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Hello... My name is Paige. (Slytherin if you are wondering)

Random Things/Themes I like

We have a 28' Travel Camper...I love camping, so fun and so freeing...well in the camper. You still can't get me to camp in a tent!

  • Whimsical Art (made by you)
  • Scarves
  • Cats (I have 1 cat named Willow)
  • Dogs (I have an Australian Shepherd named Molly and a Border Collie named Max)
  • Interesting/easy recipes (NO MUSHROOMS)
  • Note Cards w/ envies (blank on inside)
  • Handmade Envies that will hold 4x6 postcards
  • Fun children activities...4-5 years olds
  • Postcards (unused or sent naked) in any themes listed below
  • Stickers...No child/teacher/freebie type/3D/foam
  • Octopus...Well anything related to sea creatures but mainly octopus
  • Writing Pens
  • Fingerless Gloves (my office is freezing!)

Postcard Themes

  • Fall/Winter
  • Abandoned Buildings (especially hospitals)
  • Flowers
  • Birds (especially Blue Jays & Cardinals)
  • Zentangles
  • Illustrations
  • Art (especially "free style or free form)
  • "Off the Wall"
  • Zombies/Monsters/Macabre
  • Vintage Halloween Patterns/Art work
  • Blues/Greens/Pearls/Purples/Oranges (think Autumn Tones...NOT Spring Tones)
  • Random Shapes
  • Vintage Circus Themes (minus the clowns though)
  • Haunted Places
  • Harry Potter


  • Pumpkin Flavored Stuff
  • Scrap Booking Items
  • Random bits of paper
  • Teacher / School Themes
  • Bland/Blah/Boring
  • Real Life Looking (i.e. I would rather have cartoon looking cat sticker sheets instead of "real life" looking sticker sheets) I don't mind real looking for postcards though

Absolutely NOT:

  • Anything that demoralize people (regardless of race/sex/sexual orientation, ethnicity etc.)

  • Anything showing negativity towards animals/children.

  • Anything about US Presidents...they are where they are mainly because of the $$ in their pockets...and until an honest caring person (black/white/male/female) is elected that truly cares about American people, I honestly and without remorse do NOT care to discuss it. No matter which side of the fence you are on.

I prefer a handwritten (personal) note on the backs of postcards versus a generic one. If you can't think of anything to write (and I know this can happen)...you can try one or two of the ideas below:

Postcard Topic Ideas

  • Favorite animal and why
  • Favorite color (how does it make you feel)
  • Tell me about your hobbies
  • Favorite time of year and why
  • Tell me about your children/grandchildren
  • Favorite Television Show (and what makes it your favorite)
  • Do you think we have anything in common, based on this profile...why?

If you are still stumped ... I also love doodles and little drawings. It doesn't have to be over the top or artistically perfect...just something special to you. :)

TV Shows:

  • The Walking Dead
  • American Horror Story
  • Game of Thrones
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Bates Motel (So sad when series ended)

Random things the world doesn't need:

  • Racism
  • Body Shaming
  • Abuse (of any kind)
  • Media making mountains out of molehills
  • Liver & Onions


