something about yourself, your family, work, hobbies, town, region, or country. What has the weather been? How does the garden grow?

Note: I like handmade postcards and will never mark down for a decent handmade PC, even if the swap specifies 'Store bought only".

DISLIKES: Subjects I don’t particularly care for: NUDITY CATS (domestic… I like wild cats – lion, lynx, bobcat, leopard, etc.) POLITICAL RELIGIOUS (Except religious buildings and costume are fine)

I truly dislike anything that DENIGRATES WOMEN… anyone, any group, especially as a joke.

Send that postcard NAKED... unless it is hand-made and you are really concerned about it getting damaged. I received 'roughed up' PCs all the time. Very few (that don't have Washi tape on them) are damaged significantly. A cancellation mark, bar codes, and even a little scuffing adds to the charm... makes them look "travelled".

WASHI TAPE ON POSTCARDS causes damage to them. While I have Washi tape and stickers, will swap them, and use them in some crafts, I am not a fan at all of it on postcards or envelopes. It seems to cause problems with the postal sorting machines. Almost every PC I get with Washi around the edges is torn and/or badly scuffed with pieces of the tape loose or are torn right off, along with pieces of the card. Also, Washi and stickers take up message space and I would rather see a nice message from you.

PASTELS and MARKERS: I have gotten some PCs that were written in pastel colored markers. While colorful, they are hard for me to read. I would prefer the message be done in a good old black or blue ink pen and I can't help but think that the post office would like the address done that way too.

LANGUAGES: Like most Americans (shame on us), I only really speak and read English. I knew some Spanish and a little German, many years ago -- even a few phrases of Russian -- but I have not used them in many a year, so they are pretty much gone. I know several Japanese words and phrases by sound, from watching Anime, but can not read the language and couldn't have much of a conversation..

I would love to see a few words in your own language, with a translation in English, if you could. (especially Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic, Abugida... as I do not have the capability of entering ideograms into Google Translate. At least I don't know how.)

HOME-MADE POSTCARDS: love making my own PC's from found images. I can usually find a nice image that suits a Partner's likes better than the commercial PCs I have. If the swap doesn't prohibit it and there is nothing in your profile saying you don't like them, there is about a 40% chance you will get a handmade postcard from me. If a swap requires an envelope, there is a fair chance that will be hand made too.

I am generally not interested in DIRECT SWAPS and I will not respond to any card that I have not received as a part of a valid swap. Sorry. If you really want something special from my area, message me first.

I COLLECT BANKNOTES / Paper Currency that is currently or recently in circulation in other countries. When I get a new piece, I research the currency history for that country and the specific people and places that are pictured on the bill. I then write a page, outlining the information, to go in my album with it. I have made my collection available to local elementary school Teachers who have used it in lessons. Go to the end of my profile to see a list of the banknotes I am still in need of.

I also collect FLUTES and small figurines of OWLs and TURTLES

EXTRAS - While I appreciate the thought, if it isn't something related to my listed interests, I probably won't use it but pass it on. I'm afraid that I can not afford to send a lot of extras.

The best way to get a HEART from me is not to send 'extras' but to write something about yourself, your family, town, or country. I love a 'personal touch'.

KID FRIENDLY SWAPS - I may join one, from time to time, to share with my three favorite pseudo-grandkids. They are two girls and a boy, vegetarians, love stickers and anything they can color. They like animals, colorful pictures and being outside. They love being read to. They do not use video games or watch television.

I will list other likes as my swap interests dictate.

I hate to write this but...

When I started here and had read several profiles, I wondered why people wrote some of the things they did. After dealing with more than one unhappy partner, I find myself writing the same sort of thing.

My understanding of "Hearts" is that they are given for something special. It is very easy to get a heart from me. You do not have to send extras. All you have to do is write a bit of a message on / with the swap. Tell me a little something about yourself, your family, where you live, what you love, what you hate... I enjoy and reward that.

If you do the absolute minimum to satisfy the swap, you will get a five from me but not a heart. I expect nothing more from anyone for myself. I can't afford to send a lot of extras to people but I do try to write a note with each swap, which I hope people will find interesting and appreciate.

Thanks for reading my profile.

Best Wishes, have fun swapping, and Take Care!

. .

“You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” - Robin Williams

. .

Banknotes I need: (Note: I do not collect coins)

Comorian franc,

Danish krone,

franc pacifique (CFP franc),

Guyanese dollar,

Norwegian krone,

Saint Helena pound,

Swazi lilangeni,

Tunisian dinar,

Vatican City Lire,

. .


