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If you are wondering what wahine means: It means woman in Hawaiian. I am a filipino gal born in Hawaii, I go by the name Evelyn. I love quiet evenings, especially rainy days when I can just sit in and sip my cup of tea and have a hot buttered scone, with a great book. I am a fufu gal and I love teas, dressing up, sudoku, eating, bunkos, antique shops, cheap costume jewelry(especially the ones with a lot of bling), wacky pens, magnets, crafts and the occasional gossip (nice stuff only). - Alright, old lady stuff . . . I need help!

My family tree

I have a wonderful haole (caucasion) husband who loves to eat Filipino food, so that's why he married me. Well that's the second reason. He loves it so much, he's been around for 17 years. I am blessed to have two beautiful stunning daughters, who look like me (well at least the long dark hair) the rest, well they take after their dad. My eldest, Brenda Lee, I named after a country singer, she became a pharmacist - singing wasn't her forte. She likes to say a lot of hard words which confuses me..My youngest, Trulena, she is a soldier in Iraq fighting for our freedoms, bless her little heart-she likes to take charge. She is sweet as sugar! She is so skinny, her gear is heavier than her, she is back now, disabled, but alive. My son in law Jeff is very kind, giving and a wonderful husband/dad (and he best stay that way). My grandson Tru - 14yrs.old is a karate guru, I think his goal is to be the best ninja in the world. If he can't beat them, he'll probably outwit them. My grandaughter Jamine Leilani( I mean Jasmine Leilani), loves to use her vocal chords - I think she will be an opera singer, if that doesn't work she can be an actress -she is a character, and a cute one too! I now have another grandson named Diego. And we dieggggg him!

What is on my bookshelf?

I love a lot of Christian Books! I especially love works by Elizabeth George, Emily Barnes and Beth Moore. I do a lot of bible study with Jon Courson. Awesome stuff, check him out... www.joncourson.com. You will be blessed. (and it's free!)I read the Left Behind Series-by the time I read the last novel, Jesus will come back. I read so much that now I need reading glasses! Okay, I am turning into a real granny - I think I'm getting old.

Movies that move me

One Night with the King, Planet Earth, The Nativity, Chronicles of Narnia, Everafter, Titanic, The Notebook, The Gospel of John, Passion of Christ, No Reservations,EverAfter, Serendipity, The Notebook, Kate and Leopold, Triston an Isolde. . . . (to be continued). If you have any tearjerker flicks, please tell me about them.

TV Mania

HGTV, Discovery Health, Monk,,National Geographic, Animal Planet, Bananas Comedy, Military channel, History Channel, America's Funniest Videos, Forensic Files, Dr G Medical Examiner. Just from seeing my most watched shows, you can tell that I am a homebody who stresses out when her house isn't user friendly, and the stress causes health issues, so to keep my mind occupied I try to help others, especially the animals who are becoming extinct and when things get too stressful I turn to funny videos and comics to make me laugh. In the meantime, I like to entertain myself to see if scientists can really figure out who dun it, while Mrs. G. just cuts them open and gets down to the true cause.

Crafting frenzy

I love to scrapbook, especially with Brenda, I like to watch her go nuts over all the choices at the scrapbook expos. If you have never been to one, you should go, it's like being in a candy store, except the rush is better. I like the ready made pages since I have no originality. I copy well though, I think that's called plagiarizing. One day I know I will get caught, so shhh... I can sew a little, I have made blankets for the nonprofit org that I volunteered for-Project Linus. I collected blankets from blanketeers and brought them to little children who had cancer. I quilted a blanket once (3 years ago). It's unfinished. I hope to finish it before I die. I just started making ATC's so excuse the lack of imagination on my cards.

Dining out vs. cooking

I like to eat, so here in Vancouver there is literally restaurants everywhere. Why cook when you can eat out? Well, my finances limit me to eat like a queen so I have to find recipes that taste as though I am in a restaurant. So far my husband is still here, I guess it is working. So, if you ladies out there have a killer recipe (don't take that literally, my insurance policy is not that high)that is to die for - please let's swap.


Hmm... What do I collect? Mostly dust. Seriously, I collect magnets from all over - that is my favorite since whenever someone travels they get me a souvenir cause it's cheap and mostly because they think I'm worth it. I collect on occasion lighthouses because I am fascinated by them - I mean what house can keep their electric running 24/7 and its okay by their husbands? I collect pens just cause - I should try to use them to write once in a while - I email everything. I collect teacups too, especially the ones that are original - you know, the ones that don't say Made in China. They are so dainty and cute that they stay in my cupboard. One day I'll invite some ladies over to have tea with me - Now I am 50 and I can join the Red Hat Society. I drag my grandson to tea whenever I have the urge - he is so adorable he goes with grandma -ain't that something! I can't get him to wear the boa feathers though, ninja's just don't do that.

Surprise me. . . .

Are you wondering what to send me? Well, I never had people send me stuff so this is actually a hard question . . . hmmmmm.

I have a lot of stuff, but so very little room in my apartment (miniature is good).

I like colorful things, so send me stuff that will make me say "ooh, I like that color".

I love bubble wrap . . . I like to pop them, especially when watching scary fliks.

