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greenraisin on Feb 9, 2012:

Hi! I'm hosting the swap "Happy Bithday Pisces People" thought you might like to check it out -Thanks

biasbabe on Dec 31, 2011:


Have a wonderful New Year!

biasbabe on Dec 19, 2011:


Happy Holiday!

PaulandLeezy on Dec 10, 2011:

Hi I am your partner for the make a friend, swap-bot style! I liked the part of your profile about your family- I think that is very sweet! I have added Dr. Who to my netflix watch list, I am going to start watching! Also, your boys remind me of my little brothers who are the same age. I also just started stamping, and I like it so far. I am happy to see we have so much in common, it was great learning more about you! Have a great day.

niinaa06shadow on Dec 5, 2011:

hello dear friend, how are you doing??!!! i read you profil and you have a lot of intersting things... i really like every thing... i can wait to see you scrapbbok of 2011, cause i love so much scrapbooking... i see that you are looking for ribbons, i can send you some if you are interested...!!! i'm happy to read your profil and to be your partener... hope to see you another time, take care

Bridie on Dec 1, 2011:

Amber! I had a lot of fun reading your profile, it seems you have a great passion and desire to learn, I love that!

Also, your husband got you into Doctor Who? That's fantastic! I've come across few people residing outside of the UK/Australia/NZ who entertain the thought of British TV, let alone a Sci-Fi series that's been going on for nearly 1000000000 years, haha very cool. Plus it cracked me up seeing you like Charmed. You're just about the only other person in the world who I've met who can sit through an entire episode of that show. But I love it as well!

Anyway, this comment has gone on long enough, I'll leave some room on your profile for everyone else! Bridie

biasbabe on Nov 9, 2011:


Here is a flower too brighten up your day! From The SWMHC

PJ on May 31, 2011:

I don't remember whether I ever acknowledged your thanks for the Dr. Who stuff ... I had a hectic couple of weeks before I left for vacation and wasn't online much so have lost track a little :-/

But, you are welcome and I hope your creativity might have been sparked by the items!

pearlywhitesmile on May 2, 2011:

Will keep you in my thoughts for things to settle down for you.

I will be sending my mini journal to you soon as the send date is coming up on us. I do hope you can return to swapping soon in the near future.

Hugs, Sandy

ninjapirate on Apr 28, 2011:

Life just piles up on us sometimes. I'll be praying for peace of mind, healing.patience, guidance, wisdom, and whatever else you need! Check back in when you can to decompress and take your mind off stuff.

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