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Date Joined: March 19, 2016
Last Online: January 16, 2017
Birthday: August 7
Country: United States

About Me

My name is Samantha.

I have three dogs (Bella-medium sized dog,

River-she's a big dog

and Sadie-kind of a small/medium dog

not related, all saved and adopted),

two rats (Vadalia and Aurora, sisters),

two hamsters (Lark (child) Lorlei (mother),

and one fish (Gale).

I just adore animals.

I am a huge introvert. I love reading and writing. I also love swapping. (I haven't done much on this account but I swap a lot with pen pals.)

I suffer from bipolar disorder type one, ADD, an ED, and anxiety. Getting mail calms and lifts my spirit. I feel a lot better when I can fill someone's mailbox and see the effort someone did to get the same reaction. I feel blessed when I can see mail in my box.

I have an obsession with Germany. It's such a lovely country. I am also learning the language. (I'm on my third course beginning 1/21/17!) I plan to visit there later in life.

I enjoy learning about psychology so psychology books are also greatly appreciated

I mark sent AFTER the item is physically dropped into a mail bin at my PO or around town.

What I Like (i'll try and give many options because I know the stomach turning, anxiety-causing feeling when someone lists only two things!):

clippings from a newspaper;



holiday postcards;

sugar skulls;

lisa frank stickers;

small 80s/90s toys;

top ten lists;

kawaii letter sets (i collect);



busy person's correspondence postcards esp!;

antique postcards (made before 1945 please, check out this handy website: http://postcardvalues.com/postcardage.html...basically linen era and before)

items that are known to be from your country or state;

airmail items;

puzzles (literal puzzles and puzzles to solve);

favorite line from a good book;

chewing gum, esp. from other countries;



YA books;



novelty T-shirts from antique stores (2XL);


kawaii stationery, honestly kawaii anything;

(i'm starting a used stamp collection...1/10/17) used stamps;

friendship books;

anything animal related;


audrey hepburn items (like magazines and articles and such)

airplane anything;

valentine/cute/pink/red stickers;

bubble/puffy stickers;

anything i can pamper myself with (i.e.: bath bombs, face masks, hair masks);

pressed flowers;

teas-i tend to lean towards more stronger fruity flavors;


aromatherapy anything-such as infused mittens, socks, etc. (please make sure they are big enough, size L-XL mittens; and size 13 in women's for socks)

unique card games;

greetings from postcards;

alice in wonderland items;

candies (any!, esp. japanese and german, besides peanut or fruit covered);

anything german related!!

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/Sadie2390/favorites?ref=prfaveitemsmore

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3OAKPVFG100QI/ref=navwishlistlists_1

For my doggies: chews, plush toys, squeakies, small ropes; doggy recipe book (in the summer time I make all their food from scratch)

For my small animals (rats and hamsters): Wild Harvest treats (can be found at walmarts), tiny chews

For my fish: small decorative items for the tank

Favorite Television


American Horror Story,

Bates Motel,

How I Met Your Mother,

Young & Hungry,


The Middle,

House M.D.,

Criminal Minds,


Stranger Things,

The Fosters,

Life In Pieces,

Last Man Standing

Favorite Movies

Bee Movie,

What's Eating Gilbert Grape,

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,


Finding Nemo/Finding Dory,

The Visit,

Crybaby-honestly any Johnny Depp movie,

Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass,

Run To Me,

Look Who's Back (Er ist Wieder Da)



10 Things I Hate About You,

A Christmas Horror Story,

Christmas With the Kranks

Favorite Music

Bands: Twenty One Pilots, (favorite song(s): lovely, hometown, isle of flightless birds, migraine, stressed out, johnny boy)

Panic! At The Disco, (nearly witches, la devotee)

Queen, (all of them)

Melanie Martinez (mrs. potato head, pacify her, tag youre it)

Hollywood Vampires: (Schools Out/Another Brick in the Wall)

Allergens & No No's

(Dislikes included):

Earrings: i wear captive beads (16g, 7/16; helix) and mostly minimalist style studs (20/22g; lobes)

Coffee: no coffees please!

Religion: none please!

Books: adult romance, e-books

Colors: brown, green, orange

Stickers: kiddie/reward stickers

Cars: sports and muscle autos.

Feathers: none! please, extremely allergic!

Allergies: anything that could have pollens, any cat strands (highly allergic to cats), feathers


Comment: Thank you for the super sweet swap! Happy New Year!
Response: Glad you liked it!
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Comment: Thank you, Happy Swapping :)
Response: Thanks for the rating!
Comment: Thank you so much! This book is so perfect for where I am at now and I appreciate you sending the stickers on the package which my 6 year-old daughter was very excited for! (Her birthday party was Shopkins themed lol).
Response: Oh! I'm so glad ah! And that also; Tell I said a happy birthday, please.
Comment: ... this one arrived quite quickly compared to some ... thank you!
Response: Awesome and of course!
Comment: Thank you, be sure to put which sign up date on the PC though, because I am in several of the daily swaps and had to search for you. :) I liked the name story though.
Response: A little late! I actually just realized I could respond! Thank you for rating. And I am sure to do that now, thanks for reminding me. :)
Snailmail rated for Brighten My Week Notecard March #4 on Mar 28, 2016
Comment: Hi Samantha, I love my postcard. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful spring!
Response: A little late! A few days ago I found out I could respond. Thank you for rating! Have a great winter!