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About Me

2/13/24 - I NEED y'all to read the lastest post about Notifications and Swap Comments. It is very important.

I 100% take offense to being told that my ratings are jeapoardized by not taking hours a week to read comments on the 30+ swaps I host monthly, not including closed ones that might be followed up on. Being disabled and having a hard time doing "daily things" aside, signing up for a swap is not forced on anyone. You agree to swap specifications when you hit "Yes! Sign me up!"

It is extremely disrespectful to do this, especially after I took the time to directly post how to contact me and to not leave swap comments.


1/23/24 - Found out last night that we'll be moving in March. Super cool! (not really.) March swaps will be moved to April. Feel free to "copy" them and host the ones you like. I don't care about that stuff.

The move will cost ~$3500 before application fees, utility moving fees, etc. x.x SO

For my Swap-botters ONLY

MESSAGE ME if you see anything you like in my Ebay link! I'll send it to you 30% off. It'll help me with the moving fees. Thank you!

EMAIL me, please!

Message me for my e-mail address, especially for messages longer than trading links, or anything I need to respond back to.

SB was never intended to be an email server. SB Messenger does not allow for photo attachments, messaging multiple people, or most importantly, message chains. I cannot see what you messaged me at the same time that I'm writing back. That alone will significantly delay response times.

I have to go back and open a separate window to look for every single exchange we've had on a topic and any other relevant history before assembling it into a timeline. That is incredibly taxing. I can accomplish other things that are also important, OR I can drop everything for this one stupid message response. Both need to be done, and only enough energy for one 'set' of things.

Also, I can only respond when I'm on an actual computer. I can't do it from my phone. I try to avoid typing on that tiny keyboard for anything at all if it's longer than a phone number. Even my text apps need to be accessible via PC. Relatives who use SMS only often do not get responses because... I can't... type... on... my... PHONE. Which I've repeatedly told people. And yet!



  • I love trading out washi + stickers. I have lots of them! I like 'academia,' 'dark forest,' animals, all kinds of things that aren't the cute, cartoony kind.
  • Random envelopes that aren't the standard white business envelopes. No notecards needed or anything. Any colours, any sizes, but 4x6" or larger preferred. These are for mailing other swaps out.
  • Vintage + antique Japanese postcards of the karyukai (geisha, maiko, tayuu, oiran,) Japanese entertainment industry, basically. I also like vintage books about Japan that aren't just tourist guides. Yiddish postcards, especially early 1900s Yiddish, when they were popular. The colouring may be misleading. I think colourized ones were more expensive, so black and white might have been more likely to see, despite the year.

Everything else, I have So Much of right now and I feel like I need to use more of it before I let myself buy more Things.

Feel free to message me if you want to send any of this stuff instead of the swap items asked for. It isn't a problem!


It isn't personal, I just won't use these items in my own work. So things I will pass on automatically: - Used stamps - Kiddie stuff - Most planner stickers unless it's just numbers - Felt stickers - Recipes (too many dietary restrictions. :P It's just a puzzle...)

Please no dog hair, cigarette smells, or strong perfumes. I tend to get migraines and don't have a washing machine, so it could take 2 weeks to hot wash something properly.

Favorite Crafts

  • Sewing basic items. I try to use natural fabrics only, including scraps larger than 2x2" for sewing. Right now my joints are getting worse and will for the forseeable future, so lifting the sewing machine and such in a small space isn't doable easily. But hand-sewing with fine needles for more than a few minutes also isn't... I fear I'm losing one of the very few things I can still do. Any advice?

  • Papercrafts like art journalling, scrapbooking, and some bullet journal/art journal hybrid work for daily use.

Swap FAQs

I started a blog just to post FAQs about my swaps, USPS, tracking, etc.

Please check the link before asking about lost things, swap requirements, why I don't just go off ratings before banning someone, etc.


11/1 - BIG CHANGE TO USPS service. When I took the STMB letters in, the desk told me they will not print a receipt for letter class items anymore! So unless I pay a couple dollars per envelope, they no longer have any kind of proof of mailing.

You can also check my Hosting Updates + Proposed Swaps post.