I don't have any animals so photos of your animals would be nice, so when people ask me, I can show them. That way they know that I love animals. I love them, I'm just allergic to them.

Stickers are nice - I like stickers. Make sure it's not the kind you have to lick, I hate paper cuts on my tongue.

Souvenir magnets-love those!

Mugs and plates - I like to collect those because I love to eat, and when you eat as much as I do you get thirsty, so then I need a mug to drink out of.

Stationary - So I can use my pens, in case they start charging for email.

Warm socks - My feet are always so cold! What's up with that?

Soaps - A girl cannot get clean enough, don't you agree?

I am 52 years old - so nothing too wild and wacky (okay my username, well I can explain, I didn't know you couldn't change it until I hit the button).

Cute little books with cute sayings in it. . . you know the kind you find in the dollar store or from your regifting closet.

I like postcards- those with writing and those without. The ones with writing works best cause it'll feel as though I am popular and have friends all over the world.

Tapes with your voice on it - maybe tell me about yourself through audio tapes, or better yet, sing me a song!

Photos of yourself - With an autograph on the back telling me how much you like me - again, so I can brag to my family how I have great friends in cool places!!

Chocolate - Yes, yes, yes (Chocolates are girls best friend or was that diamonds?) Okay, whichever is cheaper is fine with me.

My time is spent. . .

Studying . . . I was a full time student (I graduated!) with a BA degree in Human Services. I have been job hunting since the begining of October 2008, hey I finally got a job in March 2009... I retired from army 10 years ago. We just bought our first house! I have my own room to throw all my swap-bot stuff! It is my craft room.....I am surrounded by my swap-bot stuff, that is really all I need to make me happy!


dolly rated for Celebrate! May ATC on Jul 21, 2008
cat228 rated for Photographic Postcards ~ Animals on Jun 7, 2008
Manjigirl rated for Celebrate! May ATC on May 31, 2008
Comment: Thank you for my very first ever ever ever ATC swap - you have set the standard for all people to come (including me!) and it is encouraging to see how enthusiastic and friendly this 'swapping' business can be. Loved your cards, bits and letter. Cheers manjigirl
Response: You are welcome Manjigirl and welcome to swap bot and thanks for my heart!
happypup rated for May Things with Wings ATC Swap on May 27, 2008
Comment: The atcs that you send are beautiful-and they smell good! :) your background techniques are very pretty. You went way overboard!! It was like a birthday opening your envelope! Thanks so much for the postcards and notecard AND the CD of scrapbooking images! I am going to pop this puppy in and take a look...you are so so sweet. Thanks for taking so much care with this swap...you made my day!
Response: Happypup, you are very welcome. Thank you for the lovely compliment! I am glad that you liked everything that I sent!
PansySuz rated for May Things with Wings ATC Swap on May 26, 2008
Comment: Oh my!!! The ATC's are beautiful, and thanks so much for the CD and the pen as well. As usual, it was great hearing from you! Take care.
Response: I am so glad that you like it! My condolences to your family... Love and hugs!!!
ELAR rated for Shark ATCS on May 26, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the Shark ATC:s, and also for the description of how you made them. Thanks also for the very special package, Iร‚ยดm certain I will use some of the ideas provided in the future. ELAR
Response: I am so glad you like it Elar!
Jen rated for ATC randomness #2 on May 25, 2008
Comment: Thanks Evelyn! I enjoyed my items very much!!
Response: You are very welcome!
Talita rated for `` WHR DO U LIVE? POSTCARDS! `` on May 22, 2008
Comment: i loved everything you wrote in the postcard, so thoughtful,thanks a lot! i hope we can swap tea sometime!! hugs from argentina
Response: You are very welcome and yes I would love to trade tea with you!
arcticmermaid rated for ALOHA!!!! ATC (Int) on May 21, 2008
Comment: Wow! I wd give you a star, diamond and a Xmas tree if I cd! Your (now mine!)cards are fantastic! I hv decided to hv a Hawaiian themed Xmas tree this yr. The music you sent will be a nice addition - if I hvn't worn out by then. I hvn't looked at the other one yet but I just love this kind of stuff. YOU are an awsome swapper! See you next time!
Response: You are an awesome swapper too! I am still trying to figure out what to do with the feathers you gave me.
FingersInc rated for May Senders' Choice ATC on May 20, 2008
Comment: Way above and beyond the requirements. Thank you so much for the extras! Can't wait to plug the CD in. Thank you !
Response: You're welcome, it was great swapping with you!
marquettegirl rated for May Senders' Choice ATC on May 20, 2008
Comment: I absolutely love the cards - very thoughtful that you looked over my profile before sending. And thanks for the extras! Can't wait to take a look at the disc!
Response: I am glad that you like them, I had a lot of fun creating them for you!
atcdesigner rated for May Senders' Choice ATC on May 19, 2008
Comment: Great atc's! Thanks and extra thanks for the cd of ideas. I can't wait to get into it. Good luck with your move to Vancouver. You'll love it there and all over the northwest. Vee
Response: You are very welcome! Thanks for the encouraging advice about my move and for my <}..
gal5883 rated for May Things with Wings ATC Swap on May 18, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the atc(s) and extras!! If I could give more than 1 heart I would...p.s I'm due July 4th thank you for asking.
Response: You are welcome! You are almost due! Congratulations!
ellie rated for ALOHA!!!! ATC (Int) on May 16, 2008
Comment: Evelyn If I could give you a million hearts I would. I just love the work you did on the Aloha ATC's. I spent six weeks over there a few years ago. It is was hard to come back home. I love Hawaiian music. I have a collection of CD's by Iz. I am looking forward to seeing the other CS that you sent. Many thanks
Response: You are welcome Ellie, I will be sending it out with my other ATC's as soon as they give partners...I signed up for Celebrate May and so I mail when I have a whole bunch together! I am glad that you like what I sent you...
Lucky12324 rated for Favorite Animal Swap on May 16, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much for the panda! He's so cute and soft! I love the owl card as well, and my son really likes the stickers! :-)
Response: You are very welcome! I am glad that you both like what I sent! HUGS!!!!
Comment: Thank you! The picture is very beautiful!
Response: You are welcome, thank you so much!
elexiias rated for Photographic Postcards ~ Animals on May 13, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the postcard of the birds! I love the story and the photo! :] I wish I could see their little dance.
Response: The birds are so cute, to see them we had to hike in 3 miles... on rocky terrain. It was worth it though! Thanks for my heart!
ncpelican rated for ATC randomness #2 on May 12, 2008
Comment: Evelyn, you did a beautiful job on the atc's. thanks for the extras too. Kids wear me out too. I don't have the energy that I used to, but I do enjoy taking care of the grandchildren.
Response: Yes, my grandchildren want to fly paper airplanes and the little one (9 months)loves to crawl everywhere. It is tiring...I am glad I had my kids young, I can not keep up with them! Thank you for the kind words and my heart!
Comment: Very funny postcard. Thanks for your message!
Response: You are welcome!
Comment: Hello Evelyn, Thank you for the recent postcard you sent me for the "P is for... Postcard" Swap. Being a vintage postcard will be a great addition to my ever-more diverse and ever-growing Postcard collection. Look forward to us meeting again at a future Letter-themed Postcard swap and/or a new swap coming up in the future. Hope you continue to have successful swaps. Barb sleepingrover2010
Response: Same to you Barb!