jukejan rated for WED: Weird-Ass Postcard #1 on Jul 16, 2018
Comment: Holy Mackerel, that was one weird PC. My own mailout fails in comparison. I got a good laugh, thanks, Paige! Camping season has been thwarted by shorebirds. Attempting maiden trip this coming weekend. Your new toy sounds great!
Response: Glad you like the card, and yeah I have a couple weird ones like that. Good luck with your maiden camping trip! I can't wait till we go again...just 2 more weeks.
MMark rated for July: Simple Storebought PC swap x3 on Jul 12, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the postcard!
Response: You are welcomed. :)
Mye rated for We Love Washi♥ on Jul 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for the samples and sharing a little bit about yourself :) I hope the painters met your expectation :)
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating. (The painters did a pretty good job, not flawless, but good.)
Artstamper rated for CUCrew: One Mag HMPC on Jul 10, 2018
Comment: Wow what a great colorful PC! Love it, thanks so much.
Response: You are most welcomed. :)
DanielaF rated for July: Simple Storebought PC swap x3 on Jul 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you SOOO MUCH for that gorgeous postcard! I love it and the stamps are great! :)
Response: Glad you enjoyed it. :)
Sagebrushs rated for Flower Power PC (US Only) on Jun 29, 2018
Comment: Pretty, thank you.
Response: You are most welcomed
shortkakesweety rated for Bird PC Swap (US Only) on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: I love the stamps you used!!
Response: Thank You for the great rating! Glad you liked the stamps!
CindyST rated for PTG: Send it Home PC swap on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: Received your postcard, thank you so much for all the extra postcards. Love them :D
Response: You are completely welcomed!
shellyc rated for CPG Quickie - 25 stickers - global on Jun 27, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your hot pink envie of cute stickers and also the kawaii memo sheets, I'll enjoy using them all! :D
Response: Glad you enjoyed everything. :)
dustcollector rated for Bird PC Swap (US Only) on Jun 27, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the card and stamps. I get mostly blue jays and cardinals at my birdbath. There's an occasional woodpecker or mockingbird. Out front I get a turkey vulture or two looking for cat food. The birdbath is in the backyard where there aren't cats.
Response: Thank You for the kind rating! We had to get rid of our birdbath...our cat would jump the fence. LOL
katmandu rated for Flower Power PC (US Only) on Jun 26, 2018
Comment: Beautiful PC! And gardenias are one of my favorite flowers too for the same reason! Yes, cactus do bite (hee hee), but so do roses, and I was bitten by one the other day! Ouch! Thank you!
Response: LOL...I'll bet the roses in Alice in Wonderland were biters!.
Comment: Thank you for the great PC-lovely:-)
Response: Glad you liked it! :)
sabbysteg rated for CPG Animal PC - Global on Jun 23, 2018
Comment: Thank you Paige!
Response: :) As always you are completely welcomed! I always smile when we are partnered!
CindyST rated for CPG At the Beach PC - Global on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you :)
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for the wonderful rating
Comment: Thank you for this wonderful postcard :) An Octopus would make an interesting pet :) <3 <3 <3
Response: And how much fun would it be to take an octopus for a walk? LOL
ScrapHappyGabi rated for What The Hell? PC Swap on Jun 11, 2018
Comment: HAH!!!! This PC definitely wins the WTH Award ! There is some crazy $hit going on here with this! LOL Thank you so much!!! hahahah!
Response: Bahahahaha...it was nuts wasn't it. Thanks for the wonderful rating.
ScrapHappyGabi rated for Naked PC Swap on Jun 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you, Paige! I love it! Snow White and the 7 Dwarves is a definite favorite of mine! I will use this PC in my planner as a divider page!! It's SO CUTE!! xx
Response: Yea! I hoped you would enjoy it! :)
ContraryHousewife rated for FS: Decorated Postcards on Jun 6, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the lucky elephant, many happy returns. Love the cute stickers and doodles. :)
Response: Glad you like it! :)
piratecaptainmo rated for FS: Decorated Postcards on Jun 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the fabulous PC! I love it!!! And the decorations are great too!
Response: You are completely welcome! :)
CHOWEFACE rated for Scattergories PC Series - S on May 29, 2018
Comment: Awesome 3D card~ I don't have many of these so thanks for adding to the collection!
Response: You are most welcomed!

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VivaLaDiane on Jul 16, 2018:

I love you Miss Paige. ♥♥

zurdoswifey on Jul 13, 2018:

Thanks for the the 10,9,8,7,6 tag in the PFs...everything you sent was fabulous =)

LauraM540 on Jul 10, 2018:

Thanks for the random envie from the Who Likes? Tag!

kiddomerriweather on Jul 6, 2018:

Thank you for sending me two sticker sacks for the Swap Tag US in the PF. That was so generous of you! You are the bestest!

simcoe54 on Jul 5, 2018:

RAK LA PC - Global -- Thanks so much for the 2 wonderful postcards & sticker. The pcs are perfect for my collection!!!!

Hell0Z0mbie on Jul 3, 2018:

Thank you so much for the RAK! The kitty stuff is all adorable, I love it. You're the best!!

Ryleighsmom on Jun 29, 2018:

Thank you SO much for the birthday mail you sent to Ryleigh!! So cute!! She loved it! June CPTG wishes

foxyfoxy on Jun 28, 2018:

Just received the postcards!!! Thank you so much! I love them!

LadyJo on Jun 27, 2018:

Thank you for the postcards and sticker! The postcards are really nice! Thanks for sending these!

susieq11 on Jun 26, 2018:

Thank you for the California postcard RAK! Very cool postcards and sticker! - I collect those! You brightened my day for sure! xo

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