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About Me


I'm just crazy in love with stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I should be called the obsessive compulsive disordered crafter, when I put a swap together I tend to go overboard sometimes, well, a lot of times, or not at all. I just never know.. I get obsessed with things, ummm...it’s hard to explain. 😐

I’m in a love-hate relationship with Swap-bot. I really care about the swaps that I'm in and I read profiles and I put some time & thought into packages I send, and it's not fun when I run into someone that doesn't. As you can see, I've been here since 2015 and I've only participated in 48 swaps. I don't do a lot of swapping here (2 swaps a month) but I'm always on the look out for an interesting swap (always).

I absolutely love weird & odd swaps, I'm always looking for ghost, dark themes and mysterious ones. I grew up in a haunted house and have been connected to the paranormal world ever since. I don't ghost hunt any longer, but I do miss it. UPDATE (12/1/17): Just when I said I wouldn't, I did more ghost hunting...I just returned from doing some paranormal research in Savannah GA, and Charleston SC. Savannah was just beautiful & I got a great ghost photo at the Tybee Island Lighthouse.

I take a photo of almost everything I've ever sent out here at Swap-bot. If you're my swap partner and you want to see what I'm sending you take a look at my Flickr link. I post a photo pic right after I've gone to the post office & marked my swap as sent.

P.s...I find a lot of iconic religious imagery very interesting and sometimes will use these images in my art work, especially the sacred heart images. I think I'm obsessed with them. I'm not trying to convert, I just find these images beautiful and sometimes tragically so.

My workplace buddy... Imgur

Favorite Crafts

Altering objects: Matchboxes, altoid tins, tags, spoons, wine corks, book covers, keys, etc. l love fiber arts as well...lots of projects get put under my sewing machine needle (I don't sew much, I just use it for crafting)...Prayer Flags are fun in the spring & summer. I make jewelry and charms out of bits & bobs of found objects, old jewelry pieces, antique finds, yadda, yadda, and soldering things together is so much fun. Lately I have been obsessed with single color and color combo inspiration packs.

Paper: I like to make Twinchies, Moos, mini flipbooks, pocket books, sometimes ATC cards (I got burnt-out on them), only if I love the theme or challenge will I join an ATC swap.

My Swap Mentality

Likes... Vintage, Antique stores & items, vintage Victorian gothic, vampires, marzipan, vintage religious rosaries & medals, shabby chic, 💎 bling (rhinestones, swarovski crystals), sparkle, velvet, - German glass glitter & dresden, teal blue, blues, burnt orange, vintage pink & gold, silver, opal, moonstone, oddities, beads, interesting and artsy buttons, unique feathers, Sari & Hanna silk ribbon, birds, 😸cats, crows/ravens/magpie, owls, foxes (I love animals, sometimes more than people), French themes, Paris 1920's-early 30's (Henry Miller-Anaïs Nin), England, Jack the Ripper, Scotland, Celtic, Vikings, Steampunk, vintage Russian or French Ballerina images - Vintage or creepy sad clowns (I'm so tempted to send clown imagery to someone that's afraid of them), ghosts, 🌙🌙Moon & Stars ⭐️⭐️, gypsy /fortune telling - Alice in Wonderland, Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo - spray inks - stencils - washi tape - gothic cemetery images - vintage catholic images/prayer cards - ✨St. Michael everything ✨

I like to rate 💌 If I haven't rated you, I haven't received anything from you. I rate the day I get my swap, if I can't that day then it's always the day after. ---->That's carved in stone.

I collect vintage matchboxes - small boxes - small tins, metal number 3s (basically anything with a 3 on it.), small cigar boxes and odd trinkets & charms. I also have a nice collection of old doll heads (my little friends).

I always try to pop some extras in my package to my partners if there is room. I love passing things on that you might be able to use in your next swap or that you might like. I love getting little surprises in the mail🎁 But yes, please rate me for the swap I sent you not for the extras. If your profile says no extras, I will not send any...I'll try, It won't be easy, but I promise not to send you anything extra. 💕

Dislike... Swappers that spend little or no time on their partner's swap item. Themes I'm not crazy about: Valentine's day, beach & summer. Dislike: animals in cages or zoos, adult coloring books/pages, zentangle, plastic beads, tea bags (I drink loose-leaf tea only). Hate: anything satanic.