11/17 - Posted on the blog about counterfeit stamps which are prevalent on lots of sites, really GOOD quality (like, i'm actually impressed) and oh, yeah, a felony for each one used. Because USPS is a federal service. And if you're sending a counterfeit stamp over state lines... that is a separate thing and Not Good. Don't mess with the Feds, y'all.


desbaby59 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #47 on Feb 25, 2024
Hell0Z0mbie rated for LSS - Songs With Innuendo on Feb 25, 2024
Comment: Fun playlist, thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome envelope of goodies. I love the time put into the details of the envelope and the selection of items you chose to share. Thank you also for the angeled envie ❤️
Comment: Thank you so much
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies in your envelope. And coupons - I never got coupons before. I like how you used the envelope with the window in it. I did catch the message on the backside of the address. Cute idea. I love the saying "Loosen your bone Wilma!" to funny. Thanks Wow you threw me off.... a second envelope with goodies. I love them too. I have lots of stuff too. Somethings you get started and can't stop. Thanks for the extras too.
Doulton rated for USA - Write a Letter to an Elder on Feb 24, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for your idea and the way you planned it. I have written 3 letters to elderly people. I don't know them in person so it was great to just write an upbeat letter!
Comment: What on Earth is up with our green garden loving kittens? My favorite sticker is the one about the trains, I'm sure you know the one:-)
Comment: Thank you for the thoughtfully used cute card, fun bits to craft with, postage to use, and your thoughts on the shows. I grew up watching both as reruns on sick days from school. There were a lot of those. I do agree with your thoughts on fanfic.
Comment: I found this exceptionally fascinating. I'm not up with the news or with today's celebrities and I was thrilled to be introduced up close to a few people whose names are familiar but I don't know the details. Thank you for filling them in. I thought you did a great project. Thank you again.
Bellalesa rated for Envelopes and Washi swap USA #2 on Feb 16, 2024
Comment: fun and nice..cant wait to use them
Comment: Love your card....I like the free form nature of the swap. Thank you.... very nice
Comment: Thank you for the envelopes, I love the vegetable one!
bbpolymath rated for USA- Make + Mail 5 Postcards #4 on Feb 14, 2024
lefroggy rated for OO: INTL Email - Recurring Themes on Feb 14, 2024
Comment: sorry i thought i rated, thank you for the email, and the response. I am glad to hear your opinion, it helps a lot.
Response: not at all! I did the same thing this week. <3
Vanna rated for USA Rainbow Swap #3 - RED - 1 Stamp on Feb 13, 2024
Comment: Thank you can't wait to use everything.
Lovelykarina rated for Stuff the Mailbox #47 on Feb 11, 2024
Comment: Thank you!!
Comment: Thank you so much for all the great fabric scraps and other items!! I love all of it!!!!
Comment: Thank you for hosting this swap, this was very thoughtful and encouraged me to develop a relationship with my mail person :)
Comment: Thanks for your thoughts on the movies. The Dogman one sounded interesting. I think I'd come across the weird Benjamin werewolf thing somewhere before (maybe in the Fortean Times). Thanks for taking part. Also, I think it's very cool that you have a loom.
Response: oh! Derp, I responded to the message before reading profile ratings. :P I'm glad you hosted!

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Poohtat on Feb 10, 2024:

Thank you for the LSRUS birthday wishes. I enjoyed your note and I love the goodies you sent. The skull is so cool!! 💀 I hope you had a good birthday and sending positive thoughts for your move. When I moved from Florida to Maine and found this lovely home, I made a vow to myself that I would never ever move again!

Raven93 on Feb 4, 2024:

Thank you for the super fun RAK! I appreciate your sharing your stash with me.

bbpolymath on Jan 31, 2024:

Thanks so much for the lovely 1oz paper stash surprise. Very thoughtful.

Trevismom on Jan 30, 2024:

Hello! Thank you so much for the BIG package of findings, laces and fabric samples! Thank you too for hosting a great swap! Happy Swapping! 💝

LavenderSprinkles on Jan 21, 2024:

Thank you dear for your page comment!

ladydy5 on Jan 5, 2024:

Welcome to Artistically Inclined! Great group. Hope you enjoy.

OrigamiGrace on Dec 25, 2023:


Have a wonderful holiday!

amparolewis95 on Oct 10, 2023:

Hello, I received the generous bonus envelope for the 2oz blind swap - thank you so much you are very kind! -Gracias!

stargirlstudio on Oct 10, 2023:

Hi! I received the generous bonus envelope for the 2oz blind swap - thank you so much!

LavenderSprinkles on Oct 6, 2023:

Thank you so for the beautiful saree! I love it so much! I am going to try to get it stitched up!

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