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Birthday: January 28, 1986
Country: Norway
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Born in 1986 - been sending stuff all around the world since mid 90's.

Some of my interests are: travel, postcards, sewing, knitting & crocheting, food (WFPB), the environment, Netflix-series, yoga & meditation, music, reading, green indoor plants, coffee, tea, skydiving...

I work in a hotel, and have been working in the tourism business for years now. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management. Sometimes I just feel that I'm really tired of working with people all the time, always have to be polite and put on a smile, receiving people's complaints and requests. It can be tiring on a long basis. But meeting people from all over the world is kind of nice :) Most people are nice though. And on the plus side I get to practice my English every day.

In my spare time in summer, I skydive. Skydiving is considered an extreme sport, but can be really safe if you take safety serious. I do. For me skydiving is a way of relaxing while I'm having fun. It's sort of like practising mindfulness, because you have to be really in the moment ;) If you are considering trying it, go for it. I started when I was 30, and had been wanting to do it since I was in my late teenager years. When I first started, my thought was "why didn't I try this sooner!?"

In my spare time in winter, I watch Netflix, go skiing (I own three pairs of skis, I guess I'm just a native Norwegian), do yoga, read, do handcrafting, Swap-Bot, cooking...

Some of my favourites series on Netflix are: Friends, Bojack Horseman, After Life, You, Mindhunter, Hinterland, Real Detective, the OA, Dark (Dunkel), The IT crowd, Modern Family...


(For postcards and teas, please see sections below.)


  • Postcards (both written and unwritten)(see specifics further down)
  • Favourite colours are blue & green
  • Notebooks (can never have too many, right?)(I prefer size A5 blank pages)
  • Address labels (both blank or with my address)
  • LaPapierre writing paper (prefer A5 size with lines)
  • Wild birds


  • Hello Kitty! & other Kawaii
  • Religious stuff
  • Anything glitter!
  • Diddle
  • Clowns
  • Candy (unless I sign up for a spesific swap)
  • Coins
  • Keyrings
  • Makeup



  • Favourite brands:
  • Nordqvist
  • Pickwick
  • Yogi Tea

  • Favourite flavours

  • Ginger
  • Chai
  • Turmeric
  • Peppermint
  • Nettle
  • Licorice
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Fennel
  • Iced teas
  • Surprise me (see dislikes below)
  • My partner likes pineapple, so it's fine to send those even though it's on my dislike list :)


  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Apple
  • Earl Grey
  • (Pineapple)
  • Kiwi

I prefer bagged tea, but if you have any loose tea you think I might like, pack it good and mark it with brand, flavour and expiry date, please :)

Please no old teas.



  • "100 postcards of vintage educational charts" by Chronicle Books
  • "Beautiful Farmyard" by Ivy Press
  • Beatrix Potter / Peter Rabbit
  • Any BLACK&WHITE photo cards!
  • Birds
  • Trees
  • Wild animals


Currently reading:

  • Felicia Day: Embrace your weird
  • Robin Sharma: Discover your destiny
  • Jenny Quintana: The missing girl
  • Sharon Salzberg: Real Happiness: The power of meditation


  • Elizabeth Gilbert: Big Magic
  • Rebecca Dennis: Breathe
  • Dan Brulee: Just Breathe
  • Harry Potter series


(To be updated)


I always rate! If you haven't received my rating yet, I probably haven't received your swap. Please be kind and rate me back when you have received my swap.

I always mark my swaps as sent on the day I send them. By sending, I mean either posting them in a post box or delivered them directly at the postal service cashier. I mark the swap as sent as soon as possible AFTER I have delivered them.

Please note that the Norwegian postal service only works from Monday through Friday. I may post my swaps on a Friday afternoon and it won't get stamped until Monday.

I always send on time. If by any chance, life gets in the way of me sending on time, I will notify you.

I will reuse envelopes, wrapping paper or similar whenever I can. Wrapping is expensive in Norway, and I also don't see the point of throwing away something that is perfectly useful.

If you haven't received my swap after a month, please contact me and I will resend.

If you send bigger swaps than a flat letter or postcard, please fill out a customs declarations form where you mark the mail as a gift, state its value (below $30 or I have to pay taxes/customs), and write as detailed as you can what the envelope contains. The customs here can open up my mail if it is not labelled, and I have received mail that has been teared up and almost been broken. It also takes a lot longer time for me to receive mail without a customs form. Ask your post office for a customs decleration label when you send. Thank you so much for your help.

If you send you swap later than the swap deadline and you haven't notified me, I will rate you down. If you notify me BEFORE the swap deadline, I will be kind and understanding. I know life happens, and it's more important than a swap. But communication is key.

If you are to wrap the stuff you send me, please wrap them in paper (old newspaper is fine) and not plastic (if it's wrapped in plastic from the manufactures, it's fine). I don't like to waste plastic unless it's necessary. Use paper whenever you can, thank you.