Comment: Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you find happiness in the new condo and don’t miss your animals too much. Happy holidays!
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard and I love your pet peeves.
colleenbUSA rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #148 on Dec 4, 2022
Comment: I'm sorry to hear you were bullied! I was lucky and only bullied for my dyslexia for about a year and a half. I got lucky and had a mom who was studying special education so I was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD very early. Most kids in the 90s and before just struggled. I know my dad has both too, so she saw it in me and I know he had the same situation in school with grades as you as well. But he was able to get a computer science degree with my mom's help in the advocating/ typing department.
littlehana86 rated for I dream of travelling to #1 on Dec 2, 2022
Comment: Thank you very much for the cards. Your story is so inspiring. I really want to try road trip around my country. Some have done it and make nice post about it. May one day I manage to do that.
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard and for participating in this swap.
Neenarneenar rated for book im reading pc 24 usa on Nov 30, 2022
Comment: Thank you!
vigdisblom rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #147 on Nov 30, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the card, it was so cool.
Comment: Hello Neal, Thankyou for forwarding the PC. I think you are right about the mail, yours only took 12 days this time! Hope they can keep it up over christmas! Hope you have a great holiday time and are able to share with friends and family.All the best for 2023!🐇🐰
colleenbUSA rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #146 on Nov 28, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful grey wolf PC! I loved Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Giver, have you read the whole quartet of The Giver books? Sorry for the delayed rating I got food poisoning around Thanksgiving.
sschibetts rated for TELL ME #9 on Nov 26, 2022
Comment: love the bear postcard! Surprisingly, lava lamps were a fad for me growing up the in the 2000's! thanks for sharing!
Comment: Oh goodness, what fun and unique playing cards that you shared with me! I loved them all, thank you! I also really enjoyed the note you took the time to write me. So fun to read about you and your brother's marathon horror movie watching (and oh my goodness the size of your collection!). I also just collect playing cards for the fun designs and not to create a deck, it's quite addicting! Good luck on your moving adventure come spring (^v^)
geadik123 rated for Here and there - Postcard swap on Nov 24, 2022
Comment: Thankt for your super swap :)
Comment: sorry for late rate. must did hit the save button
BusyB rated for Postcards With a Prompt #205 - US Only on Nov 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the NY postcard. What an impressive list of buildings!
nicolebrooke23 rated for TELL ME #10 on Nov 22, 2022
Comment: Thank u for sharing with me about your loved ones.
Comment: Thank you ♥♪♫*¨*•.¸¸❤ 📬and Happy Thanksgiving! 🍞🍗🍌
AJ73 rated for TELL ME #10 on Nov 21, 2022
Comment: Thank you for sharing and being open about all the tragedy with your friends. You have been through some very difficult times. Your honesty has touched my heart and I feel closer to you now. Many blessings to you.
octobereve930 rated for TELL ME #10 on Nov 20, 2022
Comment: thank you for your very candid reply, I am so so sorry. 11/19
myancey rated for TELL ME #10 on Nov 19, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing this card. I just hit a deer this past Monday and the card u sent of the moose is very similar to the buck I hit.

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cmalaina on Oct 1, 2022:

Happy October !!

Robinarie on May 4, 2022:

@DheerajReddy may be the one who sent the lovely PC, from India, of the Charminar Mosque in Hyderabad. It was dated 12th Oct. 2021. Go to her page and message her. Maybe.......

loverofpostcards on Sep 14, 2021:

Neal Transportation swap #2 I have just found out it is supposed to be 2 postcards! Did I send you 1 or 2 postcards? Please let me know so I can correct it if it is wrong. Regards Glennys

HappyMom on Sep 8, 2021:

Hi Neal - I love the card you selected for ESG: 3-2-1 when you thought it was a postcard swap! I hope we get rich colors this fall... Lately, we've had a less-than-impressive season!

LavenderSprinkles on Sep 7, 2021:

Yes, you can type the letter!

cmalaina on Jul 4, 2021:


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So beautiful!

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From My Area 🌞 Quick Profile Deco

Piping Plover

This is one of our Endangered Birds, the Piping Plover. They like to nest in the reeds on our beaches. They are so cute! We have warning signs up over the southern coastline to make sure no one disturbs them during the breeding season. Look at this chick with a black band; about 2 weeks old. Piping plover Chick

lyssathemermaid on Apr 25, 2021:

From My Area 🌞 Quick Profile Deco Hey lovely! Thanks for participating in this swap! In my area we have an unusual looking bird called the roseate spoonbill. The end of its beak is flattened like a spoon, and their wingspan shows off their beautiful pink feathers! Theyre commonly found in marshy areas along the coast of Florida

camelsamba on Jan 23, 2021:

(ugh, sorry for that giant image - feel free to delete!)

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