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hippofairy on Jun 22, 2008:

I'm listening to the C&K cd you sent me a while back... and I LOVE IT! thank you so much for helping me get through my work day with some music from home... have a great week and STAY COOL!

dwheeler on Jun 6, 2008:

Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful surprise package you sent to me! I was floored by your sweetness! The calendar was so wonderful that I am going to take the pics and frame them to hang all over my youngest daughters bedroom which we are changing into a Hawaii theme. My teenage daughter wants me to burn the CD for her it is so cool. The scrapbooking and ATC ideas are wonderful and my mother in law wants me to make her a copy of that. AND my oldest daughter tried to talk me into giving her the ATC you made. I threatened to chop[ off her hands! You did the most wonderful job on the ATC! Incredable artistic ability! WOW! We all loved your surprise

Jen on May 25, 2008:

Thank-you so much for the acrylic atc's and the postcard! Very much appreciated. Now I have to figure out how to give you a rating...this is my first time doing this.

Thanks again!

Jennifer in Regina, Sask.

dandelion on May 15, 2008:

Thank you for the wonderful RAK you sent me!! That was so sweet of you!


PansySuz on May 12, 2008:

Thank you so much for the letter and pics!! You have a beautiful family!! My prayers are with your daughter.....I'm sure she will be fine overseas, and you should be soooo proud of her!!! Landon sure liked the comment that he looked intelligent (he IS!!) and Eden liked the beautiful comment.......and I LOVED the young comment directed towards me, we could be best friends with you saying stuff like that :)

JennyTheArtist on May 10, 2008:

I'm glad that this long-tongued fella changed your mood for the day! I would LOVE to paint a pic of your home. how exciting!! Just let me know, whenever you are ready with a picture or two!

JennyTheArtist on May 8, 2008:


LisseasLuxuries on May 6, 2008:

Thank you so much for the nice thank you card and the "big" package of Chocolate Mint Culinary Loose Tea, the CD of Scrapbooking ideas and the brag book! I can't wait to look at the scrapbooking ideas and try the tea...smells so yummy!!!You didn't have to do that!! Maybe once you get moved you can try your hand at making soap...it really is fun!!! You are an awesome swapper and I will be looking for you before and after you move. Take care - {{Hugs}} - Kathleen

Bluebird on May 5, 2008:

Thanks for joining my Things with Wings atc swap. I hope you enjoy it. Jen :)

RobinT on Apr 5, 2008:

Thank you so very much for the lovely cross stitch and teacup/saucer... and for the teas, too! You are so thoughtful! I loved everything! I also loved the wonderful note and the photos of your family! You were very sweet to send the photos. It's not everyday that I'm touched enough to cry like I did today. You just really touched my heart with your kindnesses. I'll be sending a letter to you soon with photos of my family and zoo crew. Big hugs! And thank you again!

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