Swappers from Germany and Spanish speaking swappers:

  • Bitte schreiben Sie Ihre Notiz auf Deutsch, danke! Ich lerne Deutsch und möchte die Sprache so oft wie möglich verwenden.
  • Por favor, escriba su nota en español, gracias! Estoy aprendiendo español y me gustaría usar el idioma con la mayor frecuencia posible.


Comment: Hi Elisabeth, Thank you for such a mindful gif to my profile and for creating this swap! It's funny but mindfulness is something I want to make a habit into the new year, your gif is such a good reminder. Thank you!
Response: Thank you for rating :)
Comment: Thanks for sharing! That crocheted penguin is adorable!
Response: Thank you :) And thank you for the heart <3
Comment: Thank you. I loved them both
Response: Thank you for the heart <3 I'm happy you liked them :)
Fabriqueen rated for ESG: New Year - New You! on Jan 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for your answers! I love swaps where we can learn more about our swap partners. I wish you good luck in your job search! It's hard to work at a job when you're unsure what tomorrow will bring. Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Response: Thank you, yes it is :/ Thank you for the heart <3 Have a wonderful day :)
Comment: Thanks for a nice exchange!
Response: Thank you <3
HappyMom rated for ESG: New Year - New You! on Jan 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your thoughtful answers. The advice you shared truly spoke to my heart, and I'm so sorry you lost your friend - what a tragedy. I hope you can reconnect with your friends too!
Response: Thank you for the 5 and <3, and thank you for your kind words. I am happy my words spoke to you. Have a great 2020!
Comment: Your photos are adorable! Your tree looks very Euro & lovely. It's fun to see a place that actually has winter. I love your little penguin; nice job! Thank you for sharing.
Response: Thank you for the 5 and <3 It is beautiful here when everything is covered in snow. Thank you for commenting :)
Comment: Ohmygoodness - I loved all 3 of your photos! The tree is perfect and your penguin is adorable. I know that feeling of finding the train station too :)
Response: Thank you for your 5 and <3 I also think the tree is perfect, it has a certain charm because it's not like the trees in all the movies ;)
Comment: Thanks for tea
Response: Thank you for the 5, hope you like the teas.
Comment: Thank you very much for your email - please forgive me for the late rating, but I was traveling. I'm also very glad to get a proper education. I agree with you, there are still many countries where this is not possible! :(
Response: Thank you for the 5 :)
Comment: Thank you for your recommendations! -Jaimie X
Response: Thank you for your rating and heart, Jaimie!
Comment: Thank you for sThank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your answers. I will probably start You Season Two this weekend. I hope it’s good!
Response: Thank you for your rating and heart <3 I have the two last Harry Potter movies to watch, and then me and my partner will start on season two of You! So exited!
Jjean rated for Leisure Time List eSwap on Dec 27, 2019
Comment: Interesting to read but I just don't know about "skydiving" lol, But I do love yoga also.....thank you for sharing.
Response: Thank you for your rating and heart <3 Skydiving can actually be almost as relaxing as yoga, I am not joking ;) But I get why some people don't want to try it :)
mickiecheryl rated for Leisure Time List eSwap on Dec 27, 2019
Comment: Hi Elisabeth, Thank you for your wonderful answers. I hope you get time to do a bit of skiing this winter. Maybe a yoga and skiing retreat :-) Happy New Year Mickie
Response: Thank you for the rating, I hope so too. Right now we have heaps of rain here :(
KSENiA rated for ESG: Holiday Profile Greetings on Dec 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the cool greeting. I loooooove it!
Response: I'm so happy you like it :) Thank you for the heart <3 Happy Holidays!
Comment: Thank you for the swap :)
Response: Thank you for rating :)
HappyMom rated for ESG: Holiday Profile Greetings on Dec 16, 2019
Comment: I love the pretty graphic you shared and your sweet message! Have a wonderful holiday😊🎄🍾
Response: I'm happy you like it, thank you for the 5 and heart :) <3
grammypammy rated for ESG: Holiday Profile Greetings on Dec 15, 2019
Comment: Love the Flintstones Christmas greeting! Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!
Response: I hoped you would like it, I'm happy you did :) Thank you for the 5 and heart <3
dorcii rated for Tea Advent Calendar #5 - Europe on Dec 14, 2019
Comment: Thanks a lot for the teas, I'm very excited to open the packages :)
Response: Thank you for the 5 and heart <3 I hope you like them. Happy Holidays!
darkxangel84 rated for My favourite tea - November on Dec 11, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the teas!
Response: Thank you for rating.

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Welcome to a new decade. Wishing you a year full of health and happiness.

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I hope you have a lovely 2020! -Jaimie

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Merry Christmas 2019 & Happy New Year 2020

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ESG: Holiday Profile Greetings. I hope you have a healthy and happy holiday season.

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Wishing you a very happy holiday season and an awesome 2020!

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Your Panorama postcard arrived today. What a beautiful place to work at, very impressive. Thank you & have a wonderful summer.

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Soon you get to enjoy your new Moomin tea! It's on its way! Have a GREAT day!

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