Current Mood...

Imgur Imgur

The moon is hidden behind a cloud... On the leaves is a sound of falling rain... No other sounds than these I hear; The hour of midnight must be near... So many ghosts, and forms of fright, have started from their graves to-night, They have driven sleep from mine eyes away; I will go down to the chapel and pray.



noun 1. a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause. "an air of melancholy surrounded her”


butterflystampede rated for Bits of Ribbon - US only on May 16, 2018
Comment: My oh my oh my! What a treat it was to get your package today. I just love every bit of it! Every single thing in the box is something I will enjoy using, right down to the lovely tissue paper you wrapped it all in. You touched my heart with your attention to detail and thoughtfulness... Much love to you!
Response: I’m touched by your kind words. 💗⭐️🌙 🌸
Seacrow rated for Lace and Ribbon Curiosities on May 7, 2018
Comment: Sandara, this is absolutely the most beautiful and generous swap gift I have ever received. It is literally a thrill uncovering beautiful item after item (because I keep going through the lovely package again and again)! I am so grateful to you for your generosity. I had a hint that it would be a true treasure when I first saw the mailing box--so artistic and pretty. Beside myself trying to tell you how much I LOVE the beautiful treats you sent. Wish I could give you the entire Milky Way in stars. You are amazing. Words do not do justice to your thoughtfulness and creativity! Thank you so very much.
Response: Wow, what a sweet and very kind rating. Thank you. 🕊💕🌙⭐️
kfaye rated for Junque Yard Angel on Apr 26, 2018
Comment: I love the angel you made!!! I hung her up in my she-shed :) Thank you for the beautiful tea bag holder too!
Response: Wow, what a fast rating, thanks! You have she-shed, I would love to have one...I’m jealous. 😺✨🌙
CraftyCathy31 rated for Vintage Curiosities on Apr 24, 2018
Comment: Thanks for a wonderful swap filled with very interesting vintage curiosities. I cherish them all! You are generous!💖❤️🌹💜💙
Response: You're very welcome. I just loved putting that together for you. :)
RooBaRoo rated for T - Prayer Flag Swap March 2018 on Apr 22, 2018
Comment: So much love!!!! I LOVE your style. Darling, Thank you for a pocketful of magic! Your two-sided prayer flag is so wonderous! Girl, you have printed on cloth, & made it look effortless! Your flag's "unaraveling" looks like magic! Now I'm kind of embarrassed of MY flag :D Thank for the box of magic- my FIRST matchbox !!! (So, I'm going to keep the "first" tag *with* it. Is that charm with the squirrel made from an acorn-top? Wow! How did you know how to transport me into a fairy wood? AND, you are the queen of wrapping. At each layer, I DIDN'T want to unwrap! I love those understated golds & blues ... I wish I get partnered with you every month ;)
Response: Yeah, I wrap my swaps like crazy & tape them to death sometimes. I'm so happy that package arrived to you safe and sound. Oh, and yes, that was an acorn top from my backyard. :)
Lishmo rated for Free Themed Serial Killer ATC on Apr 18, 2018
Comment: This swap package - an absolute treasure! Your attention to detail is amazing, the ATC is gorgeous, dark, and beautiful. All the carefully curated items - a perfect Victorian crime experience ... Thank you so very much.
Response: I was trying to do my best to impress you 😁. Thank you for your kind words. 🌙🌟
allthingsregency rated for Theme: Birds on Mar 23, 2018
Comment: As soon as I saw the beautiful mail art I knew this was going to be an awesome swap and it didn't disappoint! Wow! I can't believe all the wonderful bird items you sent and it's totally my style! Your thoughtfulness and the care you put into this swap was much appreciated and I am looking forward to creating some fun mail with my items. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I greatly enjoyed your long note and how creative of you to include a picture of your cat and feeders. My cats like to watch the birds too, though one of them likes to catch them. :( Thankfully this doesn't happen all that often. I wish you a wonderful spring and I herby shower you with hearts! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Response: What a great rating to wake up to on Saturday morning. I really appreciate your wonderful comments. Thank you. :)
Comment: You have no idea how perfect this award you made me is. Work has been hellacrazy. This was a very cool package, chock full of fun treasures. Love the story that goes with the award. Thank you so much for an amazing swap!
Response: This swap had to be one of my favorites so far, I’m glad you liked it. 😺
Comment: What an amazing swap...from the beautiful packaging to the little box of extras!! Absolutely LOVE the medal and the tin that you displayed it in along with the great backstory:) I had an Aunt Edith and your story about her is amazingly accurate. You are an amazing artist and I want to thank you for sharing your talent with me!
Response: Thank you for those kind words Lu, I really appreciate it. Funny you have an aunt Edith... I googled vintage names and that was the 1st one that popped up. :)
dartha rated for TIAZ: Craftiness in a Bag Int'l on Mar 3, 2018
Comment: OMG what an amazing box of goodies. You are so sweet!!!! I owe you a lunch or something. Thank you so much, darla
Response: Oh hey...a free lunch! :)
starhiker rated for TSJ: A Book To Teach Yourself US on Feb 26, 2018
