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get to know me?

Formal greetings and all that such I am a 19 year old girl who is usually lost in thought about some abstract theory or whatever is entertaining my vivid imagination, or my short attention span. I have much variety of interests due to this. One could consider them more of obsessions, but I don’t have enough money to obtain that title.

--Basic info: ENFP, HUFFLEPUFF, 19, I live in Georgia, I am an engineering student, I love to cook ^-^

----Obsessions include, but are most certainly not limited to: Stationery, candles, storytelling, memes, espresso, reptiles, the ocean, Turtles, Tattoos and other body mods, TEA, mermaid aesthetics, my cat, rocks/gemstones, some various cartoons, Art, and music theory.

As many of us are, I am also very crafty; as well as being an artist. For my hobbies I tend to do more “rule following”, however when it comes to my art I strive for unusual, abstract, yet realistic portrayals of what I am creating.

----Favorite mediums include: charcoal(reduction), oil paint, yarn/string, acrylic medium, ink, water colors on yupo, and fabric.

In my art I do a lot of form and body studies, I wish to do a lot more in surrealism. Along with art, of course, a small piece of my soul has always been into poetry. I have many of my favorite memorized and can recite them on command. This leads to a lot of really bad puns that my friends don’t tend to get. Currently trying to find/ make a group in the city that I live in.

As every other generic teen I’m also really into music, I’ve studied it, preformed it, I play the uke and have competed in show choir at the national level. That’s all that is really haha. My taste in music is pretty wide as long as its good. I tend to reside more in rock, but I love to hear just about anything. Especaly the music that makes other people happy.

---currently jamming to: droeloe: jump , daughter: smother, hozier-cherry wine, city in colour: lover come back, defeater: I don’t mind, the killers: when we were young, dodie: one for the road, slips&slurs: moving hectic, royishgoodlooks: im mr.meseeks, cake: short skirt long jacket, boyinaband:pointless

I actually really enjoy talking about politics and religion as long as both parties can be respectful and calm about opposing opinions and debate, I like hearing peoples life stories and sometimes those aspects play a major role for them ^-^

tears of joy if given

-tea ANY TYPE (just no licorice root)

-candles (clean smelling (linen), natural woodsy smelling, sweet like cookies and lavender lemonade)

-holographic rainbow things

-socks: fun and outrageous, CHILDRENS SIZE OR SMALL WOMENS.

-jewelry for my industrial piercing (14g/ 1&3/8'')

-a mixtape

-wax seals: the wax sticks (yellow, gold, silver, white/pearl, purple, teal, olive green) or seals themselves. bees, flowers, anything really as long as its unique.

-ofc stationery





-goth things, or preppy things



-stories about pets/kids/friends

-your favorite word

-book marks



-art supplies

  • rocky horror picture show is my favorite


-anything knit



-any pictures you have taken of your hometown or outdoors

-sweaters (XL)

-harry potter themed anything, i love hargid and the most recent fantastic beasts

-small stuffed animals (tsum tsum sized)

-Gravity falls anything, i love mable


-stamps and ink

i have a fountain pen, and a dip pen so.... ink

realy i dont care if its left over things you have (good will) , something you made, or something brand new, its the thought that counts. if you looked and were considering my taste i already want to give you a hug beccause thats super sweet. i really like learning about peoples lives and what made them become who they are so stories are also such a treat, dont worry about it not being enough. becuase if you put in effort im sure its amazing

tears of fear if given

-zombies/gore or realistic horror. candy gore is okay

-licorice.... please no licorice (watch for teas with licorice root)

-FOR THE LOVE THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY NO BANANA ANYTHING (food wise, they are pretty to look at tho)


-crosses? they are pretty but im not christian. i respect them in art and for decoration but have no use for them

-candles( super flowery, fake ocean, fake vanilla, super powerful odors, fake lavender, super processed)

clunky jewlery?

if i think of more ill put it here, but im pretty easy to please ^-^

my style of post sending..


POST CARDS: if i dont have the time you may end up with something store bought,( special one from my collection), but i will strive to hand make most of them. rather simple. probbaly in watercolor or penicil. taped around all four sides with a quote.

FLAT MAIL NO REQUIREMENT: i try to send things to people i know they will like, most all i do (uless themed) is going to be profile specific. you will most likeley recieve a small "goodie bag" and a pretty card with decorated envalope and possibly a recipie or a recomendations card.

ATC; my art with the theme ofc, usually protectivly wraped in wax paper with a sticker to seal shut. if i do not have this on hand, it ill be inside a card.

-like i said i try to make most things profile specific, and if no requirement is given will send a small goodie bag (2-3 suprises Ex. washi samples, stickers, stamps, notepads, candy, pen/pencil, erasers, tea, hand made things, sketch or ATC, quote, or oragami). for bigger packages i will pick something off of your wish list most likely.

fun facts about emily

-i knit and crochet

-i have a tattoo of a bandaid on the back of my right ankle, becuase ive broken it so much.

-i play uke, guiatr, and sing/rap.

  • i am a Mechaical Engineering Technology major (aka. big nerd)

-i have pruple hair

-i play magic the gathering

-my cat's name is allegra, like the alergy medicine.

-i dont really do/watch sports, but i like to run.

-im going to comic-con! which is why im having to take some supplies with me. so i can still work on my swaps.

-i am very tired and have work in the morning...

-gravity falls is my favortie show

-turtwig is my favortie pokemon

-the diablo series is my fav game series

-the only reason i like being a capircorn is becuase the animal is a mer-goat.

-i met tyra banks once.


Comment: Sweet! I love it! Thank you so very much! Enjoy NYC!
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Comment: Thank you so much for the little hello message on my profile! I just love these little swaps! It's a great way to get to know fellow swappers! Thank you so much for joining them!
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Comment: Thanks, even though my birthday was on 30th june :D
Response: ahh! goodness I miss read the last online bit for the birthday bit :'D either way I am happy you liked it ^-^
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Comment: This so needs 100 HEARTS!!!! I don't have very many stamps and after the flood this is the only one I know where it is! I love it! All the goodies were awesome! Your just to kind! So sorry for rating so late I kept looking in the letter swaps lol THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Response: No worries!! I hope all goes well with you, with getting your belongings back into order and salvaged. There might be another suprise for you yet...
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Ydacha on Oct 12, 2017:

Nice red cat for you! red cat

Ydacha on Oct 12, 2017:

Profile Hello #2 from Ydacha. Hello! Hello! I looked through your profile and I saw that you have cat too. I have red cat and It`s name Marsik.

areyoumonster on Oct 12, 2017:

Hello! I am one of your partners for the Profile Hello #2 swap! I hope you're having a great day and I hope you had a good time in NYC. I looked through your profile and I saw that we both have the same favourite animal (turtles), and both have cats (although mine are at home in England while I'm living in Japan). What is your cat's name?? I don't recognise any of the bands in your favourite music section, but now I'm curious! What do you recommend?

jaimierandolph on Oct 12, 2017:

Profile Check for: Profile Hello #2 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you enjoy it and will join more of the ones to come! Happy Swapping!

jaimierandolph on Sep 28, 2017:

Profile check for: Sign up 9/28/17, Mail 9/29/17 Welcome to the swap! Just a few helpful tips... Add your likes and dislikes and crafts you do it will help in letting your partners know what you would like and most host make you have a profile that they have to scroll down... (as for me I was a newbie once and I remember how hard my profile was to get started) hugs Happy swapping, jaimierandolph

P.s. Welcome to swap bot! I am sure that you love it here!

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