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bluerose3 on Jul 19, 2013:

Thank you for the Jelly beans from the $1 store addicts 'J' is for June WTA.

PhoenixSwap on Jun 24, 2013:

Hello, I have just sent you an email with the Covers!-swap :)

Angdev on Jun 16, 2013:

abducted by aliens! Mad:)Take Contributed by mike maloy

I was hiding along the sidewalk when an alien danced me. I was sorted into their coffee mug and it blasted off. Then the alien asked me to jumped on the TV. I was suprised they spoke english. the aliens had a pet koala. We ordered a chair and it tasted good. As we came back into the galaxy, one alien asked me if I wanted a lamp. I said no but I would like a pencil. He got it for me and then dropped me off at my england. then I realized I had been gone for 71 years!

AmaLovely on Jun 16, 2013:

The Mad Lib Swap #1

Letter From Camp

Dear Cousin, I am having a(n) Sexy time at camp. The counselour is Green and the food is Smelly. I met Chloe and we became Fuzzy friends. Unfortunately, Chloe is Hairy and I Faltered my Elbow so we couldn`t go Falling like everybody else. I need more Tables and a Razor sharpener, so please Suddenly Shout more when you Dance back. Your Aunt, Anthony

LOL love it! Thanks!

sammylouise40 on Jun 16, 2013:

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity To Shout everything you ever wanted – one moment Would you Dance it, or just let it Drive?

Yo, his palms are Tall, knees Green, arms are Mushy Theres Elephant on his sweater already – Mom’s Corn On The Cob Hes Cranky, but on the surface he looks calm and Soft To drop Phones, but he keeps on Falling What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so Lovely He opens his Hip, but the Microphones wont come out Hes choking, everybodys Hearing now The clocks run out, times up, over, Bang! Crawl back to reality – oh! There goes gravity Oh! There goes Kangaroo, he choked Hes so Circular, but he wont give up that easy No! He wont have it, he knows his whole Eyebrow’s to these ropes It dont matter, hes Clever He knows that, but hes Spectacular Hes so Cavorted that he knows When he goes back to Taco Bell Thats when its back to the lab again, yo This whole rhapsody He better go capture this Tree and hope it don`t pass him

You better Sleep yourself in the Hotel, the moment You Poke it, you better never let it go You only get one Printer, do not miss your chance to Repair This opportunity comes once in Decade, yo!

His Hats escaping through this hole that is gaping This Bottle is mine for the taking Make me Governor, as we move toward a new world order A Stupid life is boring, but superstardoms close to post-mortem It only grows Pink, only grows Flabby He Washes us all over, these Rakes is all on him Coast to coast shows, hes known as the Ladder Lonely roads, God only knows Hes grown farther from Trailer Park, hes no Uncle He goes home and barely knows his own Mother But hold your Big Toe cause here goes the Delightful water These Rakes dont want him no mo’, hes Delightful product They moved on to the next Cat who flows He nose dove and Snorted nada So the soap opera is told and Cries I suppose its old, partner, but the Candy Bar goes on Da da dum da dum da da

You better Sleep yourself in the Hotel, the moment You Poke it, you better never let it go You only get one Printer, do not miss your chance to Repair This opportunity comes once in Decade, yo!

No more Oceans, Ima Sleep what you call rage Tear this Zoinks roof off like 89 Squids caged I was Bleeding in the beginning, the Kite all changed I been Sneezed up and Yell out and Twisted off stage But I kept Bending and Whistling the next cypher Best believe somebodys Tripping the pied piper All the Rug inside amplified by the fact That I cant get by with my 9 to 5 And I cant provide the right type of Highway for my family Cause, man, these Bibbity food stamps dont buy Hams And its no movie, theres no Johnny Depp, this is my life And these Beards are so hard and its getting even harder Trying to Type and Repair my Wrench, plus teeter-totter Caught up between trying to be a Ogre and a prima donna Baby mama dramas Shreiking on and Too much for me to wanna Stay in one spot, another Millenia of monotony Has gotten me to the point, Im like a Ostrich Ive got to Kick a plot or I end up in Hospital or shot Success is my only Zoinks option, failures not Mom, I love you, but this Ambulances got to go I cannot Climb Annoying in Salems lot So here I go, it’s my shot – Tongues, fail me not Cause this may be the only Knife that I got

You better Sleep yourself in the Hotel, the moment You Poke it, you better never let it go You only get one Printer, do not miss your chance to Repair This opportunity comes once in Decade, yo!

You can Sew anything you set your Neck to, man

PrincessB on Jun 15, 2013:

MadLib Swap 1: Like a/an Waiter laughed for the smelly first time Like a/an Waiter When your elbow beats Next to mine

Gonna give you all my houses, boy My fear is kicking fast Been swimming it all for you `Cause only houses can last

Youre so orange and youre mine cook me strong, yeah you cook me bold Oh your houses shouted out Yeah, your houses shouted out What was scared and quiet

Like a/an Waiter laughed for the strong first time Like a/an Waiter When your heart sings Next to mine

schaefchen on Jun 15, 2013:


  1. You shall not run any other chair.
  2. You shall not make a soft image.
  3. You shall not take the name of the senator in vain.
  4. You shall not break the Halloween.
  5. You shall not dishonor your secretaries.
  6. You shall not laugh.
  7. You shall not commit burglary.
  8. You shall not run.
  9. You shall not bear yellow witness against thy rock.
  10. You shall not covet thy neighbor`s cloud.
myunquietmynd on Jun 2, 2013:

Thanks for the Playlist swap, I discovered a couple new songs!

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