Comment: Great Books! I love them both thanks so much. I can't give you a bunch of little hearts foe the cute coaster because they tell me thats what messed up this rating prior to this we'll see.
Response: Thanks Andi, you're the best!
PeliKat rated for Color Me Whimsey--PINK on Feb 6, 2018
Comment: Sandara, thank you SO much for the fantastic whimsey jar you sent to me! I had such fun opening the beautiful box - that was like a gift itself! - and going through the treasures that you included. It was extra fun because I had a couple of friends with me when I opened it, and each item brought a comment or exclamation from us! The fringe you put around the top of the jar shouted "Party!" and that's what opening it was! Even the lid was decorated beautifully! I don't know how you did that, but the picture and the sparkle around it was fabulous! I loved the ribbons, the washi tape, the sequins, and the buttons. We all chuckled about the line of flamingos, and the pigs on toothpicks. I would love to sit down with you and find out about each item, like the tiny pink bottle of wine... LOL! And the 'diamonds' on the wire - those turned into diamond rings while we checked out everything else... This jar was the most fun I've had in a long time! Thank you so much for all the thought and effort you put into it. You've set a high standard for me to follow and for anyone who sends out a whimsey jar to match. If I could, I'd mark this with a gigantic heart to show how much I loved it. You ROCK!!!!
Response: Oh gosh Kathy, I’m super psyched you enjoyed that pink whimsy Jar. Thank you for such a great rating...😺 My favorite things went in there, and the jar didn’t break—->Yippi 🌟
Created46 rated for VTHS: Choose Your Handmade Swap on Jan 21, 2018
Comment: Wow this is stunning and I adore all the little pockets. I am so excited to hang this on display.
Response: It was my 1st snippet roll, glad you liked it. :)
fairyduster53 rated for Recycled Ornament on Dec 15, 2017
Comment: Oh My Goodness!!!! This was the most beautiful swap I have ever received!! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! You know what I love!! Thank you so much!!
Response: Wow! Thanks for the heart and the super fast rating. Hope you have a great Christmas.
Comment: i wish I could rate you more than a five and a heart. What a wonderful magpie journal. Thanks so much.
Response: Thanks for rating so fast!! I'm so happy it's in your hands now. :)
Twishlow rated for WIYM: Mini flipbook vintage on Jul 5, 2017
Comment: Omg!!!! If I could give you 10 hearts I would!! Your flipbook is amazing! Wow......I have to say this is probably the best swap I've received so far.....thank you for the time and effort you put into making it and the extra goodies are awesome! 😘😘😘 thank you!
Response: I love vintage themes so this was too much fun to create, I'm glad you like it.. Thanks for the rating & heart. PS-you have a great Instagram account!
RockyBeach rated for Foreign Papers Mail Art on Jul 4, 2017
Comment: Sandara- I adore your raven! So great how you collaged all the paper bits to match the feathers. I had to look twice to recognize that the raven wasn't printed originally that way. Just love it! And all the goodies! I think I love every bit of it. Thanks so much for making this a special sending!
Response: I'm so happy it arrived so soon! I love Germany!! Thank you for the rating. :)
ChinaCat rated for TSJ: Create a Small Art Doll on Jun 15, 2017
Comment: What a beautiful creation!!! I just love her gothic vibe, like she stepped right off the pages of a Poe or H.P. Lovecraft story. Thank you so much ~ I'll cherish her! And thank you for the bag of awesome little goodies too! xo
Response: Thank you. I was a little worried that it would be too dark, so I'm glad you were okay with it. :)
PrairieKittin rated for Spooktacular May Oddities on May 20, 2017
Comment: WOW!! I love everything in it!! What a great birthday present! I opened the heart box first. Steve and I saw an anatomically correct heart necklace yesterday and we were both saying how much we loved it! The skull oil diffuser is perfect! I love essential oils, and just got a new scent for my birthday, so it's perfect timing!!! (I collect skulls, and this fits right in!) Next I opened the voodoo doll. She is absolutely perfect!! The feather on her head looks like either owl or red tail hawk... both of which are my totems! The heart shaped pin is also the most perfect thing, considering the heart problems we've been dealing with. I love the little pencils and the carpe diem "lottery pull tab". LOL!! So awesome!! I am very, very happy!! Thank you so very much!!!!
Response: I'm shocked at how fast you got it! I was really drawn to this swap & now I know why. :) Thanks for the great rating & heart.
MichelleD11 rated for VTH: ATC with a Party Hat on Apr 25, 2017
Comment: Wow! This package blew me away. You hit the nail on the head with everything. I am now wearing the St. Michael metal. The sugar skulls, tea pot charm, the typed note --->so many goodies. It felt like Christmas morning opening the package. Oh yeah ---I forgot to mention the AMAZING ATC! "2 Many Parties." I love it! It sounds like me as a young adult. Many thanks to you for the thoughtful package. I wish I could give you a million hearts. Happy swapping!
Response: I'm so glad you liked everything. Yes, that was me too in my 20's..ha..ha. :) Thanks for the super fast rating & heart!

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Rabbitfreedom on May 16, 2018:

Hi Sandi! OMG!! I can't begin to thank you enough - first for agreeing to angel the Vintage Curiosity swap for me and then second, for sending me the most amazing package!! How wonderful after feeling let down for being flaked on, to get this truly delightful package of awesomeness in the mail! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sending tons of hearts your way.

stephiedee on Apr 27, 2018:

★°☾☆ Thank you so much for the comment ☆☾°★...and checking out my stuff! Your altered art & assemblages are really gorgeous. Those are artforms I really don't work in as often as I'd like to nowadays....the ideas are there, but the motivation is lacking. Maybe we can swap sometime.

Lishmo on Apr 11, 2018:

New photos up. Black whimsey jar, etc.

RockyBeach on Mar 14, 2018:

Oh my GOSH! What a great surprise to find a little parcel in my mail! Thank you so much for your crafty polka dot kit RAK! You really spoiled me, I just love it! <3

mgallardo68 on Feb 27, 2018:

@Sandara333 posting here so you do not freak out as you cannot reply messages. Just to confirm your package was sorted out days ago but I totally forgot to let you know!!! Sorry!!

sassafrass on Feb 27, 2018:

Aww, they're just crazy little ones 😹 I bet they tear around the house all day, shredding everything in sight, and then you give them hugs and kisses at night lol

starhiker on Feb 26, 2018:

Tried to rate you but the site is being glitchy will try tomorrow again.

sassafrass on Feb 26, 2018:

How are the curtains holding out? Just wondered how things are going with the little terrors 😻

pianoheart on Jan 24, 2018:

Big Mahalo for the destash box for the forum tag. I can use all of what you sent, especially the Pigma pens, which I use all the time. I'm looking forward to trying the paper watercolors as I am not familiar with that type of paint. Thank you for making this destash profile-based :)

anicka22 on Dec 28, 2017:

O wow, I am just speechless... thank you so much for all the wonderful Tim Holtz goodies, so many!!! And I love it all so much! Love to try the distress Mica spray (never sneen in before), those cute pendants are just adorable. all the pretty washitapes, the beautiful stickersheets and I had those die cuts on my wishlist for a long time!!! Thank you, thank you so